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  1. Selling Shiny Voltorb and Shiny Magnezone

    1.5m blue ball to start
  2. Value Advice

    can't remember any monster egg group that need impish nature, so I'd say 100k based on 3x31.
  3. Staff and Ex-Staff Appreciation thread

    @Tranzmaster sucks
  4. No more rain

    there's different sweet scent spots, so just move to another, easy.
  5. Darkshade's Ludicolo Poaching

    But it wont ever be the same, the first hat has special meaning to them :(
  6. impish 27/30/28/x/30/19 on gtl 200k
  7. Decided to take a small break from breeding and competitive all together, so selling pokes, mostly are Doubles/UU/NUs, placed everything GTL since I'll be inactive for a few days Roserade is 31/x/31/31/31/x calm others aren't perfect, feel free to whisper/pm me about them, here or ingame: razimove. venusaur sold heracross sold ferrothorn sold foongus sold bronzong sold
  8. Darkshade's Ludicolo Poaching

    did you know that slowpoke tail is a delicacy in the pokemon series?
  9. that's a bronzor ahah, sold tho
  10. which cryogonal? o.o pelipper is 27/x/30/28/29/27 bold
  11. A way to Reverse an evolution

    rebreed, easy. Next time, pay attention or place in daycare.
  12. Pruisuit Breeding [HELP]

    how is this competitive assiStance Kizhaz? best way to get pursuit on larvitar is through treecko, and best way to get egg moves, is early on, not late in the breeding, this being said, you'll waste a nice amount just to get pursuit now. Also please do not make a 31/31/31/x/<10/31 tyranitar. That's wasting his sp.def potential with sand stream, do it properly and 5x31 it.
  13. it's on gtl 400k, trick room doubles torkoal. edit: torkoal 29/x/30/31/30/12 quiet doubles TR set 400k GTL snorlax 29/31/29/x/28/7 brave doubles TR set 300k GTL Sorry when I saw this, I was working so didn't read properly ahah
  14. A RacheLucario Appreciation Thread

    Rachel made everything or just made it into a sig? Either way that's quite good, pretty impressed!
  15. Provide us a way to completely block a user

    I like you, I pm'ed you so many times, a whole wooping zero times, but thanks for the bump.
  16. So right now, the best we can do is hide his comments, but not his threads, how about you give us an option that completely hides everything? This would help to clean the spam, and avoid obnoxious people slightly better.
  17. Vanity Item Suggestions

    @Darkshade thank you o/.
  18. PokeMMO Community Survey Results

    I got an advice to you all, just ignore him. He's looking for attention anywhere he can get it, plus he's not even good at that.
  19. 'Casual mode'

    oh uh, I can't faceroll the game anymore, mimimi. The game is doable, I made 2 alts through Unova without using GTL, trading or mailing myself pokemons.
  20. Account Security???

    It can be an error and it can also not be an error, depends on a few variables, like for example, are you using static IP, idk if it's client side or server side that they store some of the data, so, have you reinstalled pokemmo recently? There's a few more scenarios probably that I can't think of, @Kyu is probably the best person to answer you I guess. About ''trusting'', it's not about who you trust, you can trust no one, but just the fact that you interact with certain people will give them enough information, it's impossible to be 100% secure anyway, but if this methods helps being a tiny bit more secure, it's well worth having. Also, leaks happen, and there's nothing you cna do about that, this kinda prevents to a certain extent people abusing leaks. __ Also, about it being annoying, just store the email on your smartphone, and just open through your smartphone, it's fast and way less annoying, if you aren't used to having your email open.
  21. 'Casual mode'

    No, as long as the game satisfies 90%+ of the community the game is fine. Plus you can't make everyone like you, or your product. And no, they're not here to sugarcane their product, they provide a product, you like it, you find it engaging, you use it, else, move on. The game is still striving through all this years for a reason. Also obviously what makes people stick around is the competitive scene, guess what, you're playing a PvP game past storyline which is a short story. It's not like Guild wars 2, runescape or some other with a great story, that follows the character development.

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