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  1. We don't deserve what kyu's doing to us
  2. Not really, you see, the emulation they use in PokeMMO is based of the GBA games (Gen 3), Johto was avaliable in gen 2 as a GBC game and in gen 4 as a DS game, besides that, we already have access to all the gen 2 pokemon so the only reason to add Johto would be to do the Storymode, thats a really weak reason for mapping the whole region and make it fit for a GBA emulation, in other words: Is just too much work and no reward. I really like johto, but face it: After we end the Storymode we will get bored of it right away.
  3. Why didn't he bit him? i'm kinda disappointed
  4. That's not enough, if they implement bidoof i want my lucario.
  5. SodaNaranja
  6. This is an awesome guide! Thanks dude!
  7. Nvm now i will participate :)
  8. This event will have a proper spanish translation right?
  9. I'm still waiting for them to announce that Trump is not the real president. That's gonna feel hella good.
  10. What do you guys think about hentai anime?
  11. No, it does, it's funny.
  12. Since the Sprite of rayquaza is uselessly there making no sense, why don't you let players have it registered it as seen in the pokedex?
  13. Gawd where's my snivy...i can almost taste it...
  14. Good luck on this event zehk! Looking forward to participate.