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  1. Stunt or Die :]
  2. I was busy with a job interview and I didn't think we would get another sub we were also up by 3 at the time lol and it's a tiebreaker we still have a chance to win like everybody else
  3. LOL I gave Moetal a cteam to use vs XPLOZ but Moetal decided to donate
  4. HYPE :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
  5. Shoutout to @Raptori he was the MVP of the Spartan Warriors
  6. Jolly Flygon U-Turn 8.5 - 10.1% Adamant Flygon U-Turn 9.3 - 11.1% vs 252 max hp Dragonite.I think thats a misplay and thats the whole game. I know it's a roll but you probably would have won if you got the roll
  7. DPP OU anyone? hmu
  8. My showdown name is Btooom! I'll battle you
  9. Gunthug every dog has it's day win
  10. Im online hmu
  11. @XPLOZ Sunday Deadline battle
  12.'re a uguu...
  13. @XPLOZ your inbox is full let me know when you want to battle.
  14. Yooo we can battle today if you want let me know what works best for you 

    1. XPLOZ


      I'd prefer somewhere during the week-end, as I'm a lot busy with school and projects during the week.

    2. Rue21


      I am free all day Sunday hmu when you're ready.

    3. XPLOZ


      Ok let's do it on Sunday