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  1. I don't think this work, I tried using it on Breloom because I thought that he has technician: he doesn't I ended up losing 70k (yes TWICE because I'm pooped) since he only has 1 ability and it consumed the pill anyway Any chance of getting my money back?
  2. Alright so I should keep in mind whe breeding that things such as Dnite/Mence, wobbuffet, dugtrio, blissey and tyranitar may not be in OU forever right ? corrrect me if I missed any other "contested" pokemon
  3. I've taken a look at OU viability and usage statistics etc since I came back after a long while, and I'm trying to compute everything that has changed.. One thing is bothering me though, how are Dugtrio and (even more so) Wobbuffet not banned ? I've never been a fan of outright banning everything thats big in the meta (see blissey or snorlax), but aren't those two just annoying-no-counterplay gimmicks ? Also, another unrelated question: why is Salamence so rarely used ? Why is Dnite used over Salamence ? Surely intimidate + better speed makes up for a bit of lost bulk?
  4. Ok nvm I hadn't been to Unova, and it's actually quite populated But as you guys said, when it comes to pvp it seems that the game has taken quite a hit yeah Thanks for answers
  5. Hi everyone, I came around to see how the game has changed over the last year ( I think last time I played was around 2016 christmas), since apparently there's a new region etc. Problem is that the game seems deserted, what happened ? Where do people hangout, why is /channel so empty ? Even the pvp ladder seems abandoned
  6. Thank you very much for the info on seismic toss/chansey matchup Yes it is a wish Jolteon with Wish/HP Ice/Tbolt growth (soon) because I already have a max speed Jolteon So I wanted something different I'm not trying to speed tie Aeros because I'm not fond of speed ties + I have a reliable check for it, Same for Kazam/Espeons, I already have a few answers ready for them. But since I actually need to invest less EV in HP than I thought, I have a bit more to spend so I'l probably aim for a higher speed cap, thank you
  7. Hello, I'm currently trying to breed a somewhat bulky Jolteon, to improve its survivabilty vs Chansey and to put its great spdef to use Do you know what EV spread would work? So far I came up with: TIMID => 232HP / 252 SPATK / 20 SPEED + 4 wherever (HP IV is 30, which is why I dont go 236) 20 speed gives me 168, enough to outspeed speed nature base 100 My problem is according to damage calculator seismic toss is a 4hKO with this spread, and that with a little more HP investment it becomes a 5HKO Is this really a case scenario I should prepare for ? Do you think there are other threats I should prioritize?
  8. And I would add that if you were to farm everstone at a normal rate for approximately the same money as 31 farming, you should expect a price of 15K/everstone, not 20k as said above 20-25k is/was only because gym re-battling is/was prioritized over everstone farming so much that the offer/demand ratio got moved down. Do you know any other "common" item people would be willing to pay 33% (at best!) too much for ? None because no other item has such a terrible farm system
  9. bump: Please consider adding another option to farm everstones in this game (be it with BP or anything else you think is fair) Everstone requirements: _To have a stupid dedicated pokemon _To do mindless up/downs for hours _To sit through all those unwanted encounters _To sit through all that slow as **** text _To be able to endure 1h of NOTHING if you're not in your lucky day I haven't met anyone who didn't think everstone farming is absolute pain, and even now (2 months after this topic) everstone are still 21k on the GTL If you want to incentivise players to BREED please give some thought to the everstone situation
  10. My problem is that, sure, these poke you listed can take a hit (even though with a layer of spike most of them will be in trouble really quick) but my issue is that they tend to put very low pressure once they come on Aerodactyl.. Spikers -> sure you get a layer or two, but meanwhile the Aero spams RS and you're basically left without a functionning defensive core, which means your layer of spike is close to being a non-factor since the duel is going to be all-in now. So yeah maybe I'll put counter but I have to give up EQ and I'm not even sure it's worth Vap/Milo/Porygon: reeeeaaaally easy to abuse + really no that bulky (3HKO is not a reliable check imo, especially when they're all 3 affected by spikes and that RS has high flinch rate). Also any "surprising set" (as in, investing in spatk to get some unexpected firepower) dies even faster to RS so basicaally they put no pressure and are forced to recover on the switch Weezing: decent but not really favored in this meta imo It's kind of annoying how few pokemons can completely shut off this guy.. I guess I'll run a Swampert then
  11. I run 4 walls already but of all of those you listed, nearly all of them can't take repeated rock slide Forre, Skarm, Wezing Vap Pory Milo all take very serious damage from RS spam and basically enter the field, take 20-35% dmg, and then try to hit it while he simply switchs out, and I've lost a lot of momentum Repeat once or twice and my tanks are in the red -> one crit or flinch = lose game Should i run some gimmick like counter on Forre ? I really don't like it..
  12. Help against Aerodactyl please This pokemon is dumb really all my tanks get flinched jolteon is literally a 50%freewin 50% freelose scarfers for revenge killing are waay too obvious noone will not switch
  13. Apparently Snorlax is banned (?), so I would like to know how you handle Charizard ? More precisely special Charizard, because bellydrum is quite one-dimensional and high risk high reward so np But special Charizard is hard... It's hard to predict if it's a sunny day set or a dumb life orber spam on the switch Life orb covers about everything and once the guy has a little bit of info on your team you end up getting f'd because unless he's braindead he will at least have one good prediction out of the 10 life orb recoils Sunny is at least tolerable but it's still not very funny to be on the receiving end On top of that with it's typing Charizard can come several times on the field with little risk I checked pokedex to try to find a good thing to switch but found nothing tbh -Arcanine: unless you put some specialdef invest (which sounds shit) it won't take the hits -Porygon: not tanky enough to last long + very low momentum gain -Houndoom: loses and slower than Charizard -Umbreon horrible poke -Kanga: didn't try yet but I'm really not convinced this poke would give me any momentum -Dusclops: seriously gets in trouble pretty fast & no good recovery move -Milo/any bulky water: if it's sunnyday you can disconnect just after switching, if it's lifeorb you can switch once, but next time you get in trouble cause of HP elec -Gyara: HP elec on lifeorbe, Double solarbeam on sunnyday (gyara doesnt kill Charizard under the sun) -Hariyama with thick fat: is this guy even a thing ? So basically all I can see is: Chansey which is good but a pokemon I hate 10x more than snorlax and bulky Kingdra (meh) How do you handle this poke pls ? Help!!
  14. Would SD Breloom (or CB Breloom, undecided yet) benefit from jolly nature, or should I go adamant ? It seems that the only difference is that I would be in a speed tie with Gyarados Or is jolly better to outspeed Metagross? I have always played my metagross as a bulky attacker so I'm not really familiar with what is its standard speed investment
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