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  1. You can't place pokemons in a master ball from breeding sadly.
  2. redspawn

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    Don't think it shows in pokemmo, but I'll make sure to test once I get some free time.
  3. redspawn

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    If it was a gengar instead of haunter and lvl 56 instead of 52, then it's a different story. https://gyazo.com/cc1b59fbf73dc543068825bece2ba638
  4. redspawn

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    And are you sure your Zam, has +speed nature, and had 142 EVs invested? That would even outspeed a 252 timid gengar. Considering 52 vs 56.
  5. redspawn

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    exactly. But he really can't. And no the pokemons aren't boosted. I've done 4 alt runs after the nerf, all stats match the normal stats a pokemon would have. This is unless, he didn't have the '142 EVs' he claim, nor the +speed nature. Cause well, this is lowering a lot, and giving neutral nature. https://gyazo.com/b706520cc41e1092f75c4d5456d5f61b
  6. redspawn

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    Who complains about me? Just curious. But hey look, I'll use a simple tool for you. https://gyazo.com/c4905146662734076a97daa679e9eb5a Here, see? :) Haunter with scarf vs your alakazam. I would love to see the EVs of your alakazam tho, as I bet it's not even 252 speed :)
  7. redspawn

    stats boost

    @Darkshade may I ask, no way this is one of the things on the to-do list? Would be pretty helpful.
  8. redspawn

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    they were not boosted, and until proven, you're a liar. And ofc it's possible to proof, just re-create the exact same conditions, what's so hard about it? Also, the correct term, would be sweeper, not finisher.
  9. redspawn

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    what is DV and EV? Can you explain to me? I only know of IV/EV, and EV can go up to 252 in a stat, to a maximum of 510 per mon. What is also a finisher? This isn't WWE, John Cena can see you here. Also, I don't believe an haunter non scarfed with less levels outsped your alakazam, give me video proof and I'll believe. And on the same video, please show me IVs, nature, EVs of alakazam. No the stats aren't boosted. Yes the pokemons will be holding competitive items.
  10. redspawn

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    You got me confused ahah. But yeah imo team preview is a huge upgrade and something this game needed for a long time.
  11. redspawn

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    Should not be. At least not for tournaments, or any pvp related event. Same applies to matchmaking and ranked MM. Team preview makes the game a lot less 'random' per say and a lot more enjoyable. Those who say hurr durr it ruins the surprise, well, it does, that's the whole point.
  12. redspawn

    Re-balancing of Early Rivals & Gyms

    May I ask which team did she have? Just curious. The game is 100% set here. Rival is pretty easy to do and I'm surprised this is about rival and not gyms lmao. tl;dr; git gud.
  13. Why not give a shiny with it? There's more effort in this, than in those catch events.
  14. redspawn

    Smokeball consumable?

    No you're just dumb enough that you do not understand simple logic, and we are indeed stupid for even trying to make you understand. Pokedolls is a consumable aswell, being held or not doens't matter. You wnat to flee, not to stay and battle, so the held item does not matter. Either way I'm out, this is literally beating a dead horse.
  15. redspawn

    Smokeball consumable?

    You see, people don't care, that's exactly the point. They don't have to care, if they want to consume they have to pay. The developers are the ones that have to care. And if everyone wastes 10k in repels daily, in the long run, that's a lot. Pokedolls is dead content just as smokeball is since, well, they're the same item, just one is equipped and the other isnt. But since the idea is to run away, does that even matter? No, smokeballs and repels aren't the same. Can be used for the same, but repel will remain optimal for that and has other uses. Biggest repel use there is, is for shiny hunting, you can find more info about that in a couple guides, in the guide section of this forum.

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