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  1. found during alt berry run <3 my new thiefmon. Page King!
  2. Crop>Copy>Paste easy paint jorb
  3. windows 7 just with windows xp skinned
  4. i honestly thought soccies was calling a bluff when he found the shiny vulpix, im jelly too wasnt even 2 minutes he was asking me lol
  5. New Mission: Hunt a shiny *minutes/hours/days/weeks passes* Mission Update: Pat yourself on the back you have found a shiny! Mission Complete: if caught Mission Failed: if it finds a way to escape Reward: you found a shiny GG you can sell it for prize money
  6. your missing the image of your shiny chansey you dope head
  7. 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68, 69, 78, 88, 98
  8. untradable lucky eggs incoming
  9. first with donator in a long while! 15/17 <3 5 shinies caught this month alone
  10. wouldnt the porygon hatch unkown ot if it hatched shiny from gtl bought or still ot*?
  11. don't worry if i can keep getting 4 shinies each month i'll get to 100 in no time
  12. Kawaii, prepare yourself for I am about to shiny hunt the rarest of the rare, without giving up, shiny Ralts.



  13. today is Victory Day, may our shinies bring forth Victini!
  14. Nice kabutops very jealous, though im sure everyone is