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  1. Right click + double space and u will get a *tink* "You have received a new mail"
  2. 我希望可以贴近游戏预览界面,这样对比较新的孵蛋选手比较友好
  3. One of my suggestions years ago and I still find it relevant today https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/129257-region-chat/#comment-1753594
  4. The fin shape is to differentiate male and female
  5. For your reference https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/142543-shiny-breeding/&do=findComment&comment=1857021
  6. This is true if you brace both parents If you everstone either parent, you have chance to get a lowest
  7. Due to different mechanic for shiny, I believe most people will do 2+2 for a chance to get 4x31 (and 3+3 to have a chance for 5x31) If you have a natured 1x31, how would you gamble with it? 1x31 nat + 2x31/3x31? And if you choose to everstone nature, you will gamble on the 20% everytime until you get your final target of IVs
  8. Imo always go for IV first Costs increased drastically if you go route 2
  9. Feed- decrease catch rate, decrease flee rate Rock- increase catch rate, increase flee rate
  10. Got it few days ago but SRIF Also, Gender Ratio is Fair (GRIF)
  11. I think the usual way of not giving ETA of event is great and the team should keep it
  12. Before these, I would prefer to have ability and Ev filter
  13. 这个未有官方回复 但是,同步率既然是“不能濒死” & 仅仅+20%,那么5(3)群怪,首发必须是同步率+能抗+能单杀4(2)只+能捕捉的精灵,否则换抓宠精灵又要挨打; 另外,大部分精灵皆可生蛋; 所以在低效率的情况下,一般不带同步率去刷群怪。 在大部分情况下,会用到同步率捕捉的应该只有百变怪。而刷百变的,我相信绝大部分都是丰原洞里单遇
  14. 你暂时可以查看这个贴 有空的话我会翻译的 同步率- 必须队首,不能濒死,20% (本酋测出来并没有20%) 迷人身躯- 增加25%遇到异性 (暂不确定群怪有效无效
  15. 祝各位虎年大吉,心想事成
  16. As discussed above, when you are using brace on both parents and both parent has different IV maxed, there is a 1/6 to get 4x31 and 4/6 to get 3x31. Says 1.5m per 31 for field group, you have 1/6 chance to get 4x31 with only 6m Similar chances are for 3x31 parents to get a 5x31 (not natured, 4% chance to get lucky)
  17. It seems some Chinese, who are using translator didn't translate Kyu's recent comment properly and let their imagination ran wild. Words + fear are truly best weapon
  18. Nah, some rumors (around 10 hours ago from time of this reply) is spreading among Chinese. It says dev is gonna punish hoarders in some way and causing all Chinese selling them. -I do not know where this news comes from and pretty sure it is just rumors-
  19. Hmm please let me know if I'm wrong
  20. Still, 3 out of 5 will be maxed and rest average. You will not get minimum value for shiny breeds (not sure if it is lucky shiny breed) Hence, lowest IV you get is average of the two, unless it was intended
  21. In shiny breeding, you will get 4x Iv roll for max (including braced IV) instead of 3 max IV For example, 31/31/31/X/X/X X/X/X/31/31/31 Whether you brace or not, you are guaranteed for a 4x31 baby Ofc we normally don't do this, IT IS MERELY FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES Details is depends on your current Ivs and breeders available to you
  22. 我希望新一年各位不需要在游戏里继续卷下去,并与我一起在2022年努力挣脱MMO这个泥沼
  23. The only thing that surprised me is that Ice cream hood is first colorable vanity from goodie bag
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