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  1. I was playing the game... Until one day, only I found out that IT BECAME PART OF MY LIFE
  2. I actually do thought of similar idea and wanted to suggest it. However, I do find difficulty to draw a line to make this not a heavy task for all. The latest I thought of would be: Pokemons would have energy bar. They would use some of the energy in Gym Battle(s) (Re-battles) and/or PvP ranked This (might) encourage people to have more varied line-ups and at the same time, if someone is going to test their team for not ranked plays, the energy is not being consumed. Just a thought from me
  3. Here is one quest for you, "Find the NPC that is floating"
  4. I think you can always open your Dex when you encountered pokemons, and a search bar is already available in Dex )
  5. Cool, similar to what I thought too
  6. Price check on this baby?
  7. I see I was not very interested into suggestion box until recently Guess something like this would facilitate more trades and encourage trade offers made on forum then trade via this function.
  8. Sometimes when 2 players reached an agreement of a trade(says in forum) and could not be online at a same time, this might be useful. Player A sends an offer to Player B, whether item or cash. Player B sends the counterpart of the agreed trade. Player A accepts the counterpart and trade is made. All subjects will be hold, until A or B decline/withdraw trade offer. An expiry date may be apply.
  9. Maybe we can have something of the player's perspective, except the moves of the pokemon for us and the unrevealed pokemon of the player of the main view this may need to read data stored in the player who is in the match then
  10. +1 to this especially when selling breeders, it can be tedious and mistake could be made (rip my 3.5m) For the current system, we have to move pokes to party and then only to the GTL. Time can be saved if this is implemented.
  11. Players will be able to enter a queue to purchase an item at desired price and desired amount of items. Says, A want to buy 10 piece of Everstone at 18k each, and will enter into a queue, of which GTL will show there is a demand of 10 piece of Everstones at 18k each (not showing character name). A's 180k of money will be hold until he cancels the listings. (Fees may be imposed) B saw the demand, and wish to sell 5 at price on GTL. Trade completed and B receives the money. (B will not be charged of any fees since he did not list anything on GTL) Foreseeable Impact(s): -There will always be a price gap between WTB and WTS -Less effort put to purchase consumables, even if we are offline -Market price for items may go up Limitation(s): -Only applicable to items Any constructive comments are welcomed.
  12. Do love the idea but will be hard to implement it Chaserken might gone wild if this became real
  13. Yeah. I remember those days I found them on Onix, but I dont think I found any of them when I came back around March this year Also, can anyone remember the Spearow/Fearow hordes in Kindle Road?
  14. been years not getting metal coat from Onix and I thought they were removed :3
  15. Thisi is my Absol caught my first day of play In swarm of Mt Moon Screen shot
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