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  1. i believe its because the regi dolls were official items from the game therefore it was selling gamefreaks property in a sense
  2. no insult just english people can't understand what your saying and whatever your trying to poin out, also is this even relevent to pokemmo and not lets say twitch!
  3. yes "rly" whatever moon runes your trying to point out in this case
  4. "Sent to a better place" is too long anyways
  5. my epic fail from 4/20 2017 and its anniversary coming Soon™ as for a 2020+2021 horror story it seems shinies be avoiding me like i am the covid ive probly found aboot 10 shinies total since then
  6. smurfgle #3 even tho its not female the stats were nice SRi*Inhales*F!
  7. its not the first and i for sure know it wont be the last, but sometimes after i space out and put quantity as the price which autofixes to fit the stack i then click confirm and sell a 2k piece item for 100 pokeyen
  8. gligar evo complete and now i can stop being salty aboot cilan and dat stealing my shiny
  9. Success Finding and keeping 65 of my successfully caught shinies Failure - haunts me evrryday
  10. im sure you would want a mod to confirm this but there was a changelog from a few years ago with the ot changing on your mon when you change names. found it, scroll down to miscellaneous
  11. nobody is going to make a mod like that for this it just wouldn't work.
  12. my first was a high level pidgey already asleeep knowing whirlwind, i was feeling uguuy and chucked pokeballs but person behind me be like "it's gonna run/die somehow" sadly to say he was right it woke up and whirlwinded the hell outta there. i however did get redemption 2-3 years later after that incident and in the same spot
  13. so thats why they took the regi dolls off the gift shop
  14. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/33-client-customization/ could always have made just one single post with edited update logs here not a 2 part of the same post as the last
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