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  1. New System of Ribbons In The Trainer Card

    I'd love to see this kind of feature implemented also a personalized message by your character before a battle would be great.
  2. AYUDA, no puedo iniciar

    Este no es el lugar para colocar esto, por favor hazlo en la sección del foro Support Request con una traducción al idioma inglés, es una regla traducir todos los Posts que hagas en un idioma diferente en el foro, puedes ayudarte con un traductor como Google Translate. This is not the place to post this, please do it on the Support Request section of the forum with a translation to the english language, it is a rule to translate every post you make in a different language in the forum, you can use a translator such as Google Translate for this.
  3. Black/White Why the first?

    You can run the game with either version, yes, just one. Black2/White2 it's a direct sequel of Black/White, it would've been kinda odd to add it before B/W imo
  4. My first suggestion xD

  5. Moderation on ch1//moderacion en el ch1

    Usually discussion comes when people are in the wrong chat without realizing, since most of people download the client from the EU domain they're sent to EN by default. We try our best to keep chat enjoyable for everyone by changing their chat language, explaining how they can change it by themselves and sending people to trade if it's necessary. That being said, racism or highly offensive behaviour it's not tolerated, and we encourage player to block people instead of starting a pointless argument that usually ends with warnings or mutes.
  6. PvP confusion ban

    Due to a bug confusion is not working properly, so we banned it from pvp because it would be easily abusable, hopefully the issue will be fixed with the next patch.
  7. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Leaked information, hype, hype, hype
  8. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Items such as Destiny Knot would be a way of making the breeding easier, a super rare drop at dungeons wouldn't mind me.
  9. How to fix "Fatal render Error"?

    Here you go https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  10. I suppose it's not as easy and it seems, I'd prefer those moves to be banned over people abusing them.
  11. Probleme

    You should place the required ROMs at the ROMs folder of your client, alternatively if you start the game without ROMs placed you'll have the option to load them. However if you meant how to get the required ROMs i'm afraid we do not provide them since it's against the rules.
  12. Pokedex information for pokemon you did not catch yet.

    The pokedex do shows the wild location of the Pokemon you've seen, other information besides that such as Stats wouldn't be bad, however I do want players to fill their pokedexes, that's the main goal of every Pokemon game after all.
  13. How can i comeback in Hoenn

    Also if you have 2 badges or more you're going to need to take the boat in Slateport city.
  14. All gym leaders have pokemons with quick claw?

    If you've beaten elite four in Hoenn you can buy items such as choice specs, scarf and band in the Battle Frontier for Battle Points. You can obtain BP by either battling players (PvP) by queuing to a match and winning it through the PvP button (A Master Ball in the lower right part if your screen) or by fighting against the IA in the Battle Tower at the Battle Frontier.
  15. [Art] Avatar drawing

    I want one, please! As orange as a soda

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