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  1. hi i need spanish people to help me. i cant play. the game goes bad, that if i can enter to the game. please help me i dont know what to do
  2. rache i acept i will never talk again of that . please answer me

  3. It was a suggestion for the staff nothing more. but hey, the rats look happy.
  4. I'm talking to the owner of the circus not with the donkey
  5. and if i lose i dont care, is only a game for childs of 10 years old
  6. Do you tell me to acquire knowledge and wisdom and then take for granted that I am not competitive? . you contradict yourself alone. The fish dies by the mouth.
  7. i ll be waiting your whisper or mail. another thing, dont tell me what to do. you dont know me.
  8. lets duel LucasXCI is my nick maybe you play with 5 wall and you say you are competitive
  9. let's take away the little originality that is left to the game
  10. Ah good. let's reduce the stats to everyone then.
  11. How are you going to lower the attack on dugtrio? They are already shitting themselves in the original game too. This gives me a lot of anger. I hope they are not stupid and that they change it. that they put it back to the corresponding number, which is 100. But they are going to start losing many players. It's too much to be uber for a weeping gm they have on the staff.
  12. lucas1008

    sunny day

    last update they added weather effect being visible in battle.Water ice and sandstorm all look nice.Sunnyday does not show tho.Would be nice to add it too
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