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  1. I'm just glad not even with that kid asking the spanish community did he get to be on small council lmao, but the downside is, no kyu comps this year, oh noes 😞
  2. That's simply not how an auction goes, if the auction winner doesn't get it, it goes to the 2nd winner and so on, without a proper moderation team behind this, it will never work and it's easy enough to fake inflate.
  3. I'm a bit against people bailing themselves out. At that point I feel like you should just flatline a value (maybe relevant to how recent they were banned, the more recent it was, the higher it is) for them to be allowed back in the player pool. Not only would this force those players to make an act of good faith by using their own pocket to pay, but would also add up to the donation pool largely I guess. So much drama in an irrelevant fanmade game that is run by the chinese .
  4. not only is he handsome, but he also likes daryl mom, what else could you ask for. On a more serious note, aside from him, julian or rendi, there aren't any valid choices, 50% are filler options.
  5. He's just a sad troll, and a pretty bad one at that. Regarding PZ, I think on all those calcs JJ, the only I would consider relevant is Empoleon, as that's generally the common set. 252 SpA Choice Specs Adaptability Porygon-Z Tri Attack vs. 240 HP / 252+ SpD Swampert: 108-128 (52.6 - 62.4%) -- 99.6% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery 252 SpA Life Orb Adaptability Porygon-Z Tri Attack vs. 240 HP / 252+ SpD Swampert: 94-112 (45.8 - 54.6%) -- 5.1% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery 252 SpA Adaptability Porygon-Z Tri Attack vs. 240 HP / 252+ SpD Swampert: 72-86 (35.1 - 41.9%) -- 80.5% chance to 3HKO after Leftovers recovery assuming that he doens't setup on your switch ofc. Legit the only viable one I can think of is empoleon and bronzong in that list. Imo the best way to deal with him is to pressure him offensively as it is right now, defensively is pretty hard due to adaptability, and access to a significantly big movepool.
  6. Usually speaking, since all our mechanics are loyal to the handhelds, any info regarding most of them can be found through pokemondb/bulbapedia/smogon etc
  7. I did, sorry I struggle to understand your problem, is it lack of skill? So hard omg, they all have life orbs!!!!!!
  8. from what I understood and keep in mind I barely read about the P2/PZ discussion, both are a problem. Except P2 ends up being a lot more dominant than Pz as P2 not only has really good bulk with the usage of eviolite, but it's also able to pressure offensively hard due to download. While both are problems I'd argue P2 probably is a bit way to good in UU's meta as it's a jack of all trades and should be looked onto first, good coverage, access to teleport, self recovery aswell.
  9. game AI difficulty was updated, but it's still easy enough that anyone can beat it, just get good.
  10. We have Daryl and Aerun in this community, name me a better one
  11. granted that this promotes even more toxicity, which they are fighting against, to the point some people got permanently banned for this and mute/ban evading through alts etc, I doubt it will ever return. I also kinda disagree on tournament players even being able to see normal chat, or use it to chat with opponent during the same due to the exact same reason. And this comes from me, someone who's pretty toxic by default.
  12. Kind of a random question, but could you guys do this publicly or at least showcase the opinion of every TC member even if you put them as anonymous?
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