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  1. You know, it wouldnt hurt to check your inbox and the dates they were sent.. I can only imagine how many unread messages you have... You prob dont even remember me anyway.. eh hopefully this got your attention.

    Enjoy life to the fullest.

  2. highly possible, we didn't get one in 2017
  3. you just had to remind me of this possibility...
  4. its only fair the PvP players finally get updates, the passed like several years we were getting PvE based fixes and nerfs with PvP players wondering and quitting when there system was going to be "fixed" (i don't PvP) so i wouldn't know what was even broken other then the abilities and moves which also affected PvE
  5. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/26-guide-tavern/ any player filled data complete and incomplete are all listed here for your specific searching, goodluck with your master quest to find all the complete guides
  6. i woutd tell you more but you would have to find out on an incoming Simpsons episode
  7. the man who told you this must have built a 5 star business franchise from nothing as it is possible and obviously need alot of money but they shadowed out the "loss" part
  8. feeling dead inside yet?
  9. they literally have no idea... Edit: rache just posted a spoiler
  10. guess its time for fame or shame!
  11. ever see boxing day sales? how an entire store can be cleaned in litteral seconds!
  12. i suggested something like this years ago for deerling and sawsbuck (bike vanities) sadly still not a thing
  13. Simply yes! you seem to be rich enough to have 6x31 perfect mons anyways, maybe learn how to use those also
  14. aww but they just enhanced "Gary" because we all thought he was too easy, also you can blame us for not being able to change the rivals name anymore. we did very bad things to "Gary" while he was disposable and dispensable
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