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  1. Not much info out there. The few bits I know you can also know by dearching by Darkshade words on the forum regarding it. Just wait to see if they finally deliver.
  2. Well going by this logic We in V4 have someone with 7 shiny rats from hordes aswell. V4 rares >>>>
  3. Like a global announcement on the chat that is a thing since forever? mind = blown.
  4. No 4f, tranz lost to a random garbodor horde, and didnt log since then iirc xD He's special.
  5. I mean its fake, but this was a better decision that keeping up this meme kek
  6. No, its so hard man, so so hard. Pls send help
  7. That can have to do with your host aswell, is not 100% mmo fault. I never had that problem for example.
  8. 100k Daryl will do a way better job as host.
  9. Ah its ok, we're all stuck there, impossible to beat e4. Trust me, its so hard bro.
  10. I thought it was a pic of Daryl, you've disappointed me suigin.
  11. Doesnt that suggest they are event only? Then they can come back in future events again if they decide so.
  12. Since handsomelooker, you may have been the most pooped kid I've seen here.
  13. This is the world cup I like, now that there's a tiny drama can we move to the big drama and fake someone's dead already?
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