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  1. There are players that are active on forum only And players are a lot, which I believed more than 3k online at all time, peak should be Halloween event cause lag is real during that time
  2. The best I could think is to make it like incense for baby pokemons But still, I am not totally on this
  3. @Bryce yes. There are two because both are being used. IIRC they are active at Channel 5. Btw you could add swarm - "明雷" To know where is it, it's easier if it's on route XX - " XX 路" XX cave - "XX 洞" XX forest - "XX 森林" ***Don't add these three to notification list*** If you are on PC, I would suggest you to copy and paste in Google search without any/all Chinese words mentioned above, because they are evolved from PokeMMO community and nowhere else
  4. Chinese community is the best answer. You can add "奇遇” and/or "qiyu" to your notification list
  5. Well, was looking into ways to shorten runtime per run for events And I think upgrade=evolution is cool
  6. Riesz

    "OT Reset"

    1. Egg hunt it 2. People hunt them for privilege, if u want it, work hard for it
  7. as titled. Pokemon evolves when you collected 3 of a kind
  8. I believed votes are just votes, just for players to show if they liked this idea No one says high votes will 100%be implemented
  9. 帐户共享是不允许的 account sharing is not allowed 我不知道这样会不会导致你被封,你其他账号(你自己的账号)可能会受到影响 idk if it will make you banned but if banned, your other accounts (your own) may be affected 注: 这不是官方的回复 ps: this is not a reply from Official
  10. 标题:比骷髅头还帅气的头盔!拐杖糖骷髅骑士 描述:以前无聊搭配出来的,结果发现看着比骷髅头好看,也曾有不少路人问怎么搭配。 时装:橄榄球帽(黑),闪焰眼镜,骷髅衣服(可用细纹代替),手套(红),拐杖糖 其中手套也可用白、 背饰可用恶魔翅膀(深红),黑白披风,扫帚,姜饼人等任意喜欢/拥有的随意搭配
  11. Iirc ufo hat was once 3m+ few weeks ago due to similar actions of a group of people
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