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  1. my sigs sometimes take time cuz there's this other thing called "real life" aka sometimes i cry about work and my sucky busy schedule depending on how demanding you are with the specific detail requests/how easy i find it to be/etc. i can do it the day you ask me, or i get anxious and avoid it for long periods of time cuz i want it to come out perfectly and don't have the time to do so sometimes i will say yes and then i forget pokemmo exists and thus neglect my "duties" BUT, u will NEVER get a signature if u pm me on discord calling me a uguu just a few wee
  2. non-animated & animated. I hope you like it!
  3. tbh the only reason i did it was cuz i had it on my to-do list for a year and a half and my ocd wanted to clear my list <3 u tho
  4. @ZoruaChan woops didn't realize it was a name text sig you wanted until i was halfway done with this anyways have a normal sig, i'll get started on the name text one some other time
  5. with so many characters it's a bit hard to make it animated and still look good quality! and the image you linked is a bit low quality to work with. hope this is ok :) let me know if you want some changes, I know the art style is different from the og ranma 1/2 character design
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