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  1. Johto, black 2 , X and Y ???
  2. you need to log in to your email and validate with the code you sent.
  3. hello guys it would be great to have an application or functions to evaluate our gm, staff and moderators in pokémmo and to be able to make votes if they are good or not with evidence. att
  4. hello guys, my suggestion is enable tickets nintendo of Firered/Emerald . ''As an official pokemmo event for catching shinys, legendary pokemons and the PC box with kyogre style and Groudon (Emerald).'' Function Rustboro city ( Get a special box wallpaper ) ⤵ ⤵ http://www.filb.de/?site=games/gba/emerald/word ⤵ ⤵ events nintendo ⤵ ⤵ http://www.psypokes.com/rsefrlg/events.php https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_in-game_event_Pokémon_in_Generation_III Event Riley
  5. Idk in case there is any ownership of Nintendo will be licensed in gameplay.
  6. *Mew,Deoxys,Latios/Latias for event Catch Online *Recover Effects in Battle Emerald/Firered. *upgrade Graphics Leaders GyM's Emerald. *Pay Copyright For Nintendo ,Make Version DS SS/HeartGold .Create Donators for Players help make new Expansion. *Function Team Allied/Team War With Points Ranked. *Function PVP Double Battle in Regions of Pokemon.
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