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  1. After few months i relog in and it said my account was punished and i dont know why it's punished and it said something about trade money....
  2. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/74847-heres-my-consolelog-consume/
  3. Do u guys use teamviewer? I really need some help with that issue
  4. help i have some problem with the game in the new update version , when i open it after update it said : " Fatal render error has occurred. please post your console.log (in the logs folder) on the fouroms to get assistance"
  5. Like open main sever or test sv only?
  6. Text:MysteryGoldenFox. (IGN: SilverThunderZ) Team:MATE Character/pokemon:typhlosion (with a reindeer antlers if u dont mind ^^) Background:Blizzard Animation:yes Donation:depend on signature ^^
  7. file:///E:/Ung%20Dung/1pZBSZv.png

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