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  1. Seasonal Berry Yield

    Maybe, but the one I have in thought is to make people looking forward to their favourite seasons
  2. Seasonal Berry Yield

    1. We have seasons now 2. Don't farmers plant different crops at different seasons? 3. 2) might be hard to implement 4. Why not make berry have different yield at different seasons? (officials could have make decisions with economical impact on players) 5. Hence this suggestion.
  3. Why

    Learn how to use revive would be appropriate
  4. Kyu done snapped with this one

    I agreed with this. Same goes for the watering and wilthering. IMO the fact that all wilther timer is 8 hours is gracious enough. The berries always shows its flavour and that is good enough to preview before planting it. Most berries are available. on GTL.
  5. #1 This is cooler than you-know-what #2 It's here! Gonna be useful for people who breeds #3 Useful, despite not working with Doubles currently Still exploring more Cheers to devs and everyone who works hard for all
  6. Kyu done snapped with this one

    this would not happen :) if it does, I might just quit the game
  7. Any Tips for a New-ish Player?

    by defeating NPCs, selling items, pokemons (yes, like Team Rocket) etc as long as not scamming
  8. Petard's eeveelution shop

    Is this still in stock?
  9. When you see the number, you can actually open the PokeDex entry of intended pokemon to learn this move, check if this TM's number appears in the Moves tab Then, mouse over(put your cursor on the move), all description will appear.
  10. Other than tiers filter, maybe this would help us to complete our dex easier, rather than scrolling all the way to find the missing one
  11. Elite 4 totally broken

    Not sure if this applies to Gyms Whenever I tried HP Elec on Slowbro, it switches out Whenever I didn't, it never switches. Is this intended? Edit: This doesn't affect my gym runs but if this is intended, similar AI may affect first-timers gym battle (or any NPC battle)
  12. what happens to current GTL listings

    Not sure about this then Imo this is not an issue if compared to lack of niche breeders
  13. what happens to current GTL listings

    No offense but I cant even find a suitable ditto for my budget magnemite when the unlisting was not implemented. It is 31/x/x/28/31/26 Edit: there is one listed for 88888 may fit but the averaged atk iv would give me some random HP
  14. Soon™

    Speaking of Substitute, I miss the cute doll
  15. what happens to current GTL listings

    I remember devs said GTL is meant to hide the true identity of seller (Forgot the exact words being used and this is what I remember) This is why OT appears does not tell you who listed it on GTL

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