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  1. Lower the berry powder costs for pp ups

    Amazing how I made ~40 comps, and didn't have to farm a month for it. And in the meantime managed to keep my economy stable, not losing cash. I wish this was a thing. Give us more stuff worth our BP.
  2. New System of Ribbons In The Trainer Card

    Speaking of pvp ranking, how about a soft ladder reset? Some people don't even deserve the position they have, they just abuse the ranking system, 900 games to get to top100 lel
  3. New System of Ribbons In The Trainer Card

    I kind of wish Ribbons had more meaning than they have currently, due to how easy you get them, so if this incentivates them to also use ribbons are rewards for challenges, etc, that would be a good idea. I however do not want people to be able to view my profile, my party, my bp, and my cash, if that remains hidden, sure, pretty decent idea, otherwise no thanks.
  4. Value Advice

    Sold one for ~5.5m as piloswine few months back, so 5-6m it should sell. Can't give a accurate value.
  5. So for sale: OU Gyarados 29/31/28/x/27/31 Jolly Ice Fang/DD/crunch/waterfall offer Chansey 31/x/31/x/31/16 Careful Wish/heal bell/toxic/seimic offer Starmie 30/x/25/31/30/31 Modest Scald/Tbolt/IceBeam/Psychic 1.55m GTL UU Pory-Z 27/x/28/26/30/30 Modest HP fight UT moveset - 455k GTL Bronzor 25/30/30/x/30/1 Sassy offer NU DITTOS Ask and I might have, to many to write here.
  6. changes in the stats

    How about going in the game and finding this by yourself? But yes they are.
  7. effectiveness visible in moveset

    Any chance we can see a disable option for this? At least for pvp? Ok that this helps newer players, but idk, my OCD really dislikes it.
  8. As you guys probably know, a good amount of moves is not currently working. That would be fine, but some that won't be used anywhere are working, while the ones that are needed for competitive reasons aren't. My suggestion is that you guys change priorities, I know you guys are prioritizing economy right now, I'd honestly deal with that later when things are more stable. I'd prioritize few moves, i.e. Wide Guard, Quick Guard, Draco Meteor(Not really needed, I guess, but nice to have.), me first. This would make pvp a more healthy environment, over what we currently have, especially for doubles.
  9. They should have thought about that years ago. Not now when people are with 100m+ easily by doing little, unless they invent a really worthwhile money sink. Which is definitely not the crafting system as it offers nothing new to old players, only screws newer players.
  10. Stacks of seeds and berries

    I'd like to see this happen even to stuff like pokeballs and everstones. And also, please make it so the max number of berries isn't a Small int, aka 32,767. Sucks when the berries go negative after 32767.
  11. Completely depends of who you want to pair him with, EQ is most likely never a bad choice cause it hits a lot of things neutrally. Superpower/brick break would sort of help with ferrothorn and ttar plus would hit hydreigon really well, but aqua tail would help with hippo. It's directly dependant of whatever you have on the team besides him I think. I'd go superpower instead of brickbreak
  12. All of mine were dropped by using either a teddiursa or a linoone with pickup while killing hordes in random places I think. But where I see them the most is at i7 hordes I think? Not 100% sure.
  13. 59 Comps for sale (all UU&NU + metagross)

    is there any B/O on this? If not, please counter offer if needed me as I'm not sure at all. 450k
  14. OU Viability Thread

    Mostly to kill curiosity, but why is it?
  15. OU Viability Thread

    I disagree, been testing him out a lot lately, mostly a sucker punch reversal one, and it works like a charm. I agree with Orange here. Question to the thread, dunno how ridiculous this might sound, but how about Kings Rock Cloyster for the flinch chance with skill link? Didn't confirm how if the proc would be a chance per hit like criticals or not, but I'm guessing it is.
  16. I find that an excuse honestly, I used to be like that honestly, I couldn't even focus on my studies, but with some effort, here I am. Also, how can you fail breeding, like honestly, you only do 1 task at a time, and isn't even a fast or one that requires a ton of repetition. From time to time I do forget if I want male or female if I have 2 eggs, you know what I do? I wait for one to hatch before taking the next. It's that easy. But yes, some organization will definitely improve breeding for those who get distracted easily. Just write what you'll do, or go through steps at a time in a notepad.
  17. RP item for BERRY farmer

    tedious? Takes few mins to plant, I used to do it on few alts pre-unova. End game content? That's either shinies or PvP, depending on your goals. 1 of which is tied to leppas, which you can grow your own. Sorry that it's such a big problem to you, but like @KaynineXL said, who's forcing you to do strickly that? Don't like it? Grind something else and buy them from GTL. It's not like their that expensive in either case.
  18. I'd advice you on opening notepad, and start writing what you'll do, make a plan before you get into the action, that way you most likely won't forget what you're doing. But yes I can see this being somewhat useful from time to time.
  19. Prankster Ability

    I love how you guys prioritize Hidden Abilities we dont have access to, over the ones we could have use for in competitive. Way to go dev team!
  20. Any Tips for a New-ish Player?

    The name of the shiny should be, lets say a ratatta, while a normal will only have RATATTA on the same, a shiny will have SHINY RATATTA.
  21. Any Tips for a New-ish Player?

    Don't sell shinies to noob scammers who'll low ball you so they make huge profit. Probably best tip I can give you as a lot of newer players fall for this and regret after.
  22. effectiveness visible in moveset

    Sorry that I went through story when I was 8 years old the good old blue/red, not knowing english and never having played pokemon before. I might be the next Einstein.
  23. RP item for BERRY farmer

    Nobody forces you to berry farm, that's only a part of the game. If you can't due to work or stuff, just don't. It's that easy. It's been like this forever and was never a problem.

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