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  1. If you are perma banned, you won't recover it, simple. Take it as a lesson and either start fresh, if they allow you, or just move on.
  2. I wish this wasn't a thing tbh, just let vanity stack
  3. people just use alts or well try to find people to grind with through some media, discord, game wtv. And they can all learn together, it's legit not rocket science any of the events we had so far. edit: I feel like the biggest problem of this community, is that they create problems instead of solutions.
  4. information is something that is publicly available, and shared within teams, not really something that private. And even if a few days have passed, he still can make quite a few mil to set himself ahead. Ofc them will not profit as much as me, or any active player from 2013 likely since we have the resources to just mass hoard vanity and avoid even playing the event. I also dont think the leaderboard closes circles of communication, in fact I think it increases them, since there will be more people trying new stuff with friends, more people discussing what can be improved, min maxed etc. Sure maybe it wont be discussed over a public chat, but you forget there's mega teams, iirc Chinese have that team Tree [Lo] or something, that has like 5-6 other team branches for example, there's giant teams like Lava (prob wrong example, not really familiar with much game activities rn) etc. The game kinda motivates forces you to want to have a team one way or another even if they're really not something of great value in this mmo, aside from the community it generates.
  5. Its all opensource https://github.com/smogon/pokemon-showdown
  6. what? lmfao was all I read, this is way to cringe. lmfao
  7. Actually it did have some, plus its not a 3 hours region. Do you really need me to answer this one or can you figure it yourself? Asking for a friend it has no storyline almost do people even do BF? Since it was introduced it's been a, go there if you want to have a record in the listings and never enter again. Ah wait I'm lying, I go there if I have BP to sell. Sorry this just showcases my earlier comment, on how clueless you are. TL;DR; for a very very casual person, johto is the way to go, afterall that's all they ever done, play storylines (which guess what, you can do on any emulator), for anyone that played a tiny bit more than the 20 hours of storyline, there's a whole different perspective.
  8. I mean, they didn't copy anything that wasn't an open source, there's no I.P. theft here. The problem is what you mentioned earlier, 0 effort so even pve people get into it compared to tiers or formats that require you to invest some decently big amount of time into. The game could really new content, but at this point, that lays on the chinese community hands since you guys account for most of the population and they really don't care enough for the lesser population.
  9. Ye totally bro, damn people want johto so much omg 3 hours region, no new content, no new pokemons, not even any pve activity for pve people. There's better content that the game actually needs and was promised to us since 2014.
  10. not really no, only clueless people really care for johto.
  11. before that, the ETA was soemthing like 4 months after Unova introduction :^)
  12. you dont want perfect IVs if you mean 6x31, just 5x31 in the stats you use, granted kingdra is mostly a sp.atk user, you dont need atk IV (in fact you should aim for the lowest attack value possible to lessen the damage on foul play and confusion hits) with that said, you can filter on GTL to figure the prices of comp pokemons, 5x31 generally unless they're ditto bred or maybe genderless dont go above 1mil.
  13. I still remember wasting my first 60mil on a shiny k9 back in like 2013, paid fully in lucky eggs. Yes you can't obtain them anymore. And goddamn I remember like 90% of the people in this thread. Nowadays is just randoms
  14. glad to see the community actually trying to help him instead of scamming, kudos to you, that's good progress.
  15. If you need help with anything, let me know
  16. Would be fun to develop some sort of MMO VGC there aswell
  17. damn, took you 2 months to execute such strategy, congrats.
  18. paging @Rache and @Darkshade
  19. I'm just glad not even with that kid asking the spanish community did he get to be on small council lmao, but the downside is, no kyu comps this year, oh noes 😞
  20. That's simply not how an auction goes, if the auction winner doesn't get it, it goes to the 2nd winner and so on, without a proper moderation team behind this, it will never work and it's easy enough to fake inflate.
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