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  1. Flygon con levitación? Por cierto muy buena guía!
  2. Not even dunsparce @Zehkar
  3. You are a monster8

    1. Kizhaz


      Leaf me alone ;_;

  4. They don't want us to be free because they know we're awesome
  5. Could work but wouldn't that hit trade chat with a lot of new entries? In my head looks like a disaster if every new thing announced on GTL gets announced on Trade Chat. Haven't see you like never! Are you back after a hiatus or did i just totally missed out that you were active all along?
  6. Would be nice, also they could put baloons on the rod, that's a nice way to use the "rod" slot, or "glove" slot
  7. Is this even pokemon anymore?
  8. @Darkshade make a Crown pls
  9. Pretty much that, people post pokemon, vanities, objects and someone moderates an auction, trade chat is really really dead. Btw make "Se l" something you can say in spanish channel chat, althought it can be seen as "Sell" in spanish you cant say "it's called" or "se llama" because of that, so please do something PLEASE because when i can't say that i rely on saying the good ol' "jajajajajaja vend charizard shiny 300k"
  10. I mean if you like pokemon sweet you could google and lean how to make mods to customize the pokemon/map looks, any more than that i don't believe adding types that weren't in the original games or fakemon would be a clever idea. I wouldn't play a game like that.
  11. Podrías crear un Topic en la sección del foro "Trade Corner" diciendo "Buy Reward Points" y alguien que tenga te los vende por dinero de juego, ve a ver si los precios te cuadran y ya. De todas maneras, @Ruak podría dar mas asistencia con respecto a este tema que yo.