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  1. Aye aye boss, i'm taking a bit on this one, since i have another commission in progress and it's quite lengthy, however i've advanced quite a bit and have some leeway to start this one, the sketching is almost done, but before i proceed any further i was wondering, are you okay with your character wearing some hunting clothing? I was thinking of something like Gon's hat from the first chapter of HxH: Tis' a concept for the main drawing, if you prefer your character to remain just like in your trainer card i can do that too, just let me know either way, i'll resume next week since i work through this weekend.
  2. Yes honey Much obliged! Appreciate the compliment, will do 😄
  3. WE'RE BACK IN BUSINESS! Check in for the new prices. Remember, i'll only take your money after the skatch is done. That been said:
  4. Tis a friend's request, i'm noticing how badly that middle finger turned out but no budget to spare in this drawing, so off you go.
  5. This one was rather simple so i have three designs for you, my friend. @razimove I personally prefer #2, but maybe you prefer a simplistic approach so let me know what you think
  6. This one took a while because umm... i sprained my ankle, yes, that was exactly what happened.
  7. Title: Costume war! Medieval vs Pirates 2: Electric Boogaloo, The Revenge of the bloodthirsty Psyduck! Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series. IGN: SodaNaranja
  8. Dude, why aren't you teaching me how to beat this, i thought we were friends, help a pleb in need.
  9. I-it's not what it looks like
  10. I love you, will you be my June's valentine?
  11. There is a strange cult worshipping Pidgey out there already, under no circumstance must you join.
  12. I've returned, not taking any more requests from here on. I'll be doing the ones some of you posted and maybe some scribbles in between.
  13. Here's the first one, sorry for the delay; i've been lazy. Unrelated note: Power may be the best girl but it's definitely NOT a good girl, if that makes sense.
  14. I just don't like farming items to EV everytime i have to EV train, i'm all up for it as long as it's a new item and not a rework of the permanent Macho Brace item.
  15. Halloween ain't a "minor" holiday, the disrespect.
  16. You can't get a girlfriend because there are no girls on the internet, that's like, science, duh.
  17. The change on the Lucky Egg was already mentioned when they added Unova, they said it was being reworked into a more obtainable and common version of it in the future. This announcement came with a nerf to the Lucky Egg's exp boost so it was pretty much a given it was going to change. I myself much prefer x2 Exp Boost for an hour instead of a x1.1 Exp Boost (Which is less than the 'Different Trainer Exp Boost') on a permanent item. It is much less of a hassle.
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