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  1. I'm doing this one right now, should be done by next week if i don't procrastinate much. I'm having issues with the coat, since it's red it wouldn't harmonize well with Gyara, could go for a darker red for either, or maybe some magic to separate both, sadly i'm not magician so idk how it's gpnna turn out. Background's fucking me up too but i've faith, kinda, hu3 :^]
  2. This was cool, i decided to keep the white borders to make it look like stickers, dunno, liked it. Drawing the tall grass was therapeutic 😆 @Servor5555hope you like it~
  3. It's sure been a while, my bad, had to buy milk (Whoops!). I'm working on this currently, i'm a terrible procrastinator, yup a really nasty one at that, but it is what it is, hope you like this WIP. i'll post the completed drawing once i finish it, thank you for the patience! Now, a Haiku: Today the sun shines No wait, it's one past midnight Fuck, i have to sleep! ~Soda
  4. It is now officially my hobby to procrastinate and not finish drawings, and proudly so. Here's some physical drawings i've made
  5. Bully devs through forum with badly drawn anime girls
  6. Aye aye boss, i'm taking a bit on this one, since i have another commission in progress and it's quite lengthy, however i've advanced quite a bit and have some leeway to start this one, the sketching is almost done, but before i proceed any further i was wondering, are you okay with your character wearing some hunting clothing? I was thinking of something like Gon's hat from the first chapter of HxH: Tis' a concept for the main drawing, if you prefer your character to remain just like in your trainer card i can do that too, just let me know either way, i'll resume next week since i work through this weekend.
  7. Yes honey Much obliged! Appreciate the compliment, will do 😄
  8. WE'RE BACK IN BUSINESS! Check in for the new prices. Remember, i'll only take your money after the skatch is done. That been said:
  9. Tis a friend's request, i'm noticing how badly that middle finger turned out but no budget to spare in this drawing, so off you go.
  10. This one was rather simple so i have three designs for you, my friend. @razimove I personally prefer #2, but maybe you prefer a simplistic approach so let me know what you think
  11. This one took a while because umm... i sprained my ankle, yes, that was exactly what happened.
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