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  1. i'm surprised this wasn't deleted yet bumpio
  2. please dont leave me like flava did, it is all too much

  3. tanks ur the best <3
  4. Thank you they're really great!! If you don't mind, could the background for the ampharos one be a kind of light blue like the same color as her forehead? :D I'll send you the money in a bit edit: meant to send this earlier but it didn't oops
  5. Damn these are nice!! - Template1 - Name: Mayuuuuu Team: SÄSS Render: Shiny mawile! Text color (optional): whatever looks pretty! Stain color (optional): something that fits with the colors Donation: 100k I'll give ya an extra 150 if you make me another one with shiny ampharos too!! <3
  6. u should make this your banner
  7. the 4th one is a naughty word (it's cokc)
  8. my name is mayuyu i got 20/40 ez pass where's my green card
  9. BUMP WTB Shiny Field Breeders (Good IVs): -Something with speed 31 -Something with at least 3x20+ BRED TEDDI!! WTS Vanities: Psychic Elfbot Outfit // Ocean Uniform
  10. what a silly monkey
  11. you rly boosted the saturation on that sig