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  1. I'd use it as if it had a sassy nature, something like Rocks/Roar/Scald/EQ or Ice beam/Toxic on Roar place, depending on what you feel like you need. Grats on the shiny mate.
  2. razimove

    Selling some stuff

    I'll take both, can you hit me up ingame, razimove?
  3. razimove

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    they did, crimar got one iirc.
  4. razimove

    Selling some stuff

    Price for both please?
  5. razimove

    Team advice

    bold over modest, and hp/def ev'ed. Psyshock or Psychic is a personal choice, one is better for blissey and shenanigans, the other one, is better for conkel, and also wins vs blissey anyway at +6 so. Toxic set over CM isn't bad either, I'm just more biased towards CM. superpower over aerial, I wouldn't use this as a counter/check to conkel, and im pretty sure +1 conkel doenst get one shotted and you go deaded or near. imo that set isn't good. EQ has no viability imo, Tpunch or fire punch + superpower over waterfall/EQ imo. If hippo goes in, the play should be not to stay anyway. I like this set, but since you're with a super offensive team, stealth rocks instead of superpower, and using him as lead, might be better, with focus sash instead of life orb. __ Overall tho, your team has a couple flaws, mostly the fact that if you lose momentum once, you're doomed, especially vs something like a ferrothorn, which can setup rocks and you cna't do nothing about it. Was a bit rushed sorry, im tired, so don't take everything I said for granted. Also, consider maybe mantine for one of the dragons, so you at least have a way to defend yourself vs timid scarf hydreigon/mence and other possible special attackers.
  6. razimove

    Gpd XD plus

    I can tell you the game runs at 30 fps stable, on some low end android devices, considering this one is actually meant for one to play in, like nvidia k1 shield, it should run the game very smooth.
  7. razimove

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Does this really show up, as a shiny in the Unova mom's House upstairs?
  8. razimove

    Help me to catch pokemon in safari

    well, at least was nidorino, and not a rare shiny. Either way, there's no trick, it either gets captured or runs away.
  9. razimove

    Gpd XD plus

    why don't you test it out?
  10. @KOHHuiXIN time to shine, kitchen shiny mon gift
  11. razimove

    Need help with my comp team

    You should first learn about IVs, EVs, natures. Those you placed there aren't even fit to be competitive.
  12. razimove

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    @Akshit we going places, this is my 2nd.
  13. razimove

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    chikorita is where the dream is at, so far there's not a single one reported right?
  14. razimove

    New items guide

    and here I thought this was an actual guide.
  15. razimove

    Pokemmo on ios when

    It will not be developed in a near future as it requires you to jailbreak your device in order to run.

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