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  1. Fred you should try to login buddy, there's probably 15+ currently and there was one in gtl for over a week for 150m.
  2. sorry but pory is now a 150m shiny my man, desu will soon be 20 times that. Exactly, it's to justify their existence in the game.
  3. hey chinners allow them to buy ferraris, we don't, fck the loyal OG community, random chinese are better.
  4. Openvpn is one of the worst imo, security wise, as you're most likely forced to use public vpns
  5. We all bleed red, nationality doens't matter. I don't think they're cutting off the chinese playerbase as you guys are the ones filling their pockets. About VPNs, are you trying with public or private VPNs? NordVPN and ProtonVPN are both reliable VPNs with user friendly interfaces that might interest you.
  6. You missed his point but ok, what he wanted was to play mmo offline, ehich like the name implies, isnt possible.
  7. Cband Rock slide + Soft sand Mamoswine w/stealth rock, setup rocks round 1, EQ + rock slide to win after
  8. considering it seems they're spamming the spot again, you're most likely right.
  9. razimove

    Pokémon GO

    Tried playing when I went to UK sometime ago, but didn't get the taste for it, can provide you with some friend codes if you need from a couple friends of mine tho Ak
  10. price check please! what if i evo to milotic, will he be more worth ? around 60 to 80m. since well, there's no mixed male genderless currently, it wouldn't fetch even half of that if I had to take a wild guess.
  11. If it's a singular opinion, I don't give 2 cents about it, you'll learn about this more when you start working. Don't quit eating muffins, make it your own, or deal with the fact that you're not the center of the world. Consider this MMO as a community, look if I had to take a wild guess, there's at least 8 to 10 thousand people online daily at least, not counting alts etc. You see maybe 5 to 10 people, out of the mass complaining, do you think they are even relevant when the masses are doing just fine? If everyone is swimming with the tide, and you swim against it, well, maybe follow the example of others or deal with it. In this case look, you playing this is your option, meaning that they don't own you anything, you play out of your own free will, you dislike it? Quit, there's more on the market of the same category. It's not, there's more fish in the market, they dislike this one? Go play something else, who cares really. If you're a special snowflake, oh well, tough luck.
  12. Arent you banned from the game? And well, it's not the same, that's a very extremist and poor example of my point. Look, you have the choice to eat mushrooms, potatoes and kale, you hate kale, yet you choose to eat kale, do you think it make sense?
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