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  1. ivs and nature gligar, same to amonguss please
  2. razimove

    Shiny Showcase

  3. razimove


    The portuguese/brazilian mod you're speaking of was Foersterr, he left the community, Sneaky is now in charge.
  4. razimove

    can close please :]

    Dibs all lcs, gib info
  5. razimove

    About PVP

    Email reward? You mean in tournaments thr prize? Its on the description of each tournament.
  6. razimove

    When Sinnoh region?

  7. razimove

    Thank you

    tbh I kinda think in the current market, this would be really cheap ahah Couldn't have worded it better.
  8. razimove

    Thank you

    I actually have quite a few, maybe more than a few, and honestly I see no problem with that, they won't drop in value, that's not my point, market was and now is even more beyond broken. Do you understand how basic economics work? Do you know the definition of 'new cash influx' vs a transaction between players, lets say, farming berries and selling in GTL for example, as a method of transaction. Do you know how inflaction can be an issue overtime? I'd be totally down, if this method was a transaction between players, meaning you could be getting the same exact money you're making rn, but instead of being an influx of new money, being a transaction.
  9. razimove

    Thank you

    I mean, I'd say I'm pretty stacked, and I don't say that as a brag, I can buy anything I want, maybe besides desu colorable. Now you see where your point is flawed already right? No my dude, my problem is that people like you and 99% of the chinese population are abusing something that should not exist. Why is this acceptable, when, like Butlerrr said in another thread, the air ballon thing even made people get banned? Both are exploits, one way or another. RP Price is up because yen is worthless, nothing else, don't come up with taxes cause they didn't even up by much, I checked few days ago actually, the tax was 40 cents higher if I'm not mistaken, oh wow, such a problem, will totally make RP value triple or sixtuple right?
  10. razimove

    Thank you

    it's to abuse a system that wasn't intended, it brings a lot of new cash and therefor ruins the economy, that's why some items like limited stuff si going for crazy values, and 1k rp for 3m, it's due to this method, thsi one method. It should be completely destroyed.
  11. One chinese player probably invests more cash in the game than 10 non chinese players, so they want to keep the ones who make their pockets full happy I guess
  12. They shoud just make berries worth 1$ and that would end all this. Look at the economy rn. 3 months ago, 1k rp = 1m, now it's 3m, 'pokeyen' value is slowly decreasing because of the amount of new cash entering the game daily.
  13. razimove

    Thank you

    Thank you for nerfing this. It was unhealthy for the game and people were abusing it costantly.

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