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  1. razimove

    Pokemmo on ios when

    It will not be developed in a near future as it requires you to jailbreak your device in order to run.
  2. razimove

    Broken game is broken

    but then the sweet scent wouldn't even work. He literally got mudkips a couple of times with sweet scent x)
  3. totally depends of the objective you want gengar to fill in your team. There's so many viable sets.
  4. razimove

    Current team I'm running

    You didn't improve much since then, apparently. zebras advice was spot on.
  5. razimove

    Currently bugged moves

    volt switch/uturn pursuit interactions are still not working? Need to test further later.
  6. razimove

    Azumarill / Marill Hordes

    good luck o/
  7. razimove

    OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Is draco going to remain banned?
  8. How many days to christmas exactly?
  9. razimove

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    he has 3 dudes, 2 ponyta, 2 birds, 3 rocks, only 10 to go 13 to go
  10. razimove

    More CMs

    There's a ton of CMs currently, like really a lot. Imo the only thing is, the chinese chat lacks proper moderation, @YIBU is a good guy, but it's not a 1 man job definitely considering how active they are.
  11. it is for @Aerun, he got a new shiny!
  12. razimove

    Open PTS once per month, to test pokemon builds

    Does this have pokemmo broken meta? Didn't know.
  13. Yo, everyone knows that comp, is expensive and sometimes you guys just wanna test some mons. PTS allows you to do that since you have access to the /debuf commands to gib pokemons and alter everything about the pokemon. Downside of this? Maybe server hosting values? Dunno. edit: Yes teambuilding websites exist, but can you test in the same environment as in pokemmo on those said websites? With gen7 abilitys + stats on some, gen3 on some moves(outrage), no HA, no legendaries and have a community dedicated to testing in them with this conditions?
  14. razimove


    In my heart you have 2 shiny manders OT

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