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  1. I did tried Smoke ball to flee from hordes but it always failed maybe you would need a really high Speed stat
  2. 建议增添:今日趟数
  3. For your concern #2, i think it is still okay for my team composition (just that the newly added red card is sometimes irritating, since i do leveling when i do gym runs) there are plenty ways people doing gym runs atm for me, the only consumable for now is Amulet Coin, which only gives me benefits
  4. Totally agreed. I tried buying a Shiny Wooper and posted on Trade Channel for days and no one pm-ed me while there is newly listed wooper/quagsire on GTL (and finally got a shiny myself yesterday) another thing is 95% of people on trade channel are Chinese :v (there is no racism, I am a Chinese too, just dont like how they trade)
  5. No, shiny odds is 50%, the pokemon you encounter is either shiny or non shiny
  6. Riesz

    Unova NPC Healer

    Current: The field doctors/nurses in Unova do not restore PP of moves Suggestion: Restore all PPs except for certain moves, eg Sweet Scent
  7. Riesz

    Quick Wishlist

    System message indicating Swarm occurring. - Need not be specified, players still have to check TV for location and species. - System messages are region-specific (similar to Mewtwo/Rayquaza messages)
  8. 只要不违反规则,就不用担心被封号 As long as you did not violate any rules, dont worry on getting banned 如果被误封,就到另一个板块申诉 If you were banned while you did not violate those rules, you may appeal in another section of forum 基本条规在这里 Link to PokeMMO Code of Conduct https://pokemmo.eu/code_of_conduct
  9. 昨天听说快更新了,如果是打算做新comp的话,可以等多几天看看
  10. Personally I would love to see this feature as well. Or, we would have to sacrifice our 1 (or more?) OT shiny + Money (probably scaled with number of times this service used) to actually change the OT of desired shiny. Why number of times service used? Cause Shiny value is always changing, depending on market and demands. Based on species alone would also tends to be bias.
  11. Yes, hence we would need different level of bonus for each region Yes, I do realise certain features are region specific, eg Safari, berry planting, trainer tower/battle frontier, and bug catching (if Johto ever coming) Imo bonus should be available to region specific features to show they are special
  12. To prevent an area is overloaded, we may need a system to dynamically adjust the "bonus", else everyone would just join a single region - protect the minority. Besides, changing your regionality can be another money sink if we want to
  13. Suggestion: Let us all have "regionality" i.e. Kanto, Hoenn, Unova (up to now) Some minor things can be -change in Trainer Card -another piece of info in Trainer Card New Chars will be from their first spawn map. Old Chars maybe given a choice upon implementation. This maybe extent to bonus reward when you are performing some acts in your Home Region, eg - selling to NPC - planting berries (cost/input/output) - beating up NPC for BPs - official region vs region event There are a lot more can be discussed, but I do think the team will want to evaluate if it will kills the economy
  14. I personally put the 4th slot with Taunt Do note that Soak is not working yet.
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