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  1. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: BSDO Registered Players: kloneman, Spxter, OxORefaked, DanteGrin, Hammerax, Wildhodor, BartekDolar, ashasash, SamuelJackson, ItsGray, PabloJim, NickRains, ZzZerra, NinjaBlender, IsabelaNeko Team Captain: Spxter
  2. Superb, fast service and nice name ;)
  3. Pokemon: Joltik Ivs: 27+/x/27+/31/27+/31 Nature: Timid Egg Moves: None Gender: idc Pokeball: Poké Ball
  4. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: [BSDO] Registered Players: ashasash, spxter, BartekDolar, HaymakerPwner, ,izabelinha, Joud, DraconidVGC, kloneman, madeLnheaven, NinjaBlender, Domreth, SharpBlue, trentax and HoraceSilver Team Captain: Spxter
  5. I totally bought something from this shop and it's epic
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