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  1. I-it's not what it looks like
  2. I love you, will you be my June's valentine?
  3. There is a strange cult worshipping Pidgey out there already, under no circumstance must you join.
  4. I've returned, not taking any more requests from here on. I'll be doing the ones some of you posted and maybe some scribbles in between.
  5. Here's the first one, sorry for the delay; i've been lazy. Unrelated note: Power may be the best girl but it's definitely NOT a good girl, if that makes sense.
  6. I just don't like farming items to EV everytime i have to EV train, i'm all up for it as long as it's a new item and not a rework of the permanent Macho Brace item.
  7. Halloween ain't a "minor" holiday, the disrespect.
  8. You can't get a girlfriend because there are no girls on the internet, that's like, science, duh.
  9. The change on the Lucky Egg was already mentioned when they added Unova, they said it was being reworked into a more obtainable and common version of it in the future. This announcement came with a nerf to the Lucky Egg's exp boost so it was pretty much a given it was going to change. I myself much prefer x2 Exp Boost for an hour instead of a x1.1 Exp Boost (Which is less than the 'Different Trainer Exp Boost') on a permanent item. It is much less of a hassle.
  10. Dragon Hunter Helm (Hat) Green parts colorable if possible at all.
  11. He'll afk in verm and boast about his title ironically, this is the man we all should achieve to be, he has my vote.
  12. Wait, you're telling me 'Mayor' wasn't a joke title all along? Why nobody told me? I must have looked like an idiot.
  13. Yes, sorry about that but this currently happens with all of the Music Mods apparently, @Desu fix your game. There's nothing i can do about it afaik, if you turn the Mod off crashes should be fixed.
  14. Still not a bad suggestion though, a simple addition to the info panel, for those who aren't looking for a specific gender but when they get to the pokemon want to know, no downside to it, not really much of an upside to it, regardless a nice touch.
  15. It's not so don't even think about it
  16. Now we just need a Detective Pipe and a Pointy Yellow Tail to have the whole Detective Pikachu Set (which will combine with the Pointy Yellow Ears as well)
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