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  1. Question Hidden Ability

    nono I mean, from what I understood, you could just breed the HA into lets say a 4x31 HA male, then breed on it. Truth be told, I'm also with that feeling and strongly doubt it.
  2. Question Hidden Ability

    from what DarkShade said in a old thread of mine, you can maaaaybe use a male breeder into a female comp aswell, they were still discussing it.
  3. Hello friends

    @Toupi so what you're saying is for them to re-create pokemmo into android/ios plataform, re-creating I mean, crossplataforming it between PC and android? But tell me, give me 2 good reasons from the marketing point of view for that to be a good decision, I'll give you 2 bad ones, counter argument them. 1) I never really read much about pokemon copyrights, but I'm pretty sure there's a reason why niantic is the only company with something on the playstore, meaning this would be a shady app nobody would find unless friends would advertise or you'd be a player on the computer version, since most likely it could not be placed in the store without nintendo killing it. 2) Takes some good man hours to make sure everything goes right, remove bugs from cross plataforming etc. How would this hours be rewarded? Do you believe they'd make more players by having an app outside of appstore? Do you believe they'd actually find a way to possibly advertise it safely? hours = money, if an idea has the possibility to bring a lot of money and is legal, hell, go for it, it's your idea. But this one? Pokemon? Big big risk.
  4. Hello friends

    @Toupi TL;DR it's not a necessity, more of a really smal QoL to make sure kids play it for hours on end, make sure the game gets popular enough that it might trigger more unwanted attention. They already have their hands full with Unova, and no matter what you say, no people are not playing mobile games other than casual games, like for example Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Summoners War, the biggest fiasco of the pokemon franchise Pokemon Go, this are casual games, not time demanding games, that's why they're played on a mobile plataform like android/ios.
  5. Hello friends

    to add to this, is actually fairly simple to go into android developing, if you have good knowledge of java. But there are a few things that completely makes this useless and not needed at all. 1) The game itself should remain computer and computer only, there's no need to downgrade into a lesser platform, when it's fully functional for years on pc. 2) Might trigger some DMCAs? Just a wild guess but it can happen I guess. 3) Android platform is horrendous to play in, even with a top notch tablet, it wouldn't gather much attention as it isn't a very known or official game.
  6. definitely not bad, ecks dee. But for real, his utility is something useful, but him overall isn't.
  7. +15 HP wont change that he's a potato wall ahah
  8. if we get PU meme maybe usable.
  9. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    You get cats, you're the cat lady from the simpsons, ponytas are for good players only
  10. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    The quote is from here. In September they said 2 months, so somewhere near 8th of November I'm guessing.
  11. Value Advice

    Shiny azumarill female Guessing 4m?
  12. Value Advice

    80-100k maybe? For sure 30m+
  13. Breedin' shop -> new godly genderless lf offers

    Thank you very much! ___ New genderless added, OU/UTs sale to clean storage, LF shinies!
  14. Floor1: What I'm looking for n dittos/vanity Floor2: What I'm selling Floor3: Breeding Requests Will make this more organized sometime later in the week. IGN: Razimove Few of my shinies(NFS): Buying Shinies: Blue shinies, no matter the tier. Gold shinies, no matter the tier. Purple shinies, no matter the tier. Mineral shiny breeders. Dittos: Ditto CALM 31/22/13/31/31/0 - LF offer -> perfect to make 4x31 pory2 - offer Vanity: Nutcracker hat Nutcracker Uniform Together 1M *sale*
  15. Genderless breeding service

    Heya Kriliin, crazy request but, can you make me a pory2 25+(preferably 29+ ahah)/x/31/31/31/31 without nature?
  16. Breedin' shop -> new godly genderless lf offers

    im on ^^ ___ Vanity updated!
  17. Mom's spaghetti (Shiny Tangela)

    Best of luck mate, selling an OT of a low tier and then looking back for it :\ It might have been bred by now. Since I'm looking for a tangela shiny, if I find the one with your OT, I'll PM you here.
  18. Value Advice

    1m+, might sell 1.5m I think considering bad IVs.
  19. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    jolteon dies to him, since hp ice is not stab. Espeon can 2hit him, but can't switch in safely. Fire types can switch in and 1hit him due to blaze, overheat blaziken, flamethrower typh, flamethrower zard, but those should not have to be an option. But the thing is, this is not the right point of view, he has counters, he can't switch into everything safely. And once you know he has a venusaur on the team, you can play accordingly to that.
  20. Breedin' shop -> new godly genderless lf offers

    Done, gonna be slightly afk tomorrow, busy day, but I should be able to log at night and be active.
  21. Mail many poke at once

    I'd even come as far as say it would be nice if we could mail directly from the box AND, retrieve from email all at once into a box. I'd be fine with 1-2k per pokemon in the mail.

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