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  1. 57th caught and completion of the shiny pony line <3 SRiF! and another making this 58
  2. nobody goes with the dog/cat ate my homework anymore, except sometimes those appeals actually worked
  3. wasnt a stantler but also needed bronzong for my fair rated collection :3
  4. Can confirm that the shiny rate is 1/fair that 30k is just a scary number like in those horror stories that will make you believe the boogeymans in your closet
  5. theres alot more out there such as "random shit pokemmo players say" but pretty sure it got butchered or just around a year of bullshittery got it lost from advanced search
  6. my first 2019 shiny (which was spheal) was about 6 months after my last 2018 shiny, it was "one of" my greatest shiny hunt depressions since my very first in 2016 which ended up fleeing
  7. there actually is a player named UnknownOT tho
  8. wait what!? my life has been a lie this entire time!
  9. just play on pc is your found solution
  10. theres been 2 dittos caught within 5 mins apart, not sure if they were sold or not but they were both also on gtl for a time
  11. everyone forgets that sabrinas gym even exists though it has 2 gyms i also beat blaine before saffron
  12. G/S/C is indeed nostalgia but speaking for myself "many players" was most memorable of R/B/Y
  13. we just got sinnoh and your already bored? how is adding johto going to be any different if your just gonna be bored after a week?
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