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  1. Riesz

    Dig Ocarina

    Use "/unstuck" It's free, non restricted, just takes 2 minutes of ur life
  2. 不会吧不会吧 不会有人这年头还以为交易记录查不出来吧
  3. Running shoes from mum are the best, But I'm old enough to make my own choice. Upvoted
  4. Riesz

    Theif bug

    Just a quick question, do your thief pokemon has held item? Btw using Frisk lead would let u know if wild pokemon is holding something
  5. The fastest shiny I have seen is 2 shiny from 2 consecutive sweet scent (not of same horde, not me but a Chinese guy) posted his battle screen shot. So theoretically, u still have good chance of getting ur shiny list tick off. As for vanity, as long as u play the game, u will have limited from now on =)
  6. 我觉得可能是主题/mod不兼容导致的
  7. I do remember I have met a Horse head player, trading with me once back in 15/16. Never seen it again since then. Anyone knows if it is tradable?
  8. I do enjoy the hide and seek part What I meant was only shown in Town Map, not having x-ray eyes and see through buildings Or maybe the icon is shown as per latest announcement
  9. Riesz, 我刚下游戏,你可以发一封邮件给我,我看到了会疯狂私聊你 无v,但是攻速20+,你可以对比属性后再决定的
  10. 已经完成订单: 背心努力: 满级图图 交易行售出:数不清 MarkusQAQ xiaopangj 工具图图 xxjinbi
  11. 背心代练 价格:10w 一只 努力分布: 必须在回复时仔细注明。 常见问题: 有抵押吗? 可以免费帮我升到20级吗? 满级图图 价格:28w 现货: 生命+物攻 - 补货中 配招:点到为止,孢子,浸水,甜甜香气 其他努力需要订制 售后服务: 只要是我卖出的图图, 免费抄写技能(只要自带写生) 常见问题: 有图吗? 性格跟个体? 我不要XXX技能,可不可以帮我改? 如果我自己生一只图图,你可以帮我练吗? 工具图图 价格:6w (低等级,垃圾个体,努力会是速度) 配置:飞天,甜气,挖洞,瞬移 (或任何其他你想要的配置) 另外出售 错手买到的两只神兽图图 都是神圣之火 - 1w 一只 游戏ID:Riesz 收到邮件后我会私聊你/邮件你预约私聊时间
  12. Knowing that they are exploiting, I feel no fun now :( I don't mind if they are strong enough to hold legendary up forever but exploiting isn't tolerable
  13. My idea is to have a few slots where we can have Advanced Search options saved. The current advance searches will always be cleared when I close GTL window. Having this save slots will ease me from inputting the same options everytime I am looking for certain listings.
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