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  1. Only required ROM is Black/White, HeartGold/SoulSilver is optional for visual enhancements and we don't use any Sinnoh ROM whatsoever. It has been said thousands of times before but; they will add Sinnoh and Johto eventually, they just work with a priority mindset and tackle things that they feel are more needed/important first.
  2. Try changing the game resolution, if that doesn't work then change your monitor's screen resolution.
  3. I'm so excited, they finally announced jotho
  4. I don't think this screenshot is complete, or if it is then i think your screen resolution is not adequate, try changing it in Menu > Settings > Video > Display Resolution (There are some icons on the bottom of the screen that aren't showing in your screenshot, perhaps because resolution is not well set) These are the icons that are supposed to be at the bottom:
  5. Cuando te pase esto reinicia tu cliente y dale a 'reconectar' el problema debería arreglarse. Whenever you have this issue just restart your client and click on 'relog' the issue should be solved.
  6. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  7. I'd have to check, it's not really different from original games, the difference is that you won't learn moves from gen 6 upwards (since they're not existant in the game) otherwise everything is almost exactly similar.
  8. Try posting this on Support Request
  9. It depends on the species, some do, some doesn't, you may as well Google the Pokemon you want and check Bulbapedia for learnsets.
  10. Yeah adding to that: If they can actually do it
  11. Well, this is not a suggestion to add a new currency (get clickbaited) but to rework the BP so it can be used as such. With that being said, i begin: 1) Give some love to the BP items: By making the BP exclusive items more attractive to the community people will feel like actually trying to obtain BP, making this whole suggestion work somehow. I will cover more of this in a sec. 2) Transform the Yen: Allow players to transform their Yen into BP in a way or another; this could very well be an NPC who offers said transformation or some other way less direct. If the BP market (aka BP exclusive items) is attractive, people will want to invest in BP to obtain said exclusives. Now i will explain how could this (possibly) work. >First of all, BP items need to be more attractive, this can be done by exploting the Secret Bases. If devs were to put effort into making the Secret Base system i'm pretty sure people will want to spend BP in it: If you decide to focus on the enhancing of secret bases the BP store could get directed towards the audience who wants those (which I assume, by adding these functions plus new secret base items would get pretty popular) And secret base items aren't tradable, so they're meant to be bought and used in a pretty estetic fashio Make Secret Bases more accesible, in all three regions (Make new spots) Rework the Items limit for Secret Bases Allow a players to edit a secret base to the very ground, somewhat like RPG maker Make it so Teams can have Team Bases in which players can hold their unofficial Team events Allow players to teleport to their bases Create new items to sell for BP: Heal Spot, PC, Tiles (Grass, Water, Sand, Etc), Blueprints Make it so players can enter other people bases without having to go and find it (somewhat like PvP, where you're taken there and can leave at any given time) Make more PvE events regarding Secret Bases Secret bases tbh cover a perfect money sink, since the items obtained for them aren't tradable...they just have to...not suck, and i assume after some changes are applied they could become pretty popular among players. >Have some Vanity Items (Good Ones) exclusive to the BP store and not obtainable anywhere else I think i wanted to say more but can't recall right now, anyways, i'm aware this has several flaws, but i think it could work somehow since so far. The major issue i can think of would be that some BP items like Choice Items will have a price Fixed, but that much isn't that bad, is it? Waiting for some feedback.
  12. Title suggestion thread: . . . . . . Ligma
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