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  1. He'll afk in verm and boast about his title ironically, this is the man we all should achieve to be, he has my vote.
  2. Wait, you're telling me 'Mayor' wasn't a joke title all along? Why nobody told me? I must have looked like an idiot.
  3. Yes, sorry about that but this currently happens with all of the Music Mods apparently, @Desu fix your game. There's nothing i can do about it afaik, if you turn the Mod off crashes should be fixed.
  4. Still not a bad suggestion though, a simple addition to the info panel, for those who aren't looking for a specific gender but when they get to the pokemon want to know, no downside to it, not really much of an upside to it, regardless a nice touch.
  5. It's not so don't even think about it
  6. Now we just need a Detective Pipe and a Pointy Yellow Tail to have the whole Detective Pikachu Set (which will combine with the Pointy Yellow Ears as well)
  7. Still on progress but about 80 or 90% is done. Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!ctEWiYbC!MK-ytNWBXBEdLGRsaV1nLEUpQful2C3gJctqUEG9GVI
  8. PokeMMO Needs To Respect It's Players And Add An Easy Mode.
  9. Is there not a code for PvP battles?
  10. This wouldn't have happened if y'all listened to Xatu's suggestions back in 2017
  11. Johto is not a priority right now, however it will be made someday
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