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  1. your wasting your leppas on deino since you have fast access to PC when your most certain to get a few durants (just like me) and damm you lucky people be finding your first shiny before 1k hours
  2. nice scam you got planned, we got official ones coming up also wrong place to be putting something like this
  3. what kind? i'll take anything spicy...also hype!
  4. the only real negative effect is you would stop thinking for yourself since everything would be spoon fed more then it already is
  5. very rare occurance but has happened to many players myself included
  6. agreed it seemed to be so important he decided to disappear for a week after an hour of posting this most likely troll thread
  7. finally part of the my lil ponydash club :3 shiny 46 caught
  8. yeah true im fairly upset i cant afford a new toaster to play better games... oh well im stuck here till a miracle comes along
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