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  1. It is redundant, and not really necessary nor can it really achieve much considering people just afk through, and also considering they provide you so many ways to know what events might happen during the day. Its your fault if you decide to use or not, the tools they bring you. Now you could argue is, they could rework the way they announce, even maybe provide us with an 'header' on the forum main page with the events of the day, or even provide a ingame calendar like we have for tournaments, that could help clueless kids like our OP. You probably never played an mmo before then, im sorry that you are clueless of what you speak about. Almost every MMO that has a name to himself requires you to use 3rd parties in order to optimize your builds, your gameplay, to time stuff, etc, and no they wont ever even consider to provide you those tools ingame.
  2. Thats the spirit my dude, yet it doesnt matter, chances are neither of this will happen, aside from 1. They dont want original content, and strongly doubt a suggestion about bases that has been previously like 2-4 times, will happen either.
  3. 3. Not happening most likely 2. Something similiar was suggested in the past, probably wont happen either 1. You already get to have pve parties sometimes on events.
  4. You should visit a doctor, this is not normal.
  5. Its your fault for not using one of the platforms they provide you to keep in touch with event and the community, you cant really use that excuse.
  6. ? Oh man rain is so op, oh noes.
  7. Keep me a spot, I'll log tomorrow, not a big order please
  8. Doubt. But just screenshare it with said friend, ezpz.
  9. Ev trained probably more than 40 mons for me already, I vouch for her!
  10. Unable to quote snipets in mobile, but had a good laugh Matoka, its almost as if you dont play the game. Scythers kept the same value they previously had. So did rverything, and if they didnt keep, the value dropped, didnt increase. And why is a scyther that price? Its literally because game corner set a standard and supply and demand allows him to remain at that price, nothing else. And pokeballs do not affect their value, once again, they are irrelevant and a dumb way of trying to deal with a problrm that didnt exist in the first place.
  11. what's the reason behind this, considering the motto of the game is to go gen7 if they could go gen7, or at least I'm pretty sure Kyu said that when unova got released. And do not come up with the market is broken etc due to how easy it is to catch mons, the catch mon holds little value, the ones with IV holds value, that didn't change, you just made it more tedious. This isn't how you approach an economy problem or something similiar. Also they are on a decline ever since, supply and demand, and this ''nerf'' didnt change a thing FYI. I do know some were nerfed, ultra balls are not one of them nor are repeat balls, at least from my research I haven't found a word about this 2 in particular. Also, I'll ask once again, to your superiors, is the formula you guys are using public or is it going to be one of the shiny rate is 1/8k fiasco like in the past? Also, if you don't want to answer this, answer me this then, was it broken since 2012, meaning that you should have informed us and working on a fix back then, or was it a nerf because you guys decided so, like the autistic nerf to Lucky Eggs?
  12. You're not wrong in your last point, come back when you're a few years older so we can have a proper convo, bye.
  13. also, use Frequently asked question for this sort of stuff, not worth spamming the forum over it. You can catch all but legendaries.
  14. May I ask for the formula that you are using? Cause my formula shows that now they are indeed broken and previously they weren't. If you want, I can even discuss it more privately with you, but the formula is open to the public.
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