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  1. You can find it in pvp matchmaking interface. Not sure if you are talking about ELO or matchmaking points
  2. I hope this can act as one of our prevention measure or at least gives a heads up to new players
  3. And remember to change your original clothes, pants to yellow and shoes to red
  4. Many players when they first join the game, they're not aware of any "rules and don't" I think the team could have implement one(or more) of the following: 1) Links to rules after account sign up and/or activation 2) After login, a screen shows a few major rules (with link to all rules), saying "press to agree the rules and continue to game" like some mobile games 3) A pop up window with rules when someone first login or show them the Help section, letting them know there is forbidden things to do in this game Why? - the CN gaming community (not this game, it is the culture) has developed in a way where some of their doings are not acceptable by the team. We need to educate (try, at least) them that no account sharing is allowed here. (Ofc other issues as well) And I believed many new players from other regions could benefits from it as well, including many inappropriate chat behavior we have seen
  5. from my experience, "connecting" is always connection problem.ensure your connection is good and it should be fine
  6. I have tried pay day-ing for 8 hours straight, possible but it make me uncomfortable for rest of day. Everyone is different so there's people who can put up and do it everyday And for GTL, I once lose some money and gain some from sniping, it's doable to snipe something almost instantly when you are always looking (with experience) at GTL
  7. There were no captcha back in old days.. Yes, there may be bots still out there but you can't just deny everything the team has done trying to ban those bots. As for GTL, if you are on PC, it isn't hard to snipe something in 0.5s
  8. Tbh I found amulet coin - consumables is a buff instead. It free up a held item slot for players.
  9. Not sure if u can pickup them somewhere but u can buy from Slateport market NPC (not mart)
  10. Good to know, because I think when your tool reaches the community, people may not want to change back to original text
  11. Hey @Gilan , some people in CN community edited text for Shiny Pokemon, would this affects the detection? The are some with super-long name (couldn't find screenshot), imagine the square box x 20 instead of the one posted
  12. This time with sound on ❤️ First single encounter shiny
  13. Did you hit by a No Guard pokemon? In battle All moves used by or against a Pokémon with this Ability cannot miss. It also allows Pokémon to be hit during the semi-invulnerable turn of Fly, Bounce, Dive, Dig, Shadow Force, Sky Drop, and Phantom Force. It does not bypass Type immunities.
  14. 洋馆个人推荐用泥人,洛托姆会电磁波
  15. 直接买吧,NPC一个卖1000 聚宝几下买一个不香吗
  16. Simplified: "啊!野生的{pokemon}跳出来了!" Traditional: "啊!野生的{pokemon}跳出來了!"
  17. 需要出战才能,所以背心首发后,必须换人挨打一轮才能aoe秒群怪
  18. 不清楚有没有效,但是为什么要群怪呢 刷闪不需要刷性格,同步+群怪 也只能抓一只,单遇的效果会更快(不用打死其他的)。注:同步濒死不会除非战斗外效果 我觉得同步可能有用的点就是抓百变了,但是至少多一个回合,不知道是否对长期有正面的经济效应
  19. 首先,不是很明白你的逻辑。同步(对性格)-遇怪率-闪率之间应该没有直接关系。 同步vs遇怪率之间应该没有直接影响。 对性格vs闪,个人并不觉得对性格的怪大概率是闪。 遇怪数vs 闪率,闪率一只都是那样,你可以说遇怪数多了自然会闪,但是这游戏没有保底。假设遇了3w只怪,按概率,是有60%左右(之前有其他帖子计算过)至少遇到一只闪。
  20. Agreed. How many people did press H in-game and reads, then click link and further reads all?
  21. No it doesn't matter. The person may not wish you to know the true reason he's banned for. You get to keep your friend, at least
  22. 不需要,只要一直往左,最后往下就到了(嘻嘻
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