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  1. yet you're a nobody that never won anything vs those said noobs. lmao
  2. How can one be sure you're not part of the dev team? Omg
  3. I mean, you can probably solo dungeons, this is, if they're ever released. Since chinese see, monkey do, is how they work here, we're probably likely to see mystery dungeon release notice before we get another word about dungeons. __ I played my fair share, out of almost 8k hours, probably at least 1/3 of those were active gameplay. My opinion is the same as ever, the devs only care about casuals, competitive players are like always, ignored. Therefor the comp scene sees every old player leaving the game/not interested in playing this. The events became worse, catch events, heck, even writting contests, get better prizes than tournaments. The active people now, are either crazy, or play vanityMMO.
  4. yeah man, you'll get very far organizing tournaments, taking a cut of the prize pool. Gl.
  5. no you dont. They never confirmed anything in regards to johto, same can be said about anything after sinnoh's release.
  6. Not really, in fact, if that's your argument, then I'd agree against this suggestion right away. To many rare shinies flooding the market rn. Also it encourages people to actively trade their shittos, which has a pretty large market interest by the community. well, that's pokemon, if something doenst fit a standard, you're most likely to not find anyone interested in buying it, in this case, a bad pokemon, most likely wont sell in teh market, and would flood the market with more garbage per say. You can mass delete them from your boxes, there's options for that. this example is in no way possible harmful for the game, nor does it matter honestly. But it should indeed be removed, and be like it was previously, after X value it's 5% of the price you want to place in GTL for, a 10M item/mon would require 500k to place in GTL, would help to boost the economy and pokeyen value, while also making people think twice.
  7. hordes, are not player battles. I used to hatch while EV'ing and never noticed them being slower
  8. good old days of a shiny k9 being worth 80m
  9. Check for that specific 31 and egg group on GTL and you'll find their value
  10. I feel dumber everytime I press a thread made by you.
  11. he's still the king of rats, nobody ever attempted at taking the title yet
  12. Considering the nature of the game, without changing the game core, how would you even introduce endgame content, that wouldn't get dull over the first few weeks?
  13. Most left cause they got lifes, nothing else, most of those that still play, usually play to chat, engage in competitive scenes etc. While those end game activities are nice, they definitely arent what will make people stick to this game, since they become dull real fast just like unova hype went down the drain arter the first 2 weeks. Sorry to burst the bubble.
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