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  1. I have some questions about when a shiny becomes unknown OT so what will happen if i breed the next combinations (if they would give me a shiny egg): 1) non-shiny pokemon (MALE) that is my OT + non-shiny ditto that is not my OT 2) non-shiny pokemon (FEMALE) that is my OT + non-shiny ditto that is not my OT 3) non-shiny pokemon (FEMALE) that is my OT + non-shiny pokemon that is not my OT 4) two non-shiny pokemons of me that are both my OT (this should be my ot at least lol)
  2. Thanks guys :-) This topic can be closed, u helped me good
  3. I know the donator status ticket works for a long period but i could collect 1000 eggs and then buy donator status and then start breeding them :-)
  4. I searched at the forums but didn't find an answer to my question, so that's why i start this new topic. If i've read correctly, the rate of encountering a shiny by breeding two non-shinies is the same as the encounter-rate in wild. So my question is, if i want to increase that rate a little by buying donator status. Should i use the donator status when i receive the egg or should i use it when the egg hatches? (So is the shiny-ness determined when i receive the egg from the old man, or is it determined when the egg hatches?)
  5. And then hit him with shadowball? and what is 'epic high roll'
  6. I normally use oran berry, but last time i switched in my porygon this happend: Porygon gets switched in and hit by sludgebomb goes from 25HP to 13HP (no oran berry activated) Then he used sludgebomb again and i thought i would survive with 1HP but porygon died... Yea, i was thinking of taking magnemite because i still have special choice band, but i don't know which moveset to give it because it doesn't has much choices and i'm also not sure which hidden power
  7. Porygon is what i have now but it doesn't survive 2 sludgebombs (it would if i give leftovers) And taillow sounds good, if he survives one sludgebomb but i doubt he would
  8. In the little cup-tier competitions, almost everyone has a gastly. The moment i use a normal pokemon, most people switch in gastly and use sludge bomb, what is the best pokemon to switch in then? First i was thinking about a pokemon with 'pursuit', but i could also go for a steel pokemon (aron,magnemite), or an other pokemon with 0.5 or 0.25 resistance against poison. What pokemon would you choose and why?
  9. Are the ev calculations still correct if u train your pokemon till lvl 50 or higher but then gets rescaled to lvl 5? It would be the same as if u train it till lvl 5?
  10. I have a question about LC tournaments. I want to make a LC-team but i have question: Can my pokemon be higher than level 5 (so they will get scaled down) or not?
  11. I just finished my first team and i'm having much trouble winning pvp-duels. Can you guys give me some feedback and suggestions? My team: Metagross: Lonely/ clear body/ 252 Attack- 122 Special Attack - 136 speed - Meteor mash - Earthquake - Psychic - Ice punch Gardevoir: Modest/ trace/ 252 special attack - 202 speed - 56 hp - Thunderbolt - Psychic - Hidden power ice - Shadow ball Breloom: Adamant/ effect spore/ 52 HP - 252 attack - 204 speed - Spore - bullet seed - brick break - focus punch Vaporeon: bold/ water absorb/ 252 hp - 228 defense - 30 special attack - surf - ice beam - hidden power electric - heal bell Heracross: jolly/ swarm/ 252 attack - 252 speed - 6 special defense - Endure - megahorn - reversal - swords dance Typhlosion: modest/ blaze / 252 special attack - 252 speed - Flamethrower - Eruption - Extrasensory - Quick attack