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  1. they literally have no idea... Edit: rache just posted a spoiler
  2. guess its time for fame or shame!
  3. ever see boxing day sales? how an entire store can be cleaned in litteral seconds!
  4. i suggested something like this years ago for deerling and sawsbuck (bike vanities) sadly still not a thing
  5. Simply yes! you seem to be rich enough to have 6x31 perfect mons anyways, maybe learn how to use those also
  6. aww but they just enhanced "Gary" because we all thought he was too easy, also you can blame us for not being able to change the rivals name anymore. we did very bad things to "Gary" while he was disposable and dispensable
  7. on a side addition increase block list capacity im pretty sure my friends on that end are getting close to filled
  8. thanks for letting the devs know of your strategy im sure they will nerf it very shortly! thank you for shopping at wal-mart! πŸ™‚
  9. and another 1 using gilans fantastic encounter counter :3
  10. sorry @TechnoVortex & @TheBloobut...SRiF! Axew #2 looking for my first bat still
  11. we don't need to imagine, we already know and feel this very pain
  12. that poliwhirl in the middle, feels like he wanted to be the center of attention GG
  13. guess the devs gonna need to do extra and create a PokeMMO: Educational Edition with all these economic value changing suggestions and petitions in place
  14. the staryu hordes were removed along with most of the wild and horde changes after we got sinnoh as for why, the mystery continues!
  15. the plan is to math an equation and beat elon musk to be the first plague to infect mars and create a sword art online horror experience
  16. atleast Darkshade trying to bring some new kinds of vanities and with player expectations high as is eventually were going to be expecting 10 events weekly each with a new untradeable hat to please the crowd for a day tops
  17. Aboot dam time, was a long drought and another 1
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