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  1. Soooo I need someone preferably known by the community one way or another to lvl me mons to 50 and ev train them. I have a looooooot of UTs gathering dust that could use some lvls and evs. Preferably someone that can take 50+ pokemons at a time. Im flexible with prices so we can discuss.
  2. Just saw this, you'd probably owe me all your money as I never cared if my items sell before anyone else as long as they end up selling. Back on topic. If this is real and you decide to take big orders, have 60+ UTs that could use lvl50 and 510 EVs, and idm paying the common 50k price for each.
  3. haven't found time to login to check it, but it's just a spike probably, it will then saturate at that price. Even skulls aren't rising in value rn.
  4. Any vanity post 2016-2017 is market saturated and will stay like that for a while, instead buy limited usage stuff like particles, event boxes.
  5. or just deal with it like a normal person? Kick him, block him or warn him of possible kick.
  6. 17 presents, no money loss but almost no money made too. 15 after and total loss
  7. since it's independent rolls on each pokemon, you can even find 'technically' 5 shinies in a single 5 man horde. Chances are you'll never see that happen, but there's instances of people finding 2 in one horde, meaning they have to kill one to catch another.
  8. woah training to be staff? happy new year bro
  9. You only know when it hatches, however, the 'roll' for shiny happens when you grab the egg, so you can just pop a shiny charm, and stack eggs during that 1 hour on PC then hatch.
  10. I already had little hopes that this staff team could move the game forward, but this is the first time I see them move backwards. What harm does it have that there are LC automated tournaments? And where is the necessity to move away from it? I personally loved the part where he says there is no calculators for it, when showdown is literally the most popular sim out there. Why not remove Doubles format, NU and UU tiers aswell? They definitely have like 1/10 or less of OU playerbase, why even bother then.
  11. tbh remove all and get LC format matchmaking
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