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  1. whats good for him should be good for you according to the human nutritional guidelines
  2. been suggested a billion times already
  3. shiny delibird wrapped in xmas lights(animated) that stumbled on ice trying to decorate a christmas tree snowy background with SRiF! inscribed on the trunk of the tree GodofKawaii
  4. as much as i agree on the pokeball changing fact being pointless i had my 5 second rant to a friend then accepted the fact since the devs watered my berries for me so when i got up at 6AM wanting to just leave em be and go back to bed my one desire was fufilled thanks devs
  5. i'd be dead 10 minutes into the session
  6. we don't even deserve a halloween event, protect yourself from covid instead!
  7. nah they just making the "Shiny Rate is Fair!"fanclub
  8. as a victim to whats being suggested... still no
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