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  1. Nope, I have already been Island 5 with my dragonite, he said "I have nothing to do for this poke"
  2. I believe it's bc some mistake, wait until next month. XD
  3. I thought it was able to learn from Tutor at island5 in Kanto, now it shows learn it by TM???, and heal bell is not the egg move for the Dratini, in this case, any way to learn heal bell for Dragonite?? Or I may missing a tutor in Sinnoh?
  4. When we give parents to the old man and take the egg, or after breaking out from the eggshell?
  5. Maybe they were working on Shinno and the event. I have only got one reply who said check my spams. After that, no one contact me any more. lol Right in this page, Three weeks
  6. And yes, I have check each coner in my email, one day ten times check)
  7. Hi everyone, Event start! And by the point I am changing my sub-account to my new devices since last three weeks. They keep asking me have sent an email for the secure code but I didn't actually recieve. I tried to request support from GM but still in awaiting list. Anyone can help me with this problem?? Just want to get the secure code )
  8. I thought it with a period of time to achieve the goal. Any price for the second place? Lol
  9. Bc they didnt post whats the exact time to close to Pumpking event, it may be 5th,23:59pm, or 5th,0am, got it? HaHa, No worry, Christmas Coming SOOON
  10. Well, Halloween? Sinnoh? Or Both? Any tips for me?
  11. Need more time to c any changes after Diglett got ban. lol
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