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  1. Man this threads never fail to amuse me, but why is this fine and spiderman threads are not?
  2. razimove


    You cant appeal past something like 6 months, so most likely no.
  3. Not to be that guy but, ubers are a bit irrelevant since they don't want to openly use that tier. Also not letting legendaries into any activity is straight dumb.
  4. Aside from the link above, make sure to check alts, sent mails, GTL aswell.
  5. no man, ttar and excadrill are uber worthy, ofc they can't be there.
  6. How is it biased? Anything loses interest after a while when you are doing the same things over and over, the initial short burst hype doesnt really account for much. HA and legendaries would be nice for the meta ofc, but youd still get bored if you are already.
  7. garchomp, rotoms, spiritomb, what else am I missing here? I can only get 3, well 7 if you consider rotom forms (fan/wash/heat/mow/normal)
  8. Long time ago, staff members that contributed to the game positively would be rewarded with a custom shiny, although kudasai is the only member with a shiny legendary from what I remember, there is also a staff member from the early days with custom vanity etc
  9. 28 to 30, can be the difference of winning or losing a match, this is not the right approach, yes long term it isn't that relevant, but it's something to always consider. If you're a begginer and just starting out, go with semi comps, they are good enough for you to learn and play with to a good degree of comp, plus they're dirty cheap, so you get to experience competitive and build teams faster. If you're always someone well established or just want to chase perfect stats, generally you'll want 31 on IVs you're investing onto, with some odd balls like Mienshao maybe prefering 29 IV HP over 31 due to LO recoil etc. The one stat I will always consider a must on every mon is speed, you legit want max speed always, doens't matter if it's a 30 base speed wall, 31 speed is the way to go. Only exception to this are gyro ball spammers or trick room users obviously.
  10. See that search bar, top right corner? It makes wonders.
  11. Sent an email ingame with order + yen attached
  12. I'll take this troll bait, just for funsies. Unless google translator is unable to translate this properly, in portuguese he is asking for specific services for him to buy yen, pokemons and others. I wont answer further, as I believe even a free translator like google should provide you a good enough translation.
  13. Man I swear this is why I still log into the forum.
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