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  1. 19/21 :3 26k encounters also
  2. was probly his own he put for the price since no one will buy it
  3. Report GTL System for Scamming
  4. @Billla do you think it would be possible to add an egg count to the counter? I've noticed a recent amount of people attempting to shiny breed myself included.
  5. my computer is a 10 year old hand me down and it ran the pts rather smoothly
  6. Shiny Dragonite has a nice puke green flavour i'm sure @TheChampionMike agrees it should be a jelly bean
  7. 18th caught after 25 day drought 3x0 my best shiny yet!
  8. RIP first a lunatone now this
  9. my first day of pokemmo was asking if feebas was available which involved should be sorry and you a fucking poop ~blocked~ now feebas is available and this person is no where to spam his 6x0 nor 6x31 feebas
  10. no thanks you already had a topic closed due to not knowing what your doing so no thanks
  11. just when munya closed the other one bam new pts arrives
  12. Hype! <3
  13. nope its actually right here
  14. this is a true gentleman's hat