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  1. lazaaro vs samoerai after match of goldeneyes and bluebreath
  2. samoerai and lazaaro sunday 7pm gmt
  3. it's not entirely clear for me, are the "untiered" pokemon going to be a new tier for tournaments? or is it just to divide them in the pokedex
  4. so dynamic monkeys and draco just have to tie now to win their playoff matches? (because their records are the best?)
  5. what happens when teams tie? then they look at the match in group? and if that also is a tie they look at wins-losses?
  6. I think the options are quite limited :-) I don't want the ubers legendaries to be implemented as permanent held pokemon so i choose "No don't add Uber legends." But it's not really because of gym rematches or E4 because i also don't think they would influence this really much...
  7. - edit: already bought what i wanted from GTL
  8. OscarFail vs Samoerai (LC) Noctowls vs Drako in 10 minutes
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