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  1. Brianattackpro vs kiwikidd right now
  2. Take Brianattackpro , madara, yeyo, badbar And @LeJovi mail me the money of the bet of the last week
  3. Brianattackpro vs pablobacas in 10 minutes
  4. Take Brianattackpro vs pablobacas Icekob vs Mkns
  5. IGN: Brianattackpro Reason: 2nd PSL and I wanna win this Preferred tiers: OU Competitive accolades: 2 finals in wc with Colombia, 1 shiny, some ccs and bad experiences in PSL xd Discord: Brianattackpro#6876 Other random stuff: Con fe
  6. Tag team: Cheat Engine On Tag team players: Brianattackpro,Huargensy,xOptimusPrimex
  7. Brianattackpro vs CaosI in 5 minutes
  8. Brianattackpro vs Diositoslurpuff en 15
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