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  1. im pretty sure someone said they quit after the update and sold all there pokes for nothing. i was in channel chat
  2. Long Story short everyone will have to work harder for there money.
  3. Couldn't have put it better myself there so many ways to make money you berry farmer better get your pay day or breeding skills up. imagine everyone whos paid over 1mil on lucky eggs lol think how they feel
  4. (first of all im looking to recruit players to help with catching pokemon) Are you tired of trying to catch that pokemon with that certain nature or that 31 iv well i have the answer for a small fee depending on what you want we will find your pokemon with your preferences. We are a freindly service and are 100% guaranteed not to be scammed all you have to do is fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours we cannot get every pokemon available for example we can rarly find that 2x31 but can be done. once you have filled out a form we will give you a fair price and then you can tell us whether you still want the pokemon or not we normally ask for you to allow us a maximum of 48 hours to capture your pokemon. thank you for using TaurosMega hunting service ! . we also do trade evolution for 1k 100% trusted Fill out the form below ! (if you dont care for gender or nature leave blank) In game name: Budget: If you have one Pokemon name: Pokemon gender: Pokemon Nature: Iv's (if you do not care for iv's leave this blank remember we only do 2x31 or 1x31) HP: Atk: Def: Sp Atk: Sp Def: Speed: Notes(use this if you have anything else you'd like to know or want) : A rough price guide no prefer'd nature, gender or ivs:4-7k No prefer'd nature or ivs : 7-10k No prefer'd Ivs: 7-10k Prefer'd ivs: 10-50k prefer'd ivs, nature : 15-50k prefer'd ivs nature and gender : 20-100k (Prices may vary depending on pokemon this is a rough guide !!! always ask us first) thank you for choosing us ! We are currently not in business but will take early orders !
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