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  1. He's the best but sadly I gotta get my shiny Thanks!
  2. First time witnessed the shiny particle on wild Pokemon myself (always multi task and missed) Next goal, hearing the bling bling from wild Pokemon
  3. 个人觉得,开这个贴只是让大家吃瓜,对于你现在/往后申请成为管理只会有负面影响
  4. 你是不是曾经违反过任何条例? Did you ever violate any rules? 这里发帖不会有帮助的,建议你找SGM了解详情 Posting thread here won't help, better ask from SGM personally.
  5. The timer is strictly follow but the harvest always have a range. Berries (Cheri Rawst Chesto Pecha Aspear 16hrs) within single flavour (plant with 1x Very + 1x Plain or 3x Plain) yields 4-6 berries if they grown perfectly. Leppa (20 hours) yields 4-7. They have different watering method, you may feel the process is longer if you watered them more than required
  6. Iirc they promised hat for first season would return, not sure about season 2 onwards
  7. 刚练好一只图图了 图图没了,不定期练 通关宠有空就练
  8. Maybe you have another account?
  9. 另外提醒,闪光索罗亚变身(成非闪野怪时)点击逃跑或攻击不提示 需要打破幻觉才行
  10. Well, I guess getting any wild/hatches shiny is luck too?
  11. 瞬移的话,白嫖刷闪还是有点区别的
  12. Maybe we need an "exact" option
  13. 地区的话 西班牙 枯叶 carmin 合众 teselia (城市名太难了)
  14. Because I don't understand your suggestion too lol. That's why I ask if you could be more specific. Regarding water 1/2/3, they are a/b/c, just different wordings. Chaos group is amorphous, humanoid = human-like I used to use Bulbapedia listings, it's somewhat clearer for me
  15. This is a rare case where only Wailmer/Wailord -> Remoraid/Octillery -> Squirtle Can you specify for adding 2nd egg group filter? In example above, if you search Water A, u won't get Wailmer/Wailord and still have to work backwards if not referring to any external source
  16. 英语: main (名词) 大号 alt (缩写) 小号 breeders 素材 shitto(s) 垃圾百变 E4 天王 E4 / Gym running - running指搬 E4 / Gym runner - 搬 天王/道馆 的人 Shunt/ shunting - 刷闪 *突然忘了白嫖叫什么 Shiny charm - 闪符 Nego (缩写) 可刀/可议价 西班牙文: Compro/ Comprar 收 Vendes/ Vendo 出 Caja de dittos 百变(整箱) Variocolor 闪 *** 如果看到PT有人说 bom dia,直接公屏打 bom dia *** 希望以后能有更多国人一起在Global 跟外国人一起聊天
  17. 1. Check GTL (for price range 800k-1.1m) 2. Check statistics from Pvp interface 3. Check your pokemon team
  18. I know but no gender and details of particles (I guess)
  19. When using mobile, we can't click into pokemon summary Add a button below pokemon attachment icon in mail would help a lot
  20. I think he's trying to ask "will there be particles delete function in future?"
  21. Taunt would work. I used to sketch taunt on desired smeargle before sketching desired moves that can be interrupted by Taunt
  22. Tips to start with max ivs is to compare with those of similar max ivs, gender and egg groups. You can make use of advanced search to filter
  23. Thanks hannah, I actually forgot it's 70% or 80%
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