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  1. 1/30k 1/27k with donator
  2. and Tepig - Unova Victory Road Snivy - Pinwheel Forest (left of nacrene) Oshawott - Route 6 (surfing)
  3. dw, it's @FlareBlitzz's fault for not updating the thread
  4. Mehh I'll clarify. The player's name is MrBeauRyan. That's all I will say.
  5. ure always in vermilion stalking people tho
  6. Jonulo has 60 ots I have 35(+5 shinies i didnt catch. yea, im a shit hunter i know) Godofkawaii has like 32 Dreamychan has like 32 Chesar has 32 as well Awkways has 29 So yea, shiny rate is fair
  7. Im p sure he's talking about mobile
  8. same is happening to me for a rly long time, already tried repairing/reinstalling but it didn't work
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