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  1. athelstan

    World Cup week #3

  2. athelstan

    World Cup week #3

    Samoerai vs DarkQuiler in 30 minutes (Belgium vs Spain A, LC)
  3. athelstan

    World Cup Week #1

    ohhh i saw other people fighting so i thought it was somewhere else, but so it still has to start?
  4. athelstan

    World Cup Week #1

  5. athelstan

    Nice Capture Rate&Pokemons

    25,4 hours each day, teach me master
  6. athelstan

    Particles list

    Nice work, got any more videos?
  7. athelstan

    Special Ghost Encounter Locations

    Are there any screenshots taken of the particle effects? I'd like to see them
  8. athelstan

    will there be a Halloween event 2018?

    Are there any screenshots taken of the particle effects? I'd like to see them
  9. athelstan

    Little cup

    *uses max revive on little cup tournaments*
  10. athelstan

    Dungeons and hidden abilities

    It's obvious players with comp pokes will need to invest time and money again and nobody wants to do that, but this is not really what the topic is about. I am just wondering what other people's thoughts are about how the mechanism will work. But i guess many players share your opinion :-)
  11. You can also leave your thoughts in this topic about it. If you vote 'none of the above', what do you think it will be?
  12. athelstan

    Lvl100 Trainer

    I do gym runs everyday so i can take a pokemon with me and give it exp-share ;) What do you want to give for it
  13. athelstan


    Is it known if there are plans to implement eviolite? Would it be soon?
  14. athelstan

    PokeMMO Gameplay size

    But that would change my screen-settings outside pokeMMO too, right? Because my screen-settings outside of pokeMMO are fine and i fear they will be worse if i change my sreen-resolution-settings...
  15. athelstan

    PokeMMO Gameplay size

    Recently i started playing on an other computer and now i have a problem with my gameplay-screen-size. I think it's too small and i want to know if there is a way to make it larger. I've added a picture below to show the problem. I want to make the red arrows smaller (less black space) and the green arrow largers (more gameplay space). I've searched at the forum and i only found solutions that change the entire settings of my computer, but i only want to change the pokeMMO-settings....

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