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  1. Cali vs me (LC) in 1 hour (Beefy bouffalants or sth like that vs drako)
  2. IGN: Samoerai (Not sure if i'll be available to be online)
  3. xSparkie vs Samoerai (LC) Krafty Krooks vs Drako IN 30 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. samoerai vs yosoyarca in 10 minutes (or after a match if a match is being play at that moment)
  5. Thaaaaanks for all the help!!!!!
  6. Oh yeah, one more question O:-) How many pokemon do you have in the seen-pokedex? Just to be sure i'll have completed it too when i finally encounter the dogs... i'm at 596 now and still have to see raikou and suicune so that would make 598, is it the same with you?
  7. Can someone confirm they are still there? Because i think some things changed, for example som gym leaders used to carry moltres and articuno but i don't think they still do? So are the dogs still in BF and mew still @Morimoto?
  8. Hi guys, What legendaries are in the battle frontier? I keep seeing regirock, regice, registeel, latios and latias but i haven't seen any of the 3 dogs yet, so i've been wondering if they're in there? Also what about mew and celebi? Are they in?
  9. IGN: Samoerai Timezone: UTC +2 / CEST Tiers: LC Something else to farm likes: :-)
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