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  1. Hello, With this last update and had a big problem when updating the PokeMMO client, It happens that I had been in the "Loading Updater Information" process for 1 hour, after them I reinstalled the game to test if it was solved but I The same thing happened again, Please ask me to give me a way to fix it as soon as possible, Thanks for taking the time to read me. Sincerely, MollstamD
  2. Jaja monotipo lo que sucede es que se me olvido ponerlo lo llevo intentando editar 4 veces para corregir eso y Agregarle en un spoiler la traduccion al español pero no deja le doy edit topic y nada
  3. 1 participante por cada fase del evento y en total se conforma un equipo de 5 (mas el lider/representante del equipo 6)
  4. This post is addressed to the participants of this event with all the information organized so far which is the following: * It is requested CM, MOD or GM good people and amble with desire to help us in this * The event will be held on Tuesday, December 26, 2017 the time selected for the main 9 pm PERU are as follows: 1* Venezuela: 10:00 pm 2* Argentina: 11:00 pm 3* Madrid, Spain: 3:00 am (i do not know what time it will be in the Canary Islands) 4*Mexico: 8:00 pm 5* Colombia: 9:00 pm This event consists of 5 "Phases" which are: Metronome, Hide and seek, Zafari and PvP: Rules of each event: *The rules of each event are not yet said at the time they are organized the post will be updated with the same* The gain of points in the events will be the following: In each event you can earn a certain number of points depending on the position of the team member who participates in it, and the score would be: 1th* 3 points 2th* 2 points 3th* 1 points The participation of each team / clan will be as follows: Each team / clan will present 5 members of the team without taking into account the leader / repressor. In total they would be 5 members and the leader / representative for each team / clan Cost of the "entrance" or "pass" to the event: At first it may seem a little crazy or not very understandable but this would be, Each team / clan for its 5 members (and the leader) would be $ 1,000,000 With which if the prize is paid for winning it would be possible to claim it in its entirety without no problem, also is the option to participate for free with the condition at the time that this team wins would not be able to receive the prize, prize which would be divided so that depending on the number of tickets / passes received this total would be 75% for the team / clan that is first and the other 25% to the team / clan that is second and each ticket would be delivered to * CM, MOD or GM * It is offered to help us in this and at the end of everything would be distributed to the winners Questions I hope to receive: Where will this event be held? As I said before we are still organizing and planning the event, that kind of thing is not yet discussed Can my team participate? Honestly I do not know, this post I'm doing to help the KMIM organizer which I will gladly ask about it *Finally I want to add that this event is made for Spanish speaking people. This reason does not have any kind of xenophobia. It's just that the organizer speaks Spanish and all the teams speak Spanish. Besides, it would be very difficult to translate between the two languages*
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