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  1. GodofKawaii

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    i guess they cant speak for themselves and that is odd
  2. GodofKawaii

    Glitch With Unova Starter Pokemon Select

  3. GodofKawaii

    Moderate the Spanish chat.

    well you cant blame the volunteer squad for trying to keep the game in line and finding people willing + worthy is hard to come by as your dealing with the faceless of the internet
  4. GodofKawaii

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Vengence at last from my first shiny pidgey! 2 shinies on canada day <3 Shiny rate is fair
  5. GodofKawaii

    Legendary Capture

    Splash Splash Splash Splash
  6. GodofKawaii

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Shiny rate is fair! 2nd weepinbell 29th caught 31 found for this Canadian.
  7. GodofKawaii

    Smokeball consumable?

    okay im done good day to you salty sir
  8. GodofKawaii

    Smokeball consumable?

    many shiny hunters use a pickup pokemon and payday the wilds while they wait to encounter a shiny and of course come prepared with a damp pokemon such as myself Edit: no devs didnt make leftovers one time use because there are berries which can be farmed as consumables while held in battle
  9. GodofKawaii

    Smokeball consumable?

    forgot to mention with the pickup mon yeah you can payday the other wild pokemon until you find a koffing and still get a smokeball via pickup, see you figuired out one of the many easy ways to get a smokeball without my blabbing if your done you should ask a mod to close this thread
  10. GodofKawaii

    Smokeball consumable?

    you just need a thief quagsire on the 2nd slot an alive pickup pokemon on the first when you encounter a koffing switch to quagsire then thief, if no item then kill it and pickup may activate and give you one or if the quagsire gets a smoke ball you can still kill it afterwards and pickup may still find a smokeball also, the point of the game is farming its an "MMO"
  11. GodofKawaii

    Smokeball consumable?

    smoke balls are free tho how is that less expensive?
  12. GodofKawaii

    Smokeball consumable?

    think of it as your playing WoW (an MMO) you have temporary buffs in your inventory, you equip the buff to be able to use it whenever needed in this case running from a strong enemy that buff is used then destroyed. *never played wow so i just used a random mmo as example* that is the smoke ball in a nutshell
  13. GodofKawaii

    Smokeball consumable?

    unless you wanna teach your pokemon explosion in the future i guess you wont have a need for smoke balls
  14. GodofKawaii

    How do you add images to your posts?

    https://imgur.com/ is what i use
  15. GodofKawaii

    Smokeball consumable?

    people actually buy repels with the trainer pickup being a thing? and smokeballs are fairly common in the pickups also

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