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  1. Gratz on two bells in one day, plus you won't get any hate here as thats the point of this thread.
  2. you didn't realize that games like this we are developer guinea pigs of there future development?
  3. yes you can trade money and items between accounts this is not considered "RMT" Real Money Trade/Transaction also you should add an english translation to anything you post on the forums
  4. this would make pickup and thief more interesting
  5. are you sure about that? you can just buy the limited items for cheap when they release with pokeyen untill they expire
  6. can i still run for shiny hunter president tim horton?
  7. in kanto there is a system message that displays when it's caught, who the owner is and the location along with channel mewtwo can take up to one encounter to many hours of encounters
  8. you mean this promise? i don't see a promised specific time
  9. i cant wait for sinnoh to come out and he be asking "whens next update? cya when next update comes"
  10. can i attempt mayor shiny hunter if i collect 20 more shinies?
  11. you can still get banned for less like "bag of nuts AKA a nut sack"
  12. another evo line shiny complete :3 now gimme axew
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