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  1. razimove

    More User-Friendly use of Consume-Able items.

    only problem I have with this, is that if you're too fast, it crashes your client.
  2. razimove

    Breloom strategy

    how is the enemy pokemon poisoned and asleep at the same time?
  3. razimove

    Best payday spots

    I personally like tepig spot in unova, you get black glasses and charcoals which sell for a bit of cash, and some everstones to keep.
  4. there's one actually, just not implemented in pokeMMO, in gen5, you could use Honey as a sweet scent method.
  5. razimove


    Well considering a phenomena is only active in one place per 15 mins, looking 2 or 3 times for one, doens't give you great odds of finding it. Other option would be buying from GTL.
  6. razimove


    Does it have egg move rock blast?
  7. razimove

    See Shiny's In Party Tab

    I'd say just add a star on the party tab to distinguish. You have not bred a single away, as that is simply not possible.
  8. razimove

    Trade for money / Pay to receive

    Everyone uses gtl, and chat, they are both viable.
  9. razimove

    XP each steps

    it's also forbidden to kill, steal, etc, doens't mean one won't do it, you will get punished for breaking them, but that doens't mean people will listen, the chinese community for example used a lot of bots etc, and got punished for that.
  10. razimove


    It's not as easy as you think, and there's no reason to rush johto over any other region, as we have access to every johto pokemon.
  11. razimove


    I guess it's the correct place for it. As it would be nothing more than a bycicle re-skin, like the motorcycle most likely.
  12. razimove

    Duel Points

    This is exactly why, I advice you to play a bit more, before jumping into the suggestion box, first get to know the game, then suggest according to it.
  13. lol. Why not have a single city, and in them, have all tutors, breeding npcs, daycare, etc? Ocarinas shouldn't even exist in the first place, they were a QoL item introduced for HMs, nothing else.
  14. razimove

    Long-Term Investment Spooktacular!

    it's not impossible, and you could even claim the game is indeed a bit pay2win, just looking at how much RP the chinese community sold. But yeah, you really don't need to spend a cent in this game, to get anything, just some hardwork for the rarer things.

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