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  1. Small suggestions towards new update

    No, what I'm saying is, if someone never experienced or does not understand the difference in value of a5x31 vs a 4x31 and why I and many were saying what we were, it's literally because they never made 5x31, atm I'm not much into 5x31, got maybe 30 OUs 5x31 left only, and I just go for 2x31 3x27+ and they get the job done, but still those 5x31 is 30m, I think probably 80% of them are female. I'm not devaluing someone for using 4x31, like I said, I'm using worst atm. But for someone to say they don't mind, and then instead of showing that they are on the same step of us active players, they show they don't care about the game, visit once in a blue moon and use 4x31 at best? Mate.. nothing against, but that makes their opinion less valid than the one from someone who plays daily with perfect comps.
  2. Small suggestions towards new update

    well a 4x31 costs you 400k to make, while a 5x31 costs you 1m, hidden powers are easy to breed if youm ake perfect breeds aswell, so what's the big deal there. Someone who didn't place 1m in a single comp, has no idea of their value or the amount that goes into each of the comps to re-breed them.
  3. New Offical Metas/Tiers

    It will be chaos and that's healthy to the game, eventually things will fall into place. Just make sure you actually go and read about their checks, and who in the tier can work as one to a certain pokemon. A good example being Staraptor, check what can deal well with him, other than skarmory for example.
  4. Small suggestions towards new update

    Then if you dont even play or only made 4x31, and never 5x31 or 6x31s, your opinion loses meaning, doens't it? But either way, this question is out of the way and I'd like this to be closed if you can @Darkshade, thank you and sorry to be an ass.
  5. Close the thread please

    Not to burst your bubble, it's worth nowhere near what you ask. Nor would anyone pay 5m for a ticket. Dittos with no ivs work just as well, to get female on high tier shinies, and then their breeders are usually cheap after 3m-4m per 1x31. I'd advice you to lower your dreams to 1/6 to start the bidding, out of what the S/O currently is and you might get lucky. Either way, congrats, insane luck right there mate. edit: not gonna spam your thread so I'll reply to your answer here. But yes they do low IV shiny ditto are actually viable most times. Especially because shiny breeding works differently from normal breeding :)
  6. Raederz : Ev Train Service and Shinies

    Took like maybe 2 to 3 hours to do my EVs, pretty fast, recommended.
  7. Small suggestions towards new update

    I kind of wish you'd have said this a little more early on more detailed like now to not confuse me ahah, and we'd avoid this kind of threads. This pretty much gets the answer we need. For example, this being a good example as it isn't a super broken hidden ability, alakazam magic guard(correct me if I butched the ability name), an ability that is pretty useful, and actually really fun to use if done correctly. Taking this example, those with females would be able to breed a male with the HA, catched in the dungeon with no ivs for example, but bred into a 5x30-31 male to then breed with the alakazam from 1 year ago. This would be the most viable way, like Tyrone said somewhere in the thread, need to do some digging. Pretty much what you said in the latter sentence made this more clear and not as linear as you led me to believe in the Xatu thread. Thank you.
  8. Small suggestions towards new update

    But how does gender make it less or more valid? Like why can't you just catch the pokemon in the dungeon, breed him to 5x31 natureless, make him male, and rebreed into the comp you already bring problems towards the general game? I don't see a valid reason behind it, they would still be locked in the dungeon and would be used to either breed from scratch or just rebreed what you have. This ensures people don't get angry, and it's a fair system to everyone.
  9. Small suggestions towards new update

    ''Very likely species where the mother fits only'' <-- this was what you said and what led me to believe you mean only females will be able to carry on the hidden ability. That's what I find dumb. The hidden ability should be carried by both male and female and overlap the other ability on ANY given situation, this way people can just rebreed their female comps, and not have to either resell them to newbies who just want some comps to try unranked, or release them cause it's easier to breed from scratch than to alter a 5x31 female into male to breed it back.
  10. Small suggestions towards new update

    Exactly, what I was proposing is the way to obtain them, by saying you guys bring more harm than good, is not by placing them into the game, is the way they implement, if you have to breed everything from scratch is just dumb and litterally shows that Kyu and the team, doenst take neough time to play their own game. That's what I meant. Tyrone solution is perfect and would make it very viable to implement that way for example.
  11. Small suggestions towards new update

    what the fuck? This was completely unnecessary and has nothing to do with this lmao. So please, explain me the new mechanics that never existed in pokemon and we don't know about, from HA, to gen5 movesets tell me. To clarify what I mean, we already know something like regen slowbro is insanely strong or boost blaziken is uber worthy, but that doens't mean shit to what we're discussing here atm.
  12. Small suggestions towards new update

    grind is not exactly true, I probably have more yen than most in pure, and most of it was done reselling stuff in GTL, no grind, pretty afk, so griding is optimal. What I don't like is that you guys are defending something that will clearly bring more harm than good. Tyrone suggestion was the best balanced way to deal with it. That way even female comps would be ok to rebreed, but then again genderless would be screwed. What about those like me who own/owned with 5x31/6x31 genderless for example, like the pory2 I had, which is modest so would become an awesome poryz but it has trace? Overall the legendary dungeon ''catch event'' let's put it in this words as it's just a mini game, is really bad and will hurt most players, if not all players. Solutions were given, and I'm sure there are even more viable solutions, but man, the ''games have to progress" excuse, is a really bad one, no developer should screws players over, much less on a game that is already on his last dying breath.
  13. Small suggestions towards new update

    no, you're the one trying to find excuses saying it a mmo, it has to progress like expansions in wow blablabla.. dude, get real.
  14. 440k fearow, others offer like told, please.
  15. Small suggestions towards new update

    But there are multiple rooms of poker, all playing for the same objective. This is exactly the description he gave me. So by what you're telling me then, a game like let's say League of Legends is a mmo, because millions play weekly, on the same map, all online and interacting with each other? MMORPG means MASSIVE online multiplayer role playing game. Thing is, in pokemon you have no roles. Massive? What is massive in having 100 online, when half of them are afk? Yeah buddy, don't compare this to a mmo, some things that mmos like GW2, runescape, WoW, fotm mmos, can do, pokemmo can't afford to do, and one of those things is going against the tide. Also DarkShade, yes mmos currently are more about lore than anything else, especially when people refer to WoW. Don't bullshit me on that, and we both know that deep down this has no lore besides the story mode, which is not even original to this. So no, this is no mmo. This is mostly a firered/emerald platform that allows you to cooperate with multiple players at once and engage in trading and competition, nothing else. So cut the story line, cut the PVE cause there isn't any. Cut the economy because economy is broken af atm and running alts through hoenn makes you more money than actually playing the game. There is no sense of accomplishment besides in shiny hunting since the game is heavily RNG based which ruins the competitive a lot sometimes.

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