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  1. I agree with the fact that ALL Hidden abilities should be available, and I also agree that there should be some kind of pill, but I also think it should take a ton of work to get the pill, something that takes about the same amount of time it would take to rebreed the pokemon you want (note that I said nothing of the price of the method) I however STRONGLY DISAGREE with your statement that "This is a pvp game not a pve" as I am almost exclusively PvE, and I still spend time breeding perfect pokemon. I hate the idea of tiers in PvP. If both people consent to it in a battle, the
  2. Thanks for the update! I really love this mod, and I'm happy to see that it is compatible with PokeMMO again! ^-^
  3. it's not my mod XD I too love it though, and would love to see it in game again ^-^
  4. I can try it if you like, I would be more than happy to help! ^-^ I just have to turn the mod on and run the game, yes?
  5. Awesome! thanks for the info, I appreciate it!~
  6. Is this mod going to be updated to include the new items that become available in the new Gen 5 update? just wondering really.
  7. just wondering, will this mod be updated to be compatible/work with the new Gen 5 update? (as in, will this ever be updated to add gen 4/5 pokemon icons?) I ask because this is one of my favorite mods, and I REALLY wanna use it again when the game gets updated Q~Q
  8. so, no Leafeon or Glaceon? I mean, I know there were Moss/Ice covered rocks in B2/W2, but are they not in B/W?
  9. I am already thinking about my which Pokemon I want to play with in Unova I don't really plan to use any of the starters (but I am going with Snivy) however, I do plan to use: Scrafty Galvantula Beheeyem Haxorus Golurk Not sure beyond that, I MIGHT use Volcarona, but I never really got too interested in him -_- Also, anyone know if we will be able to return to other regions through mom again? or will we be stuck there once we go until we reach Castelia City?
  10. I hope that the second part of Kyu's post here is helpful to you in regards to the info you seek
  11. Get a Joltik with Compound Eyes. You'll thank me later XD
  12. I just hope that there is enough story to get me to Chargestone cave...... Does want mah Galvantula.................
  13. The ones I personally am excited for, are Arcticuno, Raikou, Latios (hopefully), and Regice Q~Q
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