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  1. razimove

    Ironman Mode

    Search for this: Oldschool Runescape Iron Man, check their 'rules' and then if you have the time, check a video of someone starting one, you'll understand what Zymo means, it's not a separated server, just a different type of character, that is unable to interact with others, it's like you're playing offline mode, except with access to competitive, shiny hunting, chatting with the community blablabla
  2. razimove

    Android searching pokes in PC

    Yes, I reported this months ago, literally months ago, and still wasn't fixed, something this simple.
  3. razimove

    Ironman Mode

    in runescape however, the mode has a lot of limitation, and the game itself has a ton of content to keep it from going boring(I can only speak for OSRS, as I never played rs3). Here sadly we don't have that much content.
  4. razimove

    Ditto breeding

    what's next? Remove egg groups so everyone can breed with each other?
  5. razimove

    How to breed Swampert with Avalanche?

    its called egg moves.
  6. razimove

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    4F CM when? I really don't understand the need to ask the same question thousands of time, obtaining an answer, in this case, a very detailed answer, and still question it again.
  7. razimove

    Basic GTL observations over 3 months

    lol man, you only checked for items that are always unstable, never wth a fixed value. Check limiteds, shinies, premier balls, the sort of stuff that matters, not those that one day are 300k, the next 240, the other 320. Also, there's a lot more than just a price tag when it comes to shinies, nature, gender, and ivs influence the value, so that information you placed is also very inaccurate. And an hydreigon 5x31 natured is still worth the same, around 1m. Not more, not less, as every 5x31 is almost, babies and 21k/genders aside.
  8. razimove

    hidden abilities

    if 5x31 male, you'll need to make another 4x31 natured or 5x31 without nature to use it, it's a waste of cash :\
  9. razimove

    hidden abilities

    only if female, else is straight to the trash bin. On a serious note tho, quagsire is pretty legit even without HA, I use him even in OU from time to time.
  10. razimove

    MMO NU Teambuilding Compendium

    honchkrow can double as a mixed mon too, a lot more niche, but can work.
  11. razimove

    hidden abilities

  12. razimove

    Pvp double battles.

    And do you really believe you'll find double battles, considering the tier is a bit more niche than UU/NU?
  13. razimove

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    smh mike, no shiny umbreon. Grats!
  14. razimove

    Weather Turn Counter

    You also don't need sprites, fancy moves, anything, a console, with plain text, would be enough for a competitive battle, yet we have what we have. Although it's not hard, there's no downside to this suggestion, and it would help, not in the sense that is gamechanging, but as a QoL feature, is pretty nice.
  15. razimove

    Dear competitive community, help me decide

    Both things would be fine, but I personally think, it's more productive to save it for a future big event like this one, I believe having a 100m+ prizepool is already big enough of a incentive for everyone, no need for more.

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