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  1. I have waitted for this function for several years already. XD
  2. Dont see any hope for that in short term. More hope on HB and Legendary Poke. lol
  3. If it occurs, report them and likely they'll get conversation ban. JAJAJA, this should not relate to personal wealth in the game.
  4. I think it's not a problem for these ppl who play tournament often, but its the problem for those ppl who new to tournament. Right, you could change ur team any time in tournament, then the shuffle brackets should not affect you,but will benifit to the others.
  5. Either remove tickle from Wobb or ban Wobb would be great
  6. Alright, sarcasm talk. lol Anyway, I think at least should have some limitation for Wobbufett and Dugtrio. OU is so disgusting right now like Nik said.
  7. I dont think it's right, if a certain combo and almost 100% take away a wall, like Tickle Wobbufett+ Pursuit Scizor taking away a normal setting Blissey, it is not a fair game when one side can swith away and the opposite site only see how they fail. Becomes a Trap- Trap game now. lol
  8. I could't agree more to ban Wobbufett, and even Dugtrio. Trap + Rain is so disgusting now in OU. Blissey, Ferrothorn, Tentacruel, and Tyranitar were consider to be Anti-rain mamber in my opinion, but they are easily loss heal or take away by Tickle Wobbufett+ Pursuit Scizor or Reversal/Earthquake Dugtrio, such setting up brainless environment for rain team (unless walls all bring Shed Shell). Please do a deep discussion this in the up coming month.
  9. Dont know why, but not the Tournament sign up or the Ladder sign up have about 35 seconds delay, just dont know why. XD
  10. Is it arena trap banned now? I have seen some ppl still use diglett, so only those with sand veil are able to join LC tournament?
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