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  1. I want a refund on 1,3k repeat balls cuz they're legit useless now. 1 hp asleep ditto -> 7 balls
  2. Endless fishing to get a decent staryu...
  3. log on, check gtl for dittos and shiny breeders => dissapointment => log out => repeat
  4. I agree that there isn't much to be done about knock off, but on here you have the occasional tentacruel/gliscor/ferrothorn that carries it just for the item removal (the damage wouldn't matter here, maybe on gliscor) What carries knock off in SM OU, off the top of my head: tangrowth, bisharp, weavile, scizor, mega sableye and mega mawile. only 3 of those are viable on here and I personally wouldn't run it on scizor over pursuit... Let's add a little bit more aids to OU
  5. Most moves have their gen 6-7 damage and accuracy. I can definitely understand the need to keep outrage at 90 instead of 120, but knock off seems to be a bit lackluster with 20 power (the effect is still amazing) Weavile probably benefits the most of this and can also threaten Reuniclus which is everywhere in OU... now you have to run ttar/scizor/volcarona (other species are available™) It would make Weavile more viable in OU and adds some more variety to the tier. (Weavile fan btw)
  6. Soul

    Buying RNG

    Yeah, average repels per riolu is about 6.89, tested with 1000 repels : 145 encounters, also using illuminate, just a very big dry streak that got me thinking i had dced
  7. Repel trick hunt riolu they said, it'll be fun they said...
  8. There's not a single defensive pokemon in your team. It makes sense to me that you have to use some other playstyles instead of just bruteforcing your way through the story. Get a wall with toxic, inflict burns to stop physical attackers, if something is faster use twave, subseed, ... And since you get healed after e4 now, just get 5 mons with destiny bond. There is so much you can do to beat e4... And if you want to bruteforce it anyway, DD gyarados stomps everything in story.
  9. Not even permanent weather... and by your logic should torkoal also be uber?
  10. You all need to go back to math class, the chance of getting a shiny is 50/50, you either find one or you don't...
  11. Alright, thanks for the quick reply! wouldn't want to lose my streak to something unexpected hehe
  12. Just faced a speed boost blaziken in hoenn battle tower. Only reason I kept my streak was due to 2x paralyze in a row. Are there any other hidden abilities that are available to those trainers? Ex. Multiscale Dragonite, Magic bounce espeon and Moxie salamence especially. Because if some of these are in the game, you'd need to change your approach in handling some of these threats.
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