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  1. Maybe that's what he wants you to believe
  2. Welcome back! Here you can find the changelogs.
  3. What is comp? I only make them 5x31 with nature for aesthetics
  4. Are we having vanities before unova hits?
  5. You may or may not take wild pokemon's held items with thieft/covet as long as you don't 1hit ko it and your pokemon is not holding an item already.
  6. That's pretty much every DBZ saga, they're fighters i've never seen any kind of elaborated "plan" from either the Z fighters or any enemy except maybe 20 aka Dr.Gero and that wasn't even a fight, every fight sums into a strenght match or the best power up.
  7. 300 hours, if you feel bad about that watch this.
  8. With that profile pic don't you think that your love for darkrai is reaching illegal limits?


    If so please go on


    1. iKole


      Possibly, but I'm ok with that. Darkrai is love.

    2. SodaNaranja
  9. Thank you...I guess...
  10. Where's my scribblemon? :(
  11. Can i keep my shiny mewtwo? no one will ever know @Desu
  12. I honestly think Goku is gonna be the last man standing from u7, i mean, that ending makes me think...
  13. Are you ok skittle? It seems like you're Too soon?