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  1. Just use a timer 3rd party, clock in 5 mins 30 secs, and there you go.
  2. I also love how you say your venusaur was 150m+ yet it doenst sell for 118m, and uber physical venu >>>> to stay on topic, 35m pure on it.
  3. Tyrone also owns one, but not only is he a bit inactive, I also doubt he sells his, Hao might have one too, and there's a friend of mine from your guild with one too (non colorable)
  4. Read my first comments tho, they were somewhat civilized, the kid just stsrted complaining and crying about everything, even when I told him I could help him breed more efficiently, if breeding and making a profit from it was a pain for him. From there we all just laughed at his expenses, you're right, except for the fact that I took my time to explain him how it would effect the economy, and how is suggestions were full of flaws.
  5. Nah I dont. And I still lack to see you counter argumenting against me or anyone, I guess the amount of people backing up my comments also means im raging? Pls kid at least make an effort like Xatu or daedalus used to. You are the hero we need but dont deserve my dude. And please dont listen to Dazuzi too, he is just a troll smh, really bad forum rep as a troll, 'rager' and something else I forgot. Trust me. Pls.
  6. Random quote cause android is bad, its literally the same, they can tweak anything, a good example being the pokemon stats, like you can see we have lots with gen7 stats, moves with gen3 bp etc, both changes are done in 2 minutes if rhey really want.
  7. Im helping your csse my dude, except you get 7 usages instead of 8, but the pp still reaches 0 this way to prevent OCD's, I honestly have no clue what you sre implying here.
  8. What of instead you invreased the pp to 35 when maxed, and kept the 5pp/use mechanic?
  9. Here is what you are missing, standarized means the market would get saturated very fast, that isnt helpful. Also it introduces new cash influx into the economy? Do you know ehat that means, or do you need to take economy 101? Inflaction. Same can be said about the current berry farming problem. Rp although tied to the economy, is not what gets the wheel moving if you ask me. Everything goes by search and demand, if the rp market dies which sometimes happen, rp drops value, a lot of value (like 9 months ago, 30 days donator was sold 700k/ea for example), guesd who else had perfect genderless and paid a crazy amount for them? Me, do I really care? Nah, games move forward and that change was eventually needed to help the comp community. Anytmhing that activelly removes a player market from the game isnt healthy, unless you burn lots of cash in the proccess. Same applies to any method that makes farming easier. Can you salt my popcorns now?
  10. Damn I guess we all watch 42 animes and dont leave our house, apparently its just not me, oh man :(
  11. Let me just destroy the kid really quickly tho. From top to bottom, first idea, ridiculous, price is too cheap aswell, leppas exist for a reason, and its not a charity system, you want it? You pay for them. Roaming hordes not a bad idea, suggested previously. 1*31s and over already have low values, no need to further make them cheaper. Once again, learn thr game and stop being a whiny kid q.q. An npc that buys old comps, possibly the dumbest idea as of lately here. Ehat would define a pokemon as comp, and why does the game need another 'new cash influx' method? Npc for dittos. Shitto market already exist, and so does a market for breeder dittos. Once again, learn the game. With that said, just a curiosity of mine, and sorry for making this one personal bear, but I'm laughing too much, ehich newbie did you help? Kaos with the kyu hat? Such a newbie smh where was kaos 4 years ago... Bad player, totally newbie.
  12. This is the sad part you see, I actually do, and I do have a rl, as I said previously to others I'm willing to teach anyone. Just play the game instead of always thinking you are being victimized. The chinese didnt have the luxury you had of having rare vanities when they first started/came back, and you dont see them crying. (Also, just between us, dont sell things like kyu for 40% less value, or you really will never actually make a profit.)
  13. Ok so, you believe the game is in a bad place, so better implement more game breaking ideas? And sorry but my comps actually sell, to the point I breed 30+ weekly. Maybe you should reconsider your methods however.
  14. Besides the roaming hordes that were suggested previously, seems like your ideas would make economy even worst. And also, read suggestion rules, one per thread.
  15. 3 more mons until all my orders are done. Placed 14 NUs semi comp, that are randm OTs in GTL 200-400k prices, grab em while they're OT, most are EV trained, movesetted and have PP max.
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