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  1. been a while since Jonulo posted a new shiny, is him on vacation?
  2. What? Lmfao. TR you can just pack a TR user to cut it down, imprison users can work too, taunt works too. Tailwind you can just carry a user, set yourself, use stuff like icy wind, stall it out. Build a proper team instead. Those add no rng factor to the game. Quick claw on the other hand, like pachima said, adds a layer of rng to the games that is uncalled for, a match shouldnt be decided by a rhyperior outspeed a scarf roserade for example
  3. I rather dislike this idea, Eric points stand correct.
  4. None of those are counters and aside from mandibuzz or umbreon being full hp, none of those check him either.
  5. pls tell me how, I really am curious.
  6. I mean, it's an untradable shiny, so for someone like me who actively collects them and owns a bunch perfect IV'd etc, they're not the same, my shinies hold value, lets call it my net worth, those untradable shinies, are mostly a symbol of me getting rewarded on some event or tournament. And there's stuff like 25 IV ferrothorns shiny from past tournaments etc that could really really use this, i'm not even considering the volcaronas, metagross's, and other rares as a good example. edit: Also I feel like this would help the shiny market actually, as more people would be on the look for breeders to finish their shiny gifts.
  7. IGN: Razimove Reason: am bored Competitive accolades Discord contact (optional): redspawn#8315 Other random stuff: yes Tiers: OU/UU/NU, can doubles but would rather not, can play showdown tiers and VGC too.
  8. No xigbaar :( he was gonna fake another death this season goddamnit
  9. no he legit did it on purpose they had win cons and never actually tried to use them, to the point staff had to close it. also it was just an example of flawed system in existence, that also needs solutions to.
  10. that's something staff has to come up with, that and also a way to punish people who stall match with no winning purpose like that semi-final OU match on the conkeldurr tournament. There's no easy solution I guess with the current system.
  11. Then the system is at fault, the system is meant to randomize, if it's not working properly, it needs to be fixed, right?
  12. while at that remove it from everyone then buff :^) Personal opinion, but no, we already have enough to deal with rn, knock off would become a really strong move, which honestly is already viable on some teams even with near negative bp. And also pls don't compare gen8 to ours, as someone who plays it, just don't, the powercreep between both is insane, fairy existing too.
  13. @Munya with countless people actually acknowledging that TC right now is a joke, will something ever be done about it?
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