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  1. I used to make 1.5-2mil/day when I actively played, without ever playing more than 1-2 hours per day just gtl flipping, but requires a substancial amount of yen to get started. into
  2. from those, is probably the only one I felt it was kinda alright in gen3 randbats meta, maybe it's just me but his cleric set doens't feel half bad honestly
  3. There has to be more hazard removal sets, I had both a starmie and a weezing, and neither had removal sets.
  4. I legit wonder how do people claim OU or any other tier is a stall fest, if they legit think that they likely never played the game. I'm pretty neutral about it existing, don't see a reason for it to be a thing, but it's not a bad thing either. Regarding rewards, granted it's less effort to partake it in, the rewards are also lesser, as a way to possibly incentivize people into playing the normal tiers or formats, although this will not ever work, as the rewards on those tiers and formats are really bad by default.
  5. dunno if you noticed, but this area isn't for this sort of suggestions. Anyway, just pick wtv you find fun, it's not that hard
  6. on non pokemmo tiers, is usually due to his ability that doens't promote a healthy metagame due to lack of counters. lol yes, when the opponent sacrifices some pokemon to safely bring him and revenge kill you, you're so careful damn. check pokedex, should answer you. usages, lack of people showcasing his potential, and a half dead tier council that still have weight on the decisions.
  7. And you can already do it, imagine wasting time and resources to add a region where people play for 3 hours and are done with, as it adds nothing new, we already have access to every gen2 pokemon. When they could be adding the original content we been promised years ago.
  8. "long time" Since april lmfao
  9. Do you really expect people to answer you in a 15 minutes time frame? Personally I'd say its worth trying if you want to play the newer regions, if itd worth it or not? Login and see for yourself lol
  10. Imagine trying to control a free market.
  11. technically none, since we have gen8 mechanics, gen5 pokemons, some moves complex banned, some base stats nerfed to gen5, others updated to gen8, gen8 learnsets etc
  12. what other regions, only kanto matters
  13. Hidden Abilities are the Half Life 3 of pokemmo, they say they are working on them, but it's all but a meme
  14. for what? Does that prove anything? Just that you, Zebra, Tyrone and some others who had the decency of calling it quits, don't play actively, 2018 is your last HoF entry, and since then I have you on my alt's FL which actually has some HoF entries, you're not that active aswell, yet you can argue that you played in this meta and can hold your ground on arguments, but can they? They are completely out of the game and this meta, especially on lower tiers which is what's being discussed rn.
  15. imagine this being your only argument kek
  16. TC will always be a meme when there's dead members in it. With that said I don't understand how you guys fail to see uber caracteristics in some pokemons, such as the refered above, but I also remember some dev, prob Kyu (?)some years ago on Unova's release, saying they don't want ever to put things in uber again as it would affect PvE people aswell or something like this.
  17. the economy rn is also a complete disaster, so I'd say it would be pretty ok tbf
  18. Once again, usages has nothing to do with what people told you about lucario. When are you coming out and telling us you're just a troll account for clowning around?
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