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  1. Right click + double space and u will get a *tink* "You have received a new mail"
  2. 我希望可以贴近游戏预览界面,这样对比较新的孵蛋选手比较友好
  3. One of my suggestions years ago and I still find it relevant today https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/129257-region-chat/#comment-1753594
  4. The fin shape is to differentiate male and female
  5. For your reference https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/142543-shiny-breeding/&do=findComment&comment=1857021
  6. This is true if you brace both parents If you everstone either parent, you have chance to get a lowest
  7. Due to different mechanic for shiny, I believe most people will do 2+2 for a chance to get 4x31 (and 3+3 to have a chance for 5x31) If you have a natured 1x31, how would you gamble with it? 1x31 nat + 2x31/3x31? And if you choose to everstone nature, you will gamble on the 20% everytime until you get your final target of IVs
  8. Imo always go for IV first Costs increased drastically if you go route 2
  9. Feed- decrease catch rate, decrease flee rate Rock- increase catch rate, increase flee rate
  10. Got it few days ago but SRIF Also, Gender Ratio is Fair (GRIF)
  11. I think the usual way of not giving ETA of event is great and the team should keep it
  12. Before these, I would prefer to have ability and Ev filter
  13. 这个未有官方回复 但是,同步率既然是“不能濒死” & 仅仅+20%,那么5(3)群怪,首发必须是同步率+能抗+能单杀4(2)只+能捕捉的精灵,否则换抓宠精灵又要挨打; 另外,大部分精灵皆可生蛋; 所以在低效率的情况下,一般不带同步率去刷群怪。 在大部分情况下,会用到同步率捕捉的应该只有百变怪。而刷百变的,我相信绝大部分都是丰原洞里单遇
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