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  1. If you want to feel broken, try E4 runs? If u can do 4 regions, that's 400k (amulet coin) + BPs. If u think alts destroyed the game, ask the berry farmers on how many alts they have for farming only purposes. All methods takes effort, so I won't say which is easy or broken. But suggestions to make things easier for players should be welcome
  2. 我知道的是,删掉了就找不到了。 你可以发工单试试看,看管理能不能帮你找到
  3. @Gilan you could refer to https://wiki.52poke.com/zh-hans/主页 We stick to this site instead of Bulbapedia when we do the translation. I guess this site is widely used in China. The site supports searching using English, but the work could be tedious if u plan to input all names inside. As for traditional or simplified, I believed most people uses simplified, while traditional is another option offered by game to cater for Hong Kong, Taiwan and people who prefers it
  4. Yes that's the only way. Iirc this is the only move that requires this much money
  5. 假设你现在id是 A, 精灵OT是 A* 你改了id,变成B,精灵OT 有2个情况, A 会变成 B A*会变成 A 会把A 当成另一个训练家名字。 如果这个时候再改回来,确实不清楚会怎么变
  6. 闪光索罗亚可能变成普通队友 需要破幻觉,破了幻觉如果是闪就是蓝毛 同理,普通索罗亚可能变成闪光队友,所以双闪的话自己注意一下是不是索罗亚变的
  7. Suggestion: New PC box type: Trade box- where you could put in all pokemons you want to sell. Selling price can be individual or as a whole box. Pokemon purchased are transferred to your own Trade box. (If u want to buy whole box, u need to clear your Trade box first) We will need another page of listing of all these boxes on GTL for other players to view or buy them. Sellers need to lock and post their listings. If they need to make any changes, they need to unlock first (which cancels listing and others cant view until the box is locked and post again) I found this one similar to what I think, but I hope we could have battle box + GTL feature combined for box trading.
  8. 被害妄想吗? 这里是供大家吹水的地方 难不成你报案是跑去广场不是警局? 申诉有申诉的地方
  9. OMG! Are the dungeons arrived as well?
  10. No, as of time of my reply
  11. Don't give up, I'm now trying to play pvp to know if these prizes are truly worthless
  12. Best if we could use search as well
  13. First of all, I am not a pvp-er, so I'm not exactly sure if this gonna be helping. We have seen people complaining on how some gifted comps being unusable and rot in box. Suggestion: Change the gifted comp (untradable unbreedable) to a 3x31 (or 4x31) non-tradable male dual egg-group breeder. (Note: male dual egg groups excludes dittos and male-only, and makes more options to be bred for players) This would help players to develop their teams while not able to sell this reward directly. It save costs for pvp-ers especially when there is new season, new environment and changes to tier list. Benefits - New pvp-ers, rewards are more relevant - Veterans, they could make some money after using suggested breeder and breed for others - Duplicated species within short periods has less negative impact since they can be bred into other pokemons
  14. 建议留下id,方便卖家发邮件给你
  15. He's the best but sadly I gotta get my shiny Thanks!
  16. First time witnessed the shiny particle on wild Pokemon myself (always multi task and missed) Next goal, hearing the bling bling from wild Pokemon
  17. Only 3 billion? Might consider to sell if 3 trillion
  18. 个人觉得,开这个贴只是让大家吃瓜,对于你现在/往后申请成为管理只会有负面影响
  19. 你是不是曾经违反过任何条例? Did you ever violate any rules? 这里发帖不会有帮助的,建议你找SGM了解详情 Posting thread here won't help, better ask from SGM personally.
  20. The timer is strictly follow but the harvest always have a range. Berries (Cheri Rawst Chesto Pecha Aspear 16hrs) within single flavour (plant with 1x Very + 1x Plain or 3x Plain) yields 4-6 berries if they grown perfectly. Leppa (20 hours) yields 4-7. They have different watering method, you may feel the process is longer if you watered them more than required
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