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  1. barfeelaadmi

    Rip my OT shiny

  2. barfeelaadmi

    Rip my OT shiny

    thats what i thought too lmao
  3. barfeelaadmi

    Rip my OT shiny

    I had one ot, which i got from blind friggin luck while breeding, finally found a decent breeder to breed it and whoosh, lost my OT. What is this sadistic mechanic :(
  4. barfeelaadmi

    New way of making pokeyen

  5. barfeelaadmi

    close this please

  6. barfeelaadmi

    close this please

    boopity bump
  7. barfeelaadmi

    pokeball hotkey

    Why doesnt pokeball/ultraball hotkey work while catching wilds? its so annoying to go through pages in back to catch
  8. barfeelaadmi

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    YEEEHAW @Obvi
  9. barfeelaadmi

    Lottery Shiny Poochyena and Wingull finished

    when will they draw?
  10. barfeelaadmi

    Shiny Showcase

    planning to breed further, lets see
  11. barfeelaadmi

    Shiny Showcase

    ahem ahem guess who just hatched a random shiny
  12. barfeelaadmi

    Big Bird's Lottery

    gitgud and do the draw
  13. barfeelaadmi

    close this please


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