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  1. wow this is freakin cool *_* thank you so much dude :)
  2. i love your theme :) but can you maybe make the buttons dark? It fits better to the theme i think
  3. it seems that you have only the shiny mods active? There are 4 zip archives. You need to put them all in the mod folder and activate all of them in the mod manager
  4. can we have "mounts ( ridable pokemon )? This would be so cool :)
  5. I think this could be a nice improvement instead SCROLLING in the chat to find the person who own it actually
  6. so.. this was already implemented?
  7. we have pokemon for the gba and for the nds so why play on a pc hm? dude come on..
  8. if you play in fullscreen mode, you doesn't have the toolbar..
  9. Hello, is it possible that we can have an additional field in the upper left corner? Something like: ST: 11:56 RT(RealTime): 09:35 Best regards :)
  10. Pokemon GO HYPE it's so real :o
  11. Hey all, this is my first suggestion: I think it's cool to have something like a companian app. They should allow us things like: => View your character from your phone => Customize your character from your phone => View your pokemon => Maybe use the chat? => Show your Friendlist and text with your friends => Show us news and updates, related to PokeMMO I hope you enjoy this idea :) Best regards,
  12. Erotox

    Riding a Pokemon

    any news here? This sounds soooo amazing *-*
  13. its so frustrating that this mod doesn't get updated anymore :( but nice work @all if you maybe come back and read this :)
  14. is this in work right now? So will this be updated in future :)?
  15. Name: Erotox Team: - Pokemon/render: Mega Gengar Can you make it dark/psy themed?
  16. ----------------
    Just Awesome**

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