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  1. You are using claims to justify statistics , saying new players do not have better rng does not justify stats that show otherwise. In fact its the other way around, stats disprove claims. Your logic: rolling dices show there is a 1/6 chance to get 6. However because I say there is no chance of getting 6 there isn't <--- lol
  2. If anything the stats provided clearly shows players with less play time ARE more likely to get a shiny. As the outlier who played for 252 days is nearly the equivalent of all those 22 players before 24 hours mark combined. However 100 is way too small for a sample pool of this game, the data is incomplete and limited, hours does not reflect encounters. It would be much more convincing to look at the average encounter to shiny ratio. Hour to shiny ratio tells us nothing. My point stands: why make the outliers the amount of hours put in rather than the amount of encounters?
  3. also this, i also highly doubt that every 10 players there are 2 under 24 hrs game time, there is probably less.
  4. Whoever said this has no clue about experimental probability. If you roll a six sided die for 6 times it is likely that you will not get number 6 within those rolls, however if you roll it 100 times, there is a good chance you will get a 6 (almost certainly). The shiny encounter rate is just like a massive die with 1/8192. Although each several roll is independent, on a bigger scale your chances of getting a shiny is increasing.
  5. Does not explain this at all: Shiny rate hasn't been a static amount for at least a year. It's variable depending on things like 'Whether donator status is active' 'Where you got your pogeyman' 'What you've been doing' 'How new you are' 'How much we think you're cheating' etc. A lot of the RNG for drops you encounter in the game is tailored in this format to combat cheating.
  6. Because apparently the more the game thinks you are a bot the more your shiny encounter rate decreases, this makes it impossible to shiny hunt in one area.
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