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  1. don't worry if i can keep getting 4 shinies each month i'll get to 100 in no time
  2. Kawaii, prepare yourself for I am about to shiny hunt the rarest of the rare, without giving up, shiny Ralts.



  3. today is Victory Day, may our shinies bring forth Victini!
  4. Nice kabutops very jealous, though im sure everyone is
  5. 4 solo and no donator on any of them
  6. 14/16 3rd surskit! #MudkipREKT!
  7. got a small rescue force in ch2 not sure how much longer most of us will be there today but come join us!
  8. last 2 people i met that got shiny tentacool cursed, lets just say i never seen them again.
  9. Choice of two colors: black & Midnight Blue Name: slowbro (no caps at begining of name) Team (Optional): GlØw Render: Slowbro + mega slowbro on opposite side if possible *Sig is for @slowbro*
  10. looks great thank you! juicy tip incoming <3
  11. colors: shiny delibird pink & light blue Name: GodofKawaii Team (Optional): GlØw Render: Delibird
  12. thats one pretty gard <3
  13. yeah i did enter that but 9th place was my rank i still consider it a winner
  14. Caught during catching event <3 13/15
  15. im beginning to think this was rngs way of saying "sorry for trolling you on 420" that was also without donator