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  1. I agree with the fact that ALL Hidden abilities should be available, and I also agree that there should be some kind of pill, but I also think it should take a ton of work to get the pill, something that takes about the same amount of time it would take to rebreed the pokemon you want (note that I said nothing of the price of the method) I however STRONGLY DISAGREE with your statement that "This is a pvp game not a pve" as I am almost exclusively PvE, and I still spend time breeding perfect pokemon. I hate the idea of tiers in PvP. If both people consent to it in a battle, then cool, go for it, but I have ALWAYS been of the belief that you should be allowed to use ANY pokemon you want, at ANY time you want, for ANY thing you want, and not be limited by rules set in place by others. I mean what is the point of having your favorite pokemon if you can't use it for anything? Personally, I stick to mostly PvE and open battles, because in my opinion, that's more fair that limiting what people are allowed to use, just because other people don't like that you took the time to train a super strong pokemon and they didn't. Again though, that's just my opinion.
  2. Thanks for the update! I really love this mod, and I'm happy to see that it is compatible with PokeMMO again! ^-^
  3. it's not my mod XD I too love it though, and would love to see it in game again ^-^
  4. I can try it if you like, I would be more than happy to help! ^-^ I just have to turn the mod on and run the game, yes?
  5. Awesome! thanks for the info, I appreciate it!~
  6. Is this mod going to be updated to include the new items that become available in the new Gen 5 update? just wondering really.
  7. just wondering, will this mod be updated to be compatible/work with the new Gen 5 update? (as in, will this ever be updated to add gen 4/5 pokemon icons?) I ask because this is one of my favorite mods, and I REALLY wanna use it again when the game gets updated Q~Q
  8. so, no Leafeon or Glaceon? I mean, I know there were Moss/Ice covered rocks in B2/W2, but are they not in B/W?
  9. I am already thinking about my which Pokemon I want to play with in Unova I don't really plan to use any of the starters (but I am going with Snivy) however, I do plan to use: Scrafty Galvantula Beheeyem Haxorus Golurk Not sure beyond that, I MIGHT use Volcarona, but I never really got too interested in him -_- Also, anyone know if we will be able to return to other regions through mom again? or will we be stuck there once we go until we reach Castelia City?
  10. I hope that the second part of Kyu's post here is helpful to you in regards to the info you seek
  11. Get a Joltik with Compound Eyes. You'll thank me later XD
  12. I just hope that there is enough story to get me to Chargestone cave...... Does want mah Galvantula.................
  13. The ones I personally am excited for, are Arcticuno, Raikou, Latios (hopefully), and Regice Q~Q
  14. As long as I can train my legendary from a low level, and can somehow change it's IVs, then I'm happy XD
  15. Sorry Tier Council doesn't matter, as they have no control over me and Tiers are against my religion.
  16. mmead

    Seasonal Pokemon

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate your responses! ^-^
  17. mmead

    Seasonal Pokemon

    The big reason I am suggesting seasonal Pokemon, is because of this thread: I feel like having Pokemon that change depending on the season would help the game have a more realistic feel XD
  18. mmead

    Seasonal Pokemon

    I feel that the seasons should be the same all over in the game, so if it is Summer in Unova, then it is summer in Kanto and Hoenn, for the sake of consistancy.
  19. mmead

    Seasonal Pokemon

    So many views, yet so few responses -_- .............................................
  20. I kinda hope that legendaries are nerfed but breedable. I prefer to train all of my pokemon myself from level 1 :(
  21. So, I feel like all pokemon should be available all the time, but I also think it would be cool if we had pokemon in Hoenn and Kanto that only appeared in different seasons, as to give the game an all over more realistic feel (not that it would be easy but maybe for Kanto we could have some of the alolan forms in stead, such as Exeggutor and Raichu in the summer, and Sandshrew and Vulpix in the winter). Perhaps just changing the % on the wild pokemon encounters during different seasons (like less Pidgey in the Autumn and Winter and more of some other pokemon). This is just a thought really and I just wanted to see your opinions on it, so no flaming on anyone or hating in this thread. Also, don't say it's impossible, as until the staff says otherwise, anything is possible. If any staff members see this, please comment if you can! ^-^
  22. can someone who has this please post it again with a different DL link and credit the creator for it? I kinda sorta maybe really want this thing and the link takes me to a dropbox 404
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