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    quick question about TMs

    single use all.
  2. Weird one ahah, I'll start as soon as I recieve a confirmation payment, I'll try to have it done tomorrow, which is my day off work :) _____ Shop updated, new comps!
  3. So since I'm somewhat active again, I'm back into breeding, I still will only do budget breeding. Page 1: Breeds Page 2: Shop Page 3: Future lotteries Few rules: I require half of the payment before the breed, to make sure you're serious. Once that is achieved, your breed will be done in <24hours unless I'm really busy wth work Please keep in mind, I won't do happiness breeds, unless you provide me the berries. Template Pokemon: Gender: Egg moves*: Pokeball**: __ * if more than 2 egg moves, add 20k to the total value * *+250k if premier ball, blame GTL, not me. Prices*: 3x27+ 2x31 Natured - 400k 3x31 3x27 Natured - 650k __ *Add 63k to the breed if it's 2x31, 84k if it's 3x31, this only applies to +21k/gender pokemons.
  4. finished and sent, all 28+, sorry took a bit longer.
  5. redspawn

    Server full

    that much we already know, if I had to bet would be in the 10-20k online at once, somewhere in that range.
  6. redspawn

    Server full

    If you guys ever improve the server, mind giving us a record regarding how many users online at once?
  7. redspawn

    The bad parts of playing Pokemon

    Sorry to be that guy man, but I really don't think you'll have any luck, considering it would require devices to be jailbroken :(
  8. redspawn


    I see, yeah no thanks. I don't think you(OP) or anyone would like to be spammed by a million entities in Vermillion. This is Java, afterall.
  9. redspawn


  10. redspawn

    Value Advice

    It really doenst man :\ friend of mine @geniculata, not beign able to tag, tried for weeks to sell his, without luck.
  11. redspawn

    Proposed rework to the Shiny System.

    you're literally complaining about rare shiny odds. Thing is, they're rare for a reason, and the chinese community is showing you that even tho they're rare, they can still shake their market and create scars.
  12. redspawn

    Proposed rework to the Shiny System.

    right now you have the same odds as everyone. It's fair game. The same will be, if this gets implemented. Same odds.
  13. I'll do it tomorrow, need to finish leveling 8 pokemons for myself, then ready, should have it done at this hour tops tomorrow.
  14. redspawn

    Voice Chat System

    keep in mind, this would consume bandwitch non the less, and would eat more resources aswell. Also would be near impossible to moderate.
  15. redspawn

    Voice Chat System

    use discord or any service that provides you a voice chat, easy.
  16. redspawn

    Value Advice

    IV wise, maybe like 3m or so, that's a pretty ok breeder to start with.
  17. redspawn

    obedience level

    beat the game.
  18. Jolteon could be nice here, mixed dragonite aswell, thorn, scizor, not a huge fan of swampert/mantine/tentacruel in rain teams.
  19. I'm not the best, nowhere close even, but if you need help regarding anything, feel free to drop me a PM or something.
  20. redspawn

    Weeb Talk (Work In Progress)

    Baki is pretty cool, but the old school Baki was better imo.
  21. Yes and no. It's complicated, especially since they don't want to ban stuff into uber. Again, yes and no, legendaries alone offer their pressure in the metagame, which is nice, and provides a better metagame with more variety. HA's ofc also help with this problem, but they go hand in hand together imo. You dont need it to be unique, to add competition, but yeah, this game other than pvp has 0 competition, and would not make sense to only have 1 person holding the legendary. Not worth comparing to other MMOs, cause even a MMO like Tibia, has a lot more in depth than this game, heck, probably even vanilla minecraft has more to do. Also keep in mind, a legendary has a plendora of possible viable sets, that are used, and therefor, having more than 1 is needed. Thing is, in reality, pvp is really the only end game here for now, shiny hunting is just repeating the same action over and over again like a maniac.
  22. redspawn

    Proposed rework to the Shiny System.

    Yeah I get that, to give you an example, my last bred shiny. Problem of it being random, is that a breed like this would not have been possible, this was by abusing the current mechanics, and overall maybe I spent ~13-15m total on this one. If it was completely random, it would have been maybe a lot harder to get this IVs, due to no high rolls being guaranteed.
  23. redspawn

    Proposed rework to the Shiny System.

    Sadly, they're not, and people really need to open their eyes, for the value they're paying for a horde mon. Agree with you on everything but this. For someone who bred quite a few shinies, I enjoy the current system, saves you a ton of cash and you get a neat shiny to show your e-pen.
  24. Don't get me wrong, it kinda is, end game here is either shiny hunting or pvp, and legendaries are pretty needed to control stuff like conkeldurr. Even in the handhelds, one can have more than 1 legendary by trading. Lore is nice, but this game doens't really have a great lore, and has a lot of flaws, I understand the feeling of having something unique, but in a MMO environment, that isn't healthy, especially when one of our only options to control some of the biggest tier threats, is legendaries or HA pokemanz, lf regen amonguss/tangrowth. I don't have a source sadly, but I think Kyu or someone said that in the future the 'link' system might be more useful, so I'd be guessing this is what for.

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