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  1. Ok this is beyond dumb. First off one thing isnt related to another if they want they can apply restrictions anywhere they wish. Second, not everyone has my play time to have random stuff like 9 metagross, or 11 gyarados to cover plenty of sets that might interest me given xyz situation. Third, yes the difficulty is so low that @XelaKebert almost beat the game with 6 spindas with random nature and ivs. (He has videos showing proof of his accomplishments somewhere on the forum). I beat it using the starter, hm slave and 4 dittos, goddamn such a hard game right? Our IQ must be through the roof for us to beat such a hard game.
  2. You're assuming things to your own benefit, including the 4 badge system, which is wrong to assume. And this doenst really benefit anyone but tournament players who want xyz to counter team and dont have the set they want in the box. Storyline is already ridiculously easy to the point I could probably teach my dog how to beat it.
  3. Tbh if this was ever to be implemented expect a all completed badges in the region to use, and it would strickly be a pvp thing lol. Either way I dont see this ever being a thing, simply not viable in any way.
  4. Torkoal + typhlosion, pelipper + kingdra, Flygon + Aerodactyl, pick one of this, it sweeps every gym, pack a fighting type on the back just in case they have blissey or ferrothorn in case you use rain team. Kingdra can be subbed by stronger water types, but swift swim + muddy water is just nice to have.
  5. Thats nobodys business, but yourself mate. And there's plenty of ways to get some yen, stop being lazy and research things, instead of trying to bring back broken methods. Also yeah, stop using your lack of time as excuse, you're just trying to cut corners. Go play pokemonshowdown if you dont have time. I'll keep on repeating myself until you understand.
  6. This is from last year dude, stop digging things from one year ago. Hordes, singles or hatching are the only 3 methods.
  7. Organize your time better. Thats no excuse. Or go play pokemonshowdown which is the solution to your problem.
  8. Game is fine, no need, stop being lazy, berries arent preventing anything.
  9. Its photoshop guys, but nice try Aerun. Grats
  10. Definitely Daryl, I feel like I can win anything with him trashtalking my opponent with hid incredible extended vocabulary on any language.
  11. Its not supported as the game is designed for you to play horizontally
  12. Afaik, only the pokeball numbers might have been tweaked, I know that captures that should be 100%, now round the 70% with pokeball. Might be the same for other balls, but im not active enough to know it.
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