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  1. not to kill your mood, but this was suggested countless times, so sorry buddy, it wasn't due to only you, but everyone that fought for it in the past aswell.
  2. damn i didnt even notice, and I thought he was simply a 12 years old, oof, this was awesome lmao
  3. Why do I feel like this is all because you struggle to even leave r1 in tournaments.
  4. @Revz raffle this bro it's completed, just need you to raffle and deliver the shiny
  5. Long term wise, RP isn't that expensive, you can easily make over 1mil/day just doing gyms + e4 for 3-4 hours if one really wants, plus if they can capitalize on it, they have further interest in pursuin the idea, win for us, win for them.
  6. You get elo anyway, dont see a necessity for this.
  7. Just make it a RP item and unlimited, and provide better organization for them by tier. Win win
  8. still sad I didn't buy the 2 ES when I could for 12m each. Like Gilan said, colorable desu is the rarest, I only know of 7 still active, 2 banned, 1 inactive, none for sale.
  9. Your example is a bit bad as even -speed natured zard outspeeds conkel. https://calc.pokemonshowdown.com/ this can probably help you understand a bit better speed tiers and everything else.
  10. Last 34 have been bought! @Revz please raffle the results!
  11. 35 remain, daryl bought 10, leadermizu bought 1 ingame.
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