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  1. make me 195 on yanmega, even if the guy didn't follow the min 25k bids, I'll just go up, np
  2. 150 250 if it knows disable 280k, if not 250k
  3. Wouldn't the first nor probably the last, the staff/devs lie about some subject. But yeah, no complaints about that since a long time ago.
  4. Screenshot how many battles you won, pm me with the screen, I'll make you a personal congratulations card in paint
  5. Must be nice when entire team is checked by ferrothorn. Your thorn answer is an hp fire magnezone under rain. Not only do some thorns run shed shell, but some also pack bulldoze.
  6. Wouldnt be so sure about that. But havent seen many complaints either
  7. razimove

    Dev diaries

    That reminds me of a guy who got banned in mmo then made 3 hate videos saying he was about to strike down mmo, it was very amusing lmao
  8. razimove

    Dev diaries

    Why not some form of diaries to keep players updated on your progress towards a region, dungeons, anything? Not only would it calm the playerbase but would also provide you guys a way to be more in touch with the community from the devs side.
  9. Berries were abused for longer, and destroyed the economy. At least alt run, most of cash came from selling rhe items between players, not generating new money influx. But yeah, I used to do hoenn while watching a movie in 4/5 hours for 1.2-1.4m cash, was best farming method back in the good days, some did it more than a hundred times which imo is quite an achievement.
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