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  1. No pj names available

    Upvote to "clear those banned account/characters"
  2. Not to discourage the thought but is this a feature to improve the game (as Munya mentioned) ? If this were implemented, one day, some other folks might want Shiny abra never use Teleport, etc. Shiny are indeed valuable, if you value your own OT. Im not as active as before, but I can still tell that most shiny's prices has dropped to a level which everyone can afford.
  3. What's your fav pokemon

  4. Gym leaders pokemon stats

    Not really, when we could over level our pokemons and abuse dragon rage back then. As for gym rebattles, I do believe that it is meant to be harder.
  5. Totally agreed. I used to rebattle alot. 3 rounds per day, both Kanto and Hoenn, not including Gyms Since the update, I chose my life over PokeMMO
  6. Nature Pill for Genderless Pokemon

    Do your genderless refers to male only pokemons too? If so, such pill would reduce current genderless comp by at least half? (depending on buyer) And natured dittos price will be even more expensive to pay to get a natured male only pokemon Besides, says if we have nature pills for genderless, how useful is neutral nature pill? Imo, no
  7. Emote

    Maybe not gift shop item but could be event exclusive emotion
  8. A place to store money.

    @Krispedz You may want to do some quick search under suggestions before posting to avoid people like dinkle
  9. Emote

    The current Emote allowed us to change our facial expression instantly. Suggestion: 1. Emote does not change facial expression 2. Instead, it will send out chat bubble of the selected emoticon. 3. Player may save up to X amount of Emote Option of their own.
  10. Value Advice

    Grimer with HP 31
  11. Value Advice

    price on 1x31 Chaos shiny? (not atk)
  12. LF NP partner

    May I?
  13. Personal Shop/Shop Stand

    If I understand your concept correctly, your suggestion is something out of GTL too Please correct me if im wrong
  14. GTL listing fees and days

    the rate could be alter tho, since the max 25000 is for 30 days now, just divide it by 30 and that shall be max charge per day
  15. Allow the message to carry /trade behind it

    yea, worst to worst you could open up a text file and just copy your message there, just in case. up arrow always mess it up if you always chat with others

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