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  1. 'I'm within the 50% of OU that uses Chansey'




  2. I worked really hard to breed my own walls, with strategic movesets and based on a whole team composition, and I'd never use Chansey. I'll prefer to leave it for those who don't know how to predict/counter special sweepers/use another more difficult support or wall. Because, you know, it's pretty basic: switching to take damage but heal, suffer status problem for 1 turn and then heal it too and use Seimic Toss/Thunderwave once in a while not to seem that stupid. And that's all, that's all the mystic and magic of the pinky egg used by such great and competitive players.
  3. Of course we can't, what do you mean? Read the reasons why I think Chansey is stupid. This meta with the 50% of the tier using Chansey forces the other 50% to use team compositions just to beat it. JUST TO BEAT CHANSEY. And that's really sad and lame. Whoa, Batman. Do you know what is unhealthy? Being such sensitive. Calm down. In my opinion, being bad makes you use Chansey without having to predict or use any strategy or something like that because, you know, lots of advantages on its side.
  4. So you're saying switching a Chansey without even knowing what is the opponent going to do to you, implies skills? Oh. You're comparing set up Pokémon with a Chansey. For a set up you need to predict, to be ready to use 1 turn for boost your stats or use Rain Dance and then take advantages of your ability. So, for you, taking those risks (meanwhile you can be killed, poisoned or paralyzed, between others) is the same of switching a Pokémon that you know is going to survive almost any damage dealing attack?
  5. Well, here's my point of view: it's not normal for a Pokémon to be used by 50% of OU players. And we're talking about Chansey, I mean... Natural Cure? Not a problem. 250 HP/105 special defense base stats? Not a problem either. But the complete combo of switching out and healing its status problem, being almost 'un-OHKO-able' (did I just make up a word?), healing a 50% of its maximum HP, and using just one boring damage dealing attack. What's the point of all of this? You can't play anymore the way you want to play, you can't use anymore the Pokémon you like to use, because if so, you already know you're probably going to lose against Chansey. You have to create a team composition while thinking 'what should I use to beat Chansey?', and it takes SO away the originality and versality of the game. It's not anymore about using a decent composition, having coverage, trying to fit UU/NU Pokémon in OU tier. It's all about beating Chansey. And that's the worst part: Chansey's users make you to be like them, automated players who don't think at all and use a Pokémon just because it's broken, otherways, you won't won anything. And that's not even 'playing'.
  6. Hello! I've made a very simple one, but that's the way I like sigs. I hope you like it, and if you do but there's something you'd like to change, let me know. Happy New Year!
  7. Name : Abrilsnow Characters/Pokemons : Espeon & Umbreon Background (If you want any): Half day, half night (if it's possible) Animation (If yes,give a description): No, unless you consider it'd be cool :)
  8. Is this topic still alive? League Name(s): Aibreán Server(s): LAS Main Position(s): Support, but I'd prefer to go to mid lane Favourite Champion(s): Ahri, Diana, Syndra Division(s): Gold V on Season 4, Ranked Team; SoloQ, unranked
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