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  1. that would be selling gamefreaks content therefore they would get the big shut down
  2. one can simply just walk upon water
  3. the statement still stands and the devs can still decide to shut down the servers whenever much like how the idea of dungeons have been in confirmed concept since when?
  4. anime waifu pillows with extra tear absorbtion and laying in a "Z" like pattern
  5. thought i was being nice at the topic at hand...
  6. try recovering 5 mins later
  7. its only a 300k mistake try breeding a 6x31 meowth twice ending in failure
  8. forum account is seperate from game login account
  9. the naughty green giant has arrived, who needs cute charm when you got kawaii charm
  10. last they did a character nuke a few years ago where any inactive players within the certain boundries, they obviously can't wipe the character with that name just because its not active as this name may have 1: purchased RP. 2: has end game progress in multiple regions along with items and money. 3: has shinies you can find the info near the very bottom
  11. reminds you of when drinkle left only he left a bigger bang
  12. theres a few active mods who i believe have these kinds of threads bookmarked just ask in global if sethsen or revz are around
  13. this is not a dri... i mean meme. my first time i went for rayaquaza i was helping a friend who was looking for it nearly a week and i found it in 10 minutes
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