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  1. I've seen walls able to hold a convo better than that guy zymo, just ignore him at this point.
  2. to add to this, be patient, you might have to wait some more days before getting an answer.
  3. please go to bulbapedia, and link me any starter location, thanks!
  4. Yes probably on the hundred, the amount of threads in this regard. But when?
  5. Stalking isnt healthy, find a new hobby.
  6. he's a special kind of bad. It's not everyday you lose to a wild garbodor
  7. head to the support request area mate.
  8. it was not the android. They were here already pre-android FYI. It's not. It's to implement solutions that fit a larger population. The server was not prepared for a population this big to join, therefor the impact it had on everything, devs just need to be devs, and not potatoes for once. You don't know the definition of this word. Hao is one of the oldest chinese players in existence that I know of, older than him, only Qiuxin but he barely logs nowadays, and if him, from the chinese community is complaining, it means it's an issue for everyone.
  9. What if you just play the game, beat the game and tadam no more caps?
  10. Hey its less 5 minutes they could place working for the dungeons we were promised years ago, why are you like that luke smh toxic
  11. Ever heard of notepad or if you want a proper tool, excel or google sheets? Damagecalc? And most of those you get from experience either way, the comp been striving for around 6 years and there was never this necessity, the chinese joined the game last year, and there's chinese that are pretty ok in the comp scene, if you really need another example, and thanks for the google laugh pikachumon.
  12. see there, where it says name? To add to what munya said.
  13. Due to the sheer amount of requests I got in the last 3 days, I need to take a break from this to fill them, so please avoid sending me more requests for at least 4 to 5 days, as I will take a while to finish what I currently have ordered ^^
  14. no I wont, it's perfect IVs lvl 50, 30 or 31 speed doens't matter, if you dont invest into it, 21k gender aswell.
  15. breeding* and braces, there's plenty of tutorials, both on youtube and on this forum guide section if you care to give it a look.
  16. You could open GTL and check for yourself, it's the only blastoise bold in there, and yes it is ^^
  17. bump added some doubles/UU comps in GTL, also, still have 7 breeds to finish, so next orders I'll take a bit of time
  18. Although would mean you had to place some actual effort, wouldn't it be better if you worked as a middle man? Meaning, for a bet to be confirmed, both parties would have to mail you the cash, and you just mail back the winner of the bet once they contact you?
  19. starmie my dude, use starmie (teach it tbolt and ice beam) and haxorus, krook is also a neat option. It's not their fault, they never said it was 100% loyal to the handhelds. it wouldn't. Game is easy enough as it is, you're just not doing this properly, but follow my advice above, it will help you a lot on pretty much all story lines.
  20. IGN:razimove Timezone:UTC+1 Tiers:OU, NU Something else to farm likes: yes
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