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  1. CURRENTLY SELLING: Goodie Bag (2018) x28 Pumpking Goodie Bag (2018) x26 Xmas Present (2018) x5
  2. my sigs sometimes take time cuz there's this other thing called "real life" aka sometimes i cry about work and my sucky busy schedule depending on how demanding you are with the specific detail requests/how easy i find it to be/etc. i can do it the day you ask me, or i get anxious and avoid it for long periods of time cuz i want it to come out perfectly and don't have the time to do so sometimes i will say yes and then i forget pokemmo exists and thus neglect my "duties" BUT, u will NEVER get a signature if u pm me on discord calling me a uguu just a few weeks after we discussed how u want it done :-) if you need it by a specific timeframe or want to give a deadline feel free to do so and i'll most likely reject the request cuz one day i could be inspired but then other times i don't even check forums, let alone discord/pokemmo (there's no way to know what days im inspired!) soz if thats an inconvenience, mental health is a uguu (haha get it, cuz u called me a uguu) tldr never call me a b word thank also: you already got a theme from me in the past and from what i remember you were quite pleased with it. also: friends have absolutely zero priority. ask @awkways i'm still not done with his theme hehehehehhehe sometimes the more pressure i feel the more anxious & least inclined i am to finish something also, check urself also, u disrespecting the queen (aka me) also, this isn't my gotdang parttime job, i don't even play mmo no mo so the donations i receive are pre much just sitting there, so technically im doing this only cuz i like makin ppl happy also, you are paying virtual money for sum art. i'd (partially) understand calling someone out if you got scammed out of real money, but cmon... live a little. u didn't even pay me up front SO ADIOS ily booboo
  3. non-animated & animated. I hope you like it!
  4. tbh the only reason i did it was cuz i had it on my to-do list for a year and a half and my ocd wanted to clear my list <3 u tho
  5. @ZoruaChan woops didn't realize it was a name text sig you wanted until i was halfway done with this anyways have a normal sig, i'll get started on the name text one some other time
  6. with so many characters it's a bit hard to make it animated and still look good quality! and the image you linked is a bit low quality to work with. hope this is ok :) let me know if you want some changes, I know the art style is different from the og ranma 1/2 character design
  7. this is quite nice for not having made art in a while but don't put yourself down so much. everyone starts off somewhere, and this already seems pretty great to me. have faith in ur art little one, and keep practicing maybe try to also sometimes draw under happier circumstances, who knows what wonderful stuff you can make when ur happy and inspired <3
  8. nice these r dank can i have one Name: mayuyu Team Tag: SÄSS Favorite pokemon: vulpix Render (Optional): u choose Theme Colors: purplish/sunset colors Type of artwork: "My favorite partner". Additional information: my faves u made are the banette & aerodactyl ones they r dankkkkkkkkkkkkk animated pls thank you <3
  9. im gonna ask to delete all "make me sig for free" comments 2019 is a year where u all don't waste my time xox
  10. new sigs are 600 x 200 btw! double click image, uncheck "keep original aspect ratio" and change first number (width) to 600, second number (height) to 200
  11. bump, wanna buy any of the following: shiny skitty, wailord, dratini, bagon
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