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  1. I had one ot, which i got from blind friggin luck while breeding, finally found a decent breeder to breed it and whoosh, lost my OT. What is this sadistic mechanic :(
  2. Why doesnt pokeball/ultraball hotkey work while catching wilds? its so annoying to go through pages in back to catch
  3. my man you've flipped my and destinys numbers @MathewMat Im 8 dest is 7 pls
  4. also lets not forget the beautiful confusion that comes at the end.
  5. Ferrothorn is literally the most Used pokemon right now, according to usage stats with magnezone and scizor and skamory not far from it, I cant run a physical kingdra wihtout it getting completely blocked by a steel type. While i understand that outrage might make a few dragons practically broken, there are also some dragons that actually need outrage to utilize their full potential. Like Haxorus and kingdra and at this point perhaps even flygon. So isnt there an option of a complex ban like youve planned for Hydreigon + Draco meteor?
  6. Outrage Base power is still 90, Pre update i was told that it was 90 so that Flygon could remain OU instead of rocketing to ubers But now since the meta has change, and ALOT of steel types have came into the top flight, i think Outrage should have its rightful base power, because otherwise its a useless move to have because of its drawbacks.
  7. IGN: Barfeelaadmii Dolittle Vs TheBloo 100k
  8. How is Sceptile not in the UU ban list XD
  9. I don't grind, But damn good work stagggggggggggiiiieeee
  10. IGN: Barfeelaadmii Timezone: GMT +5 Tiers: Pokemmo UU, OU Fluff: I have hax RNG Team: MATE
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