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  1. A RacheLucario Appreciation Thread

    For what is worth, you're my favourite fursona.
  2. Explanation: Contestant are required to make a creative piece of art depicting a brand new Pokemon with a non existant Type Combination, entries must be original creations and must be followed by: Character Name: Pokemon Name: Pokemon Typing: Dex Entry (Optional): Entries will be judged the same no matter the method used, the art piece can have several Pokemon and be colored but will not be awarded with extra points. Type Combinations elegible for this contest: The entry must be a brand new Pokemon and not an evolution, pre evolution or a Mega Evolution from an existing one. Date/Time for submission Thursday 22th March | 12:00am UTC Time Zone Converter to Sunday 22th April 11:59pm UTC Time Zone Converter Prizes First Place: Shiny Gift Smeargle Your choice of nature, 2x31 and 4x25 IVs & 1000 Reward Points or 1,000,000 Pokeyen Second Place: 700 Reward Points or 700,000 Pokeyen Third Place: 300 Reward Points or 300,000 Pokeyen Rules Only one entry per user, if you wish to replace an entry please do so by editing your post and replacing your current entry. Art work must be 100% original. If entries are found to be plagiarised then you will be disqualified from this contest. All submissions must be made in this thread. The post that contains your submission must also include your IGN. Host: SodaNaranja Judges: Akshit Foerster Gilan Kizhaz XelaKebert If you have any questions regarding this event, please feel free to message me.
  3. Eyelashes?

    Hello, any suggestion regading vanities should be posted in this Topic:
  4. Dex completion reward. Give us SOMETHING

    In the original games you do get a reward, and filling the Dex it's not necessary to complete the game so a reward for doing it so it's a great motivation. See it as a side quest to obtain a prize that's not necessary but it's nice to have.
  5. More "Team based PVE things"

    Wow wow, betrayal. I do like the idea of "Player made dungeons" or something alike to upgrade the Team system.
  6. Akshit's Asylum [Vanity Items]

    Cogratulations to the participants!
  7. Akshit's Asylum [Vanity Items]

    I'll be offering assistance with this lottery, good luck to the participants!
  8. Truck in POKEMMO

    I hate to kill the hype but you can't use cut outside of battle if you don't have the HM in your bag, you need to have a Pokemon with cut and the HM in your TM/HM Pocket in order to cut trees.
  9. How many tutors do the Teselia region have?

    Which move exactly are you looking for? "Low Blow" it's not one I'm aware of.
  10. Vanity Item Suggestions

    I want 3-D glasses
  11. List of "Hidden" pokemons for Pokedex

    Moltres can also be on Blaine's team and Articuno can be registered using the binoculars on the building between Fuchsia and Route 15. Garchomp and Spiritomb on Cynthia's team on Undella Town on Spring. Toxicroak on Brock's rematch team. Drapion on Burgh's rematch team.
  12. Is PokeMMO dying?

    We need to implement that "Channel Mute" suggestion.
  13. Question About Farming

    You can use the Screenshot thread for this kind of topics.
  14. por que las batallas entre jugadores

    No entiendo muy bien la pregunta, estás preguntando "¿Por qué es posible luchar entre jugadores?" Pd: Todos los post que hagas en el foro deben tener una traducción al Inglés, por favor coloca una, puedes ayudarte con Google Translate si así lo prefieres. I don't quite understand the question, you're asking "¿Why is it possible to fight between players?" Ps: Every post you make in the forum needs to have a translation to English, please provide one, you can help yourself with Google Translate if you prefer it that way.

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