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  1. Yeah. I remember those days I found them on Onix, but I dont think I found any of them when I came back around March this year Also, can anyone remember the Spearow/Fearow hordes in Kindle Road?
  2. guess you might want to change the topic too
  3. been years not getting metal coat from Onix and I thought they were removed :3
  4. Whew. But I dont think anyone would pay 70mil for a 1x31 non-shiny breeder :3
  5. yes, and somewhat cheaper since the brace cost was brought down from 15k to 10k ea
  6. Well, made a mistake today by Ctrl+V 7000 twice and lost ~3.5mil pokeyen. I strongly believed that I am not the first who made this mistake. Lets gather here and check how many was given back to GTL System for nothing :D
  7. looking to buy Christmas gift 2015, can you contact me ingame? IGN: Riesz
  8. Have a shiny female cubone for trade Can you contact me in game for details? IGN: Riesz
  9. first OT found at 1414 hours when I was doing EV training Good luck!
  10. bump
  11. bump
  12. Not interested in the hairpiece atm How much is the lab coat alone? (guess we shouldnt discuss value here?)
  13. Close please thanks
  14. Thisi is my Absol caught my first day of play In swarm of Mt Moon Screen shot