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  1. This is what comes to my mind every time i try to picture you tosh.
  2. I've spent more than 100k of bp in bases, make them awesome.
  3. Rick and morty.
  4. GOLD. I will make a donation later. Awesome work! Keep it up!
  5. Choice of two colors: Orange and Light blue Name: SodaNaranja Team (Optional): Fird Render: Cacnea
  6. Yaaaay i'm the high score, i win!
  7. IGN: SodaNaranja (Those colors plz) Team: [Fird] Render: This and (if possible) this BackGround: MEAAAAAAAAT Thanks ^^
  8. We already have something pretty much like that: Swarms, but they appear randomly and there's no way for you to know (Inb4 staying all day spamming A on a TV) what could be neato is a device to that tells you when a swarm is in progress (you get higher chance to find a shiny in swarms).
  9. The tournament is just bs, i swear god that the great priest is gonna bring down zeno-sama and goku will have to fight him. He seems evil.
  10. Why dont we have daily quests? like "Catch 5 Snorunt" "Find and defeat certain trainer" "Solve this riddle" "Get Mewtwo/Rayquaza". I think Quests would encourage players to play the game daily. You could make quests every 2 hours or 5 (also maybe 3 daily) and make every quest harder than the previous (with better prizes ofc). That way instead of battling a lot of trainers (the same every 6 hours) we could get a less monotonous and very creative way to farm. If you do the 3 quests you get a 5k boost on every quest of the next day. If you do it again a 10k boost. And so on and if you do every quest on the week, the last day (sunday) you get an 100k boost on every quest and 200RP if you complete all three idk (it resets every week and if you miss a quest you lose the streak and start over) or dunno work your magic. The npc could be Bill or Selphy (that girl in Resort Gorgeous) or even maybe the trick master. Quest could help a lot by encouraging players to do plenty of different stuff (Filling pokedex, breeding, beating the elite 4, entering contests, etc)
  11. Let him be, the man's just giving suggestions for pete's sake, he means no harm.
  12. Why does it rains again?
  13. We all know America's not the greatest nation in the world though.
  14. Madre mía k ase aki compadre xdxd