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  1. Anyone can brute force their way to entei in 30-45 minutes and get their 3 envelope reward. Few can meticulously play for hours without mistakes and beat 3, 4, 10 enteis. When they do this they only get 9, 12, and 30 envelopes. Why? It is much harder to sustain and it takes much longer. There should be some kind of non-linear curve for the reward. This isn't exclusive to this event either. Elfbots had the same problem. Fixing this would make running the event and really getting good at it more enjoyable.
  2. My tip is that the prizes are linear and not exponential while the difficult of each wave is exponential. Therefore, its best to just speedrun to one entei then quit. This can be perfected to be sub 30 minutes and you don't really have to worry about lives or anything. Speed is better than strategy because of non-scaling prizes.
  3. Yeah, the reward doesn't scale so I've started speedrunning to 1 entei then quitting after beating it. 41:49 was my first attempt, but I think sub 30 is possible.
  4. Aard


    Now its the other way around. Why have two different coins?
  5. This is attempt 2. People had to go after beating 4 enteis. Kind of bummed out because I got less lucky envelopes than when I beat 2 enteis. Was it nerfed across the board or is it just rng? Also, a day ago I had 40 copper and 3 golds. Now I get more gold than copper and have like 20 extra golds I cant make into envelopes.
  6. I agree with issue 1. The location is garbage. I don't agree with issue 2. Getting a completely new reward when you beat a boss is an upgrade from trying to steal big robot parts from your teammates. It would be better if all 3 legendary beasts spawned and you got better/new rewards when you took down all 3 but its still and upgrade from the same robot part always spawning in the same spot. I don't know about issue 3. The rng matters the least at the beginning. It matters much more later when certain waves are free and others are almost impossible. I kind of like it though because its more interesting than the last event. The rng I don't like is all the moves that miss and deliberately bad abilities like static and cute charm. Anger point is the biggest one. There shouldn't randomly always be a 1/24 chance of losing against it. That is terrible. Just give more things solid matchups that either win hard or lose hard. Overall, I think the rewards need to scale to where if you get something else the further you go. Linearly scaling envelopes just doesn't cut it. Or you could just cut people off of the event after they beat 1 boss. Getting punished for being too good to lose early is annoying. Also, if you d/c from the session to leave you don't get a reward and that is shit. Happened to someone in my group.
  7. Oh, if it extends your buff to 4 hours instead of 1 then that makes sense. If you mean you just get all 4 buffs for 1 hour that's worthless since you dont ever care about more than 2 of the buffs at once. If you're hunting shinies, what the point of a riches buff? And if battling gyms for riches, whats the point of an item buff? They don't really overlap that much. Edit: Okay, so after more thought I apologize because I did come up with one use for the link bonus. Basically, you tell people they can buy in for 500-750k into the link bonus and its a good deal for them since 5% would normally cost 1 mil if you cut the charm price in half. Then if you get 3 people to buy in, you only pay ~500k for a charm that's normally over 2 mil. So, I guess you can encourage people to game the system and not pay for their shiny charms. I think I could get 850k probably then have money leftover after the other 3 pay for the full charm. I'm not going to try it though since I don't care about shinies that much and there's better money. Basically, you can effectively buy a 10% increase and sell a total of a 15% increase while keeping a 10% for yourself so you can profit by buying shiny charms and get them for free. Is that the intended way this is supposed to work? Who knows, but its a whole lot better than grouping four random buffs that don't interact together and have the people without the shiny buff mooch.
  8. I asked if the link buff was given to the person with the charm and you said no. Its not being explained well.
  9. So I'm supposed to reduce the price of shinies across the market out of the goodness of my heart? No thanks. Link bonus to me to or no link.
  10. ok so is the max 127% or does the link just benefit others without the charm? if its just others without the charm why let them mooch off you?
  11. Percents stack like this with the shiny charm: 100% x 1.1(charm) = 110% 110% x 1.1(donator) = 121% 121% x 1.05(link1) = 127.05% 127.05% x 1.05(link2) = 133.4025% 133.4025% x 1.05(link3) = 140.072625% If its misworded on the item and it stacks to the same raw value instead of increasing the percent, then its only 135% at max. 100+10+10+5+5+5 = 135 According to the item, it should be the first one, but stuff has been worded terribly in the past so I'm not sure. Which is it?
  12. Did this with the christmas event, claimed 100 was possible. It was. Don't think 100 is possible this time around. I do think 50 is possible. This is my first good run. What are you guys getting?
  13. Aard


    I thought the devs fixed this last event with the robot parts but its somehow much worse this time around.
  14. What's bad about this? Putting up 20 for all the same price would have the same result. Only difference is if you do it for much less money, then buy anyone who posts under, then remove your entries and resell. But that's fair game. Personally, I like to just sit there and do something similar but wait for a new post and immediately sell 1 dollar under whatever someone posts. Something about undercutting someone is just so satisfying. Got to keep people off your turf. I don't even care if my stuff sells, though it does eventually almost every time.
  15. January: OU - Aard UU - Aard NU- Aard LC - Beebam DB - Beebam
  16. Its for if the heracross thinks it can sword dance after jellicent switches in on a close combat. Psychic is the safer option though and is viable because of roserade/venusaur.
  17. Yeah I'm not sure on that one. I've noticed the damage calculator messing that up a few times now when I stick specs on something it will randomly add a +1. 252+ SpA Choice Specs Jellicent Psychic vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Heracross: 134-158 (86.4 - 101.9%) -- 12.5% chance to OHKO after burn damage 252+ SpA Choice Specs Jellicent Water Spout (150 BP) vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Heracross: 166-196 (107 - 126.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO You still got ko options and psychic is absolutely viable on that set with roserade and crobat around. And hex on defensive jellicent is fine. Just because people aren't countering with the right sets doesn't mean its broken.
  18. Its funny you cared enough about making an ad hominem argument to look through months of tourneys but can't come up with any response about why your worse set is good. So here's this: Also, want to throw out there that specs Jellicent is a viable set people run since it has a wide movepool and good stabs. Just assuming you can set up on any jellicent is wrong. 252+ SpA Choice Specs Jellicent Water Spout (150 BP) vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Heracross: 166-196 (107 - 126.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO 252+ SpA Choice Specs Jellicent Surf vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Heracross: 100-118 (64.5 - 76.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after burn damage Let's be honest, even a defensive jellicent with limited spatk investment beats heracross unless hera sword dances or night slashes on the switch at which point switching to something like crobat or attacking depending on the predict still rescues the situation. Definitely not setup bait. 60 SpA Jellicent Hex (130 BP) vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Heracross: 73-87 (47 - 56.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after burn damage There's just things like that you ignore with almost all of the mons we've talked about and its not worth going through every single one if your response is just going to be retreating to scout mode to create ad hominem attacks. Based on the damage, saying jellicent is setup bait is just false. It would be bad if people not wanting to deal with annoying argumentative techniques resulted in an unjust heracross ban.
  19. I didn't read your post because I just kind of assumed you'd be arguing using the best sets. But I guess I will now. I'm tired of people pretending these facade sets are really good. They're not. You cant use it for the first turn you come in, then you only have 1 more coverage move to use if you want sword dance. Your hornless set just loses to new things like slowbro when you sd on the switch turn. close combat facade night slash sword dance +2 252 Atk Guts Heracross Night Slash vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Slowbro: 300-354 (76.1 - 89.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO It doesn't even need a sword dance if it has megahorn. 252 Atk Guts Heracross Megahorn vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Slowbro: 204-240 (100.9 - 118.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO Also just loses to defensive crobat without stone edge if you facade on the switch. 252 Atk Guts Heracross Facade (140 BP) vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Crobat: 140-165 (72.9 - 85.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO 252 Atk Guts Heracross Stone Edge vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Crobat: 200-236 (104.1 - 122.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO close combat megahorn stone edge/night slash sword dance/night slash I do play uu and I'd much rather see a facade set because it shows me I have an easy battle ahead since the heracross is trying to do too much and losing coverage in the process. Even Choice band heracross that tries to predict status and stack damage is better than that weird facade set.
  20. Crobat and yanmega 4x resist both heracross stabs and outspeed on the return for 1hkos. Predicting whether heracross will stab or stone edge is good enough. If you can't do that because you rely on stall instead of predictions just use dusclops or jellicent. If you find out heracross is running night slash over stone edge then just go back to crobat to wall. And we haven't even talked about gligar or weezing yet which both tank even sword dance boosted hits from all stab and coverage moves. The thing about heracross is it can't afford to predict wrong that many times before it runs out of health. If it stone edges on something like a gigalith expecting a switch then its done. If it close combats on a switch to a crobat then it only get a couple more shots to switch out and try again. It doesn't have a priority move to bail it out. There's enough options to stop it unless you predict horribly at which point you deserve to lose. If you want to talk about something offensive thats closer to being unfair, azumarill can just autowin in a lot of a lot of late-game situations with the lack of team preview. Sure, people will say its walled by jellicent and slowbro, but there's actually a set that 1hkos both. Even if there wasn't, thats a lot less answers than heracross has. Still think its fine, but definitely more of a threat than heracross since the person with the heracross has to make the better predictions in order to win while the person with azumarill just has to open up a sweeping lane and bait in a belly drum chance. Once the azu hits the field for the first time its too late.
  21. Scouting is ultimately a handicap for donators to give them a leg up on other players since excess money means more resources to build a greater variety of comp teams. It is essential to keeping high priority customers feeling as if they are also the most skilled of players so they stick with the game longer. Scouting is supposed to be prevalent and painless and it would probably hurt the economy if it wasn't. Don't think this can be changed without drastically changing what the game is intended to be.
  22. Skarmory? Ferrothorn? Weavile/mamoswine? Excadrill? Kingdra? All of those completely destroy a choice locked outrage either by tanking it, outspeeding it, or both. There's a lot more to deal with dragons than what you listed and literally the only relevant change to calcs is on hard neutral stall mons like chansey and milotic and cofag. The change blatantly by design favors stall. Hearing there's going to be no changes is discouraging since the tier is really not in a good place. Hopefully HA's will fix it I guess.
  23. Its something that is only useful to run on stall teams. Running it on an offensive team is bad. I agree with the nerf because there's no megas to tank the full powered move here. Its not like the game is static. Over time, more and more offensive things are nerfed and more and more stall things are buffed. A certain play style is being strangled out. Being told to switch because some people decided to make up their own rules independent of how the game is usually played is just annoying. There's other tiers that are more enjoyable. Blissey is just a worse poke than chansey. They are so similar though that you can really just group them together and get a 32% usage rate which a good deal higher than anything else in the tier. That said, usage has always been a bad argument for if something is broken. I don't see what comparing chansey to an offensive sweeper does except make it look less threatening. Mega sableye was banned and comparing it to some random offensive threat would look the same. And I'm not even arguing for banning chansey. Just pointing out the outrage nerf significantly helps it as well as the lack of fighting types. I'm aware there's many ways of dealing with chansey. That's great. Why nerf one certain playstyle though arbitrarily? Overall, I'm just not sure why choice band dragonite and dragon dance physical salamence are so scary they had to be nerfed into practically being unusable. If someone could give any sort of even half-decent argument for why choice band dragonite with 120 outrage is too powerful for the meta I'd change my opinion. From where I'm sitting its just looks like a desperate attempt to help stall players.
  24. The nerfed knock off too. You've selectively eliminated the most common gen5 ways around it. The whole cofag, milotic, chansey core simply didn't work in gen 5 and that was a good thing. Stall was still really powerful too, just not overbearing. Its not just a mountain. Its an artificially constructed mountain in the middle of nowhere flatlands and its made out of poop. Chansey getting an absurd defense buff was never a good design choice, but when 2 of the 3 best fighting types are missing (3 of the 4 if you count breloom missing its hidden) and physical dragons are nerfed its just dumb. The game is about punching stuff and killing it, not about people going and hiding in mountains for 10 years like they are some wannabe terrorist. Just because you ko it by pp stalling it with a gengar or getting enough air slash flinches with togekiss doesn't mean it was a quality addition to the game.
  25. The ways to deal with it aren't fun. That's the issue. Pokemon are fun to battle with because they well defined strengths and weaknesses. Scizor is popular because its very good at threatening a lot of things but no one thinks its broken because the flow of play is to try to hit it with a fire move. It has a rhythm to it that feels good. If it was living +1 volcarona fiery dances people would feel different even if it could still be beaten by skarmory or togekiss or whatever else. Having to slow the pace of the game down by 10 turns with awkward strategies just to pp stall a chansey with gengar or flinchhax it with togekiss or play this repetitive switch game where my physical mons with neutral attacks can never do above 50% . Yeah, great mon... so good. This is a thread for salt and I just don't get why anyone would be complaining about rock move accuracy when there's this obese pokemon that ruins the pace of the game and is years overdue to get a heart attack and die.
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