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  1. GodofKawaii

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    i enabled chinaman chat was looking at trade chat for hours never seen it only the same screenshot thats been posted
  2. GodofKawaii

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    not even an hour you mean? but i enabled the chinese chat and never seen no shiny zorua or zoroark for that matter you would think the first would be on that shit A.S.A.P and non stop spamming like the CAPSLORDS
  3. GodofKawaii

    Is Zorua going to be PERMANENT?

    in sinnoh confirmed™
  4. GodofKawaii


    @Desu will shiny zorua appear as the illusioned shiny?
  5. GodofKawaii


    i heard about this going outside stuff but it sounds like a drug
  6. GodofKawaii


    in FR/LG the tv was used for swarms since it didnt have those special pokemon finding key items
  7. GodofKawaii


    pretty sure all the messages on the tv were in 2012 or early 2013 the swarm said relicanth swarm but turned out to be qwilfish so probly everything on that tv is just a joke
  8. GodofKawaii


    i thought it was a joke
  9. my goal has been achieved you made a pointless thread <3
  10. GodofKawaii

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    the contest hall provides decent rewards if you give it a chance im told you can even link with other players in pokemmo for them
  11. GodofKawaii

    End game content

    we need johto for that to happen
  12. GodofKawaii

    What is a true Pokémon Master?

    aww you even included the shiny hunters, Shiny Rate is Fair! Daryl is a Master shiny hunter- Shiny Paras Fled
  13. GodofKawaii

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    probly since 2012 xD but even in 2019 people are still going crazy about "update when" and feb just around the corner
  14. GodofKawaii

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    sinnoh confirmed?
  15. GodofKawaii

    Anyone figure this event out yet?

    as soon as i figuired out there were no wilds and you play as a *Shiny Elfbot* i gave up on this shit might as well continue the shiny hunt

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