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  1. Need more time to c any changes after Diglett got ban. lol
  2. Two of my characters have been lock a place without button for water level control after defeat a npc. Generate dead accounts. XD
  3. Sorry, at the point I saw someone got two shinies in a five poke horde, SRINF (
  4. I heard that it's on Pelipper and Wingull,so hard to farm them.lol /or on bird group? :D
  5. I am wondering what they want to do for shinys, guessing they will remove all healthing point shiny in futher update? :X
  6. Same boat. I though it was issues from my computer. XD
  7. Guessing should have other ways to gain coins and eggs easily
  8. Too soon, I was ready to wait for two years. lol. Likely the formal one will be available at the beginning of Aug.
  9. Oh, yeah, you are talking about the scoresheet ranks? Then I would say sorry to you for the misunderstanding. And I do never hear the rank from 11 to 20 got any invitation yet. (I check monthly with my friend). Dont know why then will sent the inviation for rank 20+. In addition to that, the time helding this event for Asian players is quite annoying, they have to get up at 4am if they get invited.
  10. Agree. Suggest a way to slow down the inflation: Allow Barries grow ONLY when the player online (water comsuming as well) The time to grow barries will be much longer, an efficiency way to solve the inflation issue (Specially for those muti-account farmer). The longer time online, more u can get.
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