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  1. can u add timestamps for good trashtalk so i dont have to watch entire video
  2. i was wondering if it also has been considered to bring back murkrow? Perhaps people would use less misdreavus and mienfoo when there is a good pokemon to counter them... Also it has access to sucker punch to attack ss clamperl. By adding a murkrow, people might be less likely to use misdreavus and mienfoo because of murkrow's strenghts and you don't want a lot of pokemon being weak to 1 pokemon. The other question then will be if murkrow won't be used too much. As it was apparently fine to use test-ban for diglett, we could try a test-unban for murkrow to see if this is the case. As what i believe: i think stealth rock will limit the use of murkrow.
  3. To put this in perspective, you've been playing PokeMMO since 2012 and never encountered starter pokemon from gen 2 and you just got to know you can catch all gen 2 pokemon (except legendaries) 3 hours ago...
  4. athelstan


    Closed: got the money i wanted Can go to trash if mod sees it.
  5. idk if it's forgotten or not, but just wanted to say it's still not in the tournament list ingame it is now
  6. Your pokemon can be any level and you can learn TM's
  7. lazaaro vs samoerai after match of goldeneyes and bluebreath
  8. samoerai and lazaaro sunday 7pm gmt
  9. it's not entirely clear for me, are the "untiered" pokemon going to be a new tier for tournaments? or is it just to divide them in the pokedex
  10. I think the options are quite limited :-) I don't want the ubers legendaries to be implemented as permanent held pokemon so i choose "No don't add Uber legends." But it's not really because of gym rematches or E4 because i also don't think they would influence this really much...
  11. - edit: already bought what i wanted from GTL
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