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  1. Illegal to Stream...?

    well, you're dong it because you want to, not because you were asked to.
  2. WTS Few Comps/UTs

    sadly sold both already :( but a friend of mine @geniculata might have a excadrill for sale, if you don't mind, try to contact him ^^
  3. WTS Few Comps/UTs

    mienshao, chandelure and ttar sold, I'll mail about the others
  4. Sinnoh

    Dude is it to hard to use the search bar? There's countless of threads asking this very same question. To answer you short, yes, maybe, those are future plans, not even in development from the little we know. will it be done sometime soon? No.
  5. WTS Few Comps/UTs

  6. WTS Few Comps/UTs

    sent pm with everything
  7. WTS Few Comps/UTs

    gonna mail you the info
  8. Value Advice

    what nature is it? If it's modest/timid, having 30 speed really devalues the eevee.
  9. WTS Few Comps/UTs

    Soooo I'm pretty close to a personal milestone and decided to sell everything I had 2 or more of, and here it is. If possible try to contact me ingame, razimove, about details + pricing.
  10. I'll donate a 5x31 comp to the winner, from their draft group.
  11. how to stop mienshao

    hp ice is problematic. Best way would most likely be either reuniclus or ghost types Hippo deals with him, somewhat well if he doens't carry grass knot.
  12. So is this a confirmation, that indeed we won't be able to change the HA of shinies and current comps, without having to waste a fortune again? Last I heard (probably less than 10 days ago, from Kyu, is that this was a proccess that was still in discussion.) Can you or @Kyu confirm please? Don't want to hijack the thread for other subjects, but before doing that, if you guys really want to go ahead with your planning, you should provide us, the guys who actually play the game, a way to farm cash, 100k/hour( and this is actually pretty hard to accomplish as average) isn't good nor healthy for us, the community in consideration to how expensive a single 5x31 is. ____ Back to the thread, swift swim is working and so is sand rush, changing the meta is healthy to the game, and keeps the game 'alive'. Also, I'm pretty sure stuff like Snow Cloak is or should be working, as I believe sand veil is currently working in pvp(?).
  13. ­~ Zenor's EVing Service ~

    Great service, very reliable and fast!
  14. What are the best guides?

    Is it really a necessity? But for the guys, I believe the find every move, egg hatching time(still relevant even without unova eggs), breeding guide, pickup guide are probably the most used ones.
  15. How can I fix the bug?

    Try to download the roms again. And also, this is black and white, not black and white 2, so black and white 2 roms wont work.

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