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  1. the devs are still making money off the player which is totally optional for the player to "Donate" or not and doing so you must agree and understand the donation platforms terms. the players that do donate seem to be thinking the pokemmo service works like one of those nft's where they believe there buying a piece of the entire game.
  2. wonder how many more episodes till freezer blows up planet namek
  3. at the end of the day we are all free to go out and make a better game rather then forcing ourselves to click login to a game thats apparently so bad even worse threads like this need to exist
  4. Very nice job tho, in my honest opinion don't sell it theres alot of lowballers/scammers out there
  5. dungeons is also been "on the plan"...since like 2014
  6. gym rematches are a thing where all the gym leaders are upgraded beyond johto
  7. there are many bugs but to bring up old times since this threads been necro'd
  8. projecting yourself in 3rd person on an almost 3 year old thread...
  9. so selling a shedinja for 20m is a shiny flex and not a scam now?
  10. some people just don't understand how unsafe letting these criminals loose again can be...
  11. guess the hoarders getting desperate with intimidation
  12. maybe next year when you come and look back to comment this necro thread will finally be in the trash
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