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  1. Well, I guess getting any wild/hatches shiny is luck too?
  2. 瞬移的话,白嫖刷闪还是有点区别的
  3. 地区的话 西班牙 枯叶 carmin 合众 teselia (城市名太难了)
  4. Because I don't understand your suggestion too lol. That's why I ask if you could be more specific. Regarding water 1/2/3, they are a/b/c, just different wordings. Chaos group is amorphous, humanoid = human-like I used to use Bulbapedia listings, it's somewhat clearer for me
  5. This is a rare case where only Wailmer/Wailord -> Remoraid/Octillery -> Squirtle Can you specify for adding 2nd egg group filter? In example above, if you search Water A, u won't get Wailmer/Wailord and still have to work backwards if not referring to any external source
  6. 不是行家,我也不知道 我一开始以为你赌的基佬(非闪)
  7. 21m 已经是无法止血了 就看你是想要成就感还是放弃
  8. 英语: main (名词) 大号 alt (缩写) 小号 breeders 素材 shitto(s) 垃圾百变 E4 天王 E4 / Gym running - running指搬 E4 / Gym runner - 搬 天王/道馆 的人 Shunt/ shunting - 刷闪 *突然忘了白嫖叫什么 Shiny charm - 闪符 Nego (缩写) 可刀/可议价 西班牙文: Compro/ Comprar 收 Vendes/ Vendo 出 Caja de dittos 百变(整箱) Variocolor 闪 *** 如果看到PT有人说 bom dia,直接公屏打 bom dia *** 希望以后能有更多国人一起在Global 跟外国人一起聊天
  9. 1. Check GTL (for price range 800k-1.1m) 2. Check statistics from Pvp interface 3. Check your pokemon team
  10. I know but no gender and details of particles (I guess)
  11. When using mobile, we can't click into pokemon summary Add a button below pokemon attachment icon in mail would help a lot
  12. I think he's trying to ask "will there be particles delete function in future?"
  13. 首发,同步率= 20%锁性格 首发,同步率濒死= 无效
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