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  1. JLxKaos

    kyu hat

  2. JLxKaos

    Purchase Button at GTL

    Im p sure he's talking about mobile
  3. JLxKaos

    0 ticket left Shiny Mienfoo Lottery

    ill take 69 and 96
  4. JLxKaos

    Jack o lanturn

    75 nvm found one cheaper
  5. JLxKaos

    Selling Kyu Hat

    Blue skull+20m
  6. JLxKaos

    PokeMMO without sound

    same is happening to me for a rly long time, already tried repairing/reinstalling but it didn't work
  7. JLxKaos

    I have a one problem

    This is the one im using
  8. JLxKaos

    Dear competitive community, help me decide

    keep the vanities and sell them when u do another event, i suppose they are limited so theyll be worth even more in the future
  9. How is that good though? Its just sad that people couldnt even get their desired shiny even putting a lot of effort into it
  10. JLxKaos

    Value Advice

    Id list it for like 3m on gtl
  11. JLxKaos

    Ditto Catching

    its not the same as official games
  12. They should at least add an option to trade big parts for tiny parts

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