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  1. not a problem, that one is a pain to breed, I won't charge extra ahah but that's 3x31 2x25 I'm charging 500k.
  2. @[email protected]@Lazaro23 might take slightly more time as I'm trying to figure a good way to capture them without them suiciding with double edge, or them killing my smeargle after 2/3. will start it in 4-5 hours as I'm trying to find the proper way to catch them.
  3. Value Advice

    2x30 is cheap to make, and it has a 21 which makes the value drop, modest is not very expensive if you don't overpay for the dittos. for 1m you can find better ones, I can give you names of people who can breed you, although I think we shouldn't discuss that in this thread.
  4. Value Advice

    Considering it has a good nature and 2x31 + decente sp.def and def, I'd value at 8-10m. Although it's flying egg type and there isn't many who can use sp.atk, so it might take a bit to sell.
  5. Dev & Staff Appreciation Thread

    Not gonna lie, I speak/spoke a bunch of thrash, but the update looks pretty good, still hoping they switch some details here and there but definitely worth playing in it. Thanks. Also, thank god for what you guys did to GTL filters, they look so damn nice now.
  6. How do i get a Zorua?

    Will it ever be released?
  7. paid 500k for it, so was hoping for 500k on it x)
  8. @Perreh 2x31 4x0, 2x31 4x25, or 2x31 4xrandom? o.o
  9. added to Queue. _____ Will do some pokemons for a few friends after Dugzey request, so might take some more time, maybe will take weekend to finish all breeds then monday/tuesday shall do more!
  10. Will start this from top to bottom, should start tomorrow afternoon in about 12 hours, as I'm about to hit bed in a hour or two.
  11. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    personal opinion, you did the right thing imo, looks sick, grats!
  12. no they won't, git gud at flipping. Just give it some time guys, like Kyu said, this patch isn't final and they're still fixing a bunch of stuff, so why not just wait a bit instead of raging the first day the patch goes live?
  13. Air Balloon

    Ohh I see, alright, thanks.
  14. Air Balloon


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