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  1. Eviolite

    Is it known if there are plans to implement eviolite? Would it be soon?
  2. PokeMMO Gameplay size

    But that would change my screen-settings outside pokeMMO too, right? Because my screen-settings outside of pokeMMO are fine and i fear they will be worse if i change my sreen-resolution-settings...
  3. PokeMMO Gameplay size

    Recently i started playing on an other computer and now i have a problem with my gameplay-screen-size. I think it's too small and i want to know if there is a way to make it larger. I've added a picture below to show the problem. I want to make the red arrows smaller (less black space) and the green arrow largers (more gameplay space). I've searched at the forum and i only found solutions that change the entire settings of my computer, but i only want to change the pokeMMO-settings....
  4. [LC] Accidental missing or on purpose?

    Imo there are other pokemon also way too strong... So it's best if i wait with breeding them, because big chances they wil get banned too, or will they not ban other little cups before they get usage statistics?
  5. I noticed a few pokemon don't appear in Little cup-pokedex, so is this on purpose (are they already banned) or is it just accidental? - Sneasel - Tangela - Yanma - Gligar
  6. Fire starter

    or kling is good too
  7. Little cup

    What happend with little cup-tournaments since unova came out?
  8. [Comp Guide] Little Cup Guide & Builds

    Are the ev calculations still correct if u train your pokemon till lvl 50 or higher but then gets rescaled to lvl 5? It would be the same as if u train it till lvl 5?
  9. I have a question about LC tournaments. I want to make a LC-team but i have question: Can my pokemon be higher than level 5 (so they will get scaled down) or not?

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