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  1. well he says that in every game I believe, you get a small reward like an extra starter or wtv, nothing special.
  2. razimove

    Sticky Web

    Not happening. And no it doens't need it.
  3. it's meant to be like that, to further nerf e4 runs, aka pvm. Peasants. I don't understand is why such changes also have to be implemented in competitive, it's just dumb.
  4. I was wrong, ended up being forced to pick 4 starmie starters, now waiting for the chinese to complete it, so I can actually see the map
  5. Well the next 24h will give us the answer
  6. I'd say we're ''worthed'' at least 5 cents.
  7. You know you can legit screenshot and post it? I honestly cant figure whats wrong there
  8. it was just a very late april's fool.
  9. can confirm, have probably 400-500 breeders on my alt mail, still allows me. @hannahtaylor just mail it to an alt, ezpz,, access alt through android if needed, or just mail back
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