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  1. Soon™
  2. Shiny Golduck evolved into a regular Poliwag in battle?
  3. admit it you were just to embarrassed to say you wanted it for yourself.
  4. no i thought it had explosion so i sent golduck for safety precautions, just used smeargle once i knew
  5. thank you rng <3 9/10 caught
  6. the sugar daddy of current shinies makes a comeback :3 gratz
  7. Ripleys CM it or Not!?
  8. true i didnt think the visual bugs topic existed thanx :)
  9. heheh chat malfunction ripley was no longer a cm switching chat tabs
  10. 1 horde after waking up, quirky nature
  11. so could i...if i was spam refreshing the gtl all day
  12. jolly with 4 attack and 20 speed
  13. i bet 100k the update will take more then 3 months or more to happen
  14. Finally one of my wanted shinies <3 next up delibird
  15. or a fancy dank bridge to the legendary dungeons