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  1. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i give up ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? TB is hotdog eating competition and H2H is pizza eating competition france wins worldcup because it happend in last world cup of football u dumb me smart byeeee going to reading school now
  2. ok finally u understood u were wrong but now to justify all the stuff you've been saying you're going to try to make it look like u were also right ;---) good job, next time u cry and someone shows u why you dont have to cry, just stop crying and not start acting even more like a baby (you know well enough i was talking about this bracket and nothing more)
  3. then the bracket won't have something to decide the winner and something stupid like alphabet or so will be used... (or well i don't know what it would use in that case) i didn't make that, i'm just saying how it is i'm pretty sure by now you must start seeing you are wrong here. you gonna be big boy now and apologize or keep crying and tell me i'm dumb again xd?
  4. - "the number of matches won against tied opponent" is the explanation of TB, so if it means for you it's also H2H. Then TB and H2H are the same. - i added a photo in previous post to give you an example to make u understand what TB is (it is not a new match played later) - you can apologize to me publicly like you've also been calling me dumb publicly
  5. and what is difference between the matches that have already played before in the tournament between 2 teams and "number of matches won against tied opponents"? the "number of matches won against tied opponents" is also speaking about matches played before... Because it's clear you need some extra help, i've looked up an example for you from a previous world cup: In here you can see africa and argentina tied in set points and points and then it went to head2head (this is not a match played later, it's just showing that argentina won from africa before...)
  6. i am bad at reading, explain me how "number of matches won against tied opponents" does not mean the same as H2H and yes mago made the rules and he made it like this :-)
  7. Bracket = official communication of world cup Mago = no host, no player Let's wait with what the hosts will go, i'm so curious. and how is this not H2H: "number of matches won against tied opponents"
  8. admit it, u are a bit angry, its ok and no he didn't confirm that H2H>point, he confirmed he didn't know how to do that so he did something else (which is point>H2H) [edit: well i'm wrong here, he did also confirm that for him it would be like that, but yea he's no host] and yep let's wait for hosts to tell you the challonge bracket is the official standings and your imagined standing is not correct
  9. i understand you're angry and also you have very good arguments like mago was host but because he was so bad he stopped, but now he still is the one who decides your opinion how it should be is more important than what the bracket says, however there is nothing to back up your opinion in the mmo-forums or bracket i hope one moment i will be able to reach your level of intelligence or at least half of it :-)
  10. No, it means: if there is a tie in set win and points difference, then H2H determines
  11. ?????? the bracket says it's not, it says: 1. points 2. difference 3. H2H i might really be blind, where do you get this information?
  12. 1) i meant "he should have looked it up"... and are you now calling the bracket "rules" yourself??? :---)... and also that's how competitions go normally: no rules being changed after starting... 2) it is indeed a tool to keep track on who win and lose, and it says your team lost... and H2H and TB is the same? and also i'm not blind :--)
  13. 1) should have looked it up i guess, but it doesn't matter why it's there, it's been there since the start so it's just part of this woldcup 2) how is the bracket not part of the rules??? and no i'm not stupid :--)
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