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  1. Game is asiatic, therefor the yen.
  2. this isn't the reality, fairy typing has been discussed to be implemented ever since unova introduction, 2018 or 17, with this being said, at best we were getting the 'supportive' fairy moves and typing, with no offensive moves, but the devs and tier council decided otherwise.
  3. Fun fact, casinos were cut off pokemon games shortly after gen3 or 4. And you dont really gamble much on them. Plus there is a big difference between staff encouraging them, and them existing as a game mechanic that is completely obsolete and nobody uses. There is a very fine line that shouldnt be crossed, while im not against raffles on its own, just like there is psl bets etc, staff encouraging them shouldnt be a thing imo.
  4. I hosted some raffles in the past aswell, but it gets to a point where the staff is allowing gambling on a kids game. Idk how this is good for their image or the pokemmo image itself.
  5. Why is xigbaar even in this community still, go fake your dead again bro
  6. its never for extra cash as you never break even almost, especially on egg hatching I literally can't tell if you're serious or trolling anymore lol
  7. I have 17 shiny semi-comp, 4 semi rare shiny, 8 5iv shiny, 3 random shinies my OT. I have been breeding for the community since 2014/15ish (flag system) until today, never faced any of this problem. Only thing I can see being problematic is ditto buyers and even those won't need this much space unless they're hoarding heavily plus you can just mail them to you alt like most of us do
  8. 21 is little? I have pretty much the entire meta for every tier and format aside from LC, and I only use 17 boxes.
  9. this is totally how inflactuation works, lmao. You should educate yourself on the subject.
  10. like there isn't 23091290312093 chinese staff members that could help with this.
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