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  1. for what? Does that prove anything? Just that you, Zebra, Tyrone and some others who had the decency of calling it quits, don't play actively, 2018 is your last HoF entry, and since then I have you on my alt's FL which actually has some HoF entries, you're not that active aswell, yet you can argue that you played in this meta and can hold your ground on arguments, but can they? They are completely out of the game and this meta, especially on lower tiers which is what's being discussed rn.
  2. imagine this being your only argument kek
  3. TC will always be a meme when there's dead members in it. With that said I don't understand how you guys fail to see uber caracteristics in some pokemons, such as the refered above, but I also remember some dev, prob Kyu (?)some years ago on Unova's release, saying they don't want ever to put things in uber again as it would affect PvE people aswell or something like this.
  4. the economy rn is also a complete disaster, so I'd say it would be pretty ok tbf
  5. Once again, usages has nothing to do with what people told you about lucario. When are you coming out and telling us you're just a troll account for clowning around?
  6. he asked if you own a body pillow
  7. But if they straight say no, it's technically bad PR, since some naive ones may donate thinking they're helping towards johto development.
  8. Ooops it was to the other guy, mb there.
  9. haven't read the whole threat of comments since it's pretty much just that clown commenting, but I don't understand your problem with what 4f is saying. His suggestion has been discussed in the past and iirc Orange brought that suggestion on some tournament discord a while ago aswell, instead of it 'flinch checking' on every hit, make the 5 moves as a whole count as a single 'flinch check' which would therefor nerf the hit considerably making it while still gamebreaking, at least a lot more rng heavy for the user.
  10. that's exactly called an average however Hannah. It works with a bell curve, min-average-max.
  11. Nor do you, granted what you just said lmfao. You kind of sound likr a beginner that started yesterday.
  12. Nop, still wrong, HO is pretty playable, but also arguably the most rng archetype as a simple miss can throw all the momentum you built. Also yes I'm ones of those that wish that as a suspect test, they removed conkel of the tier as it would promote a different meta.
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