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  1. Finally after 160 hours of evs training got my 11th OT. Love Hera fucking hype!!! :D
  2. LMAO Guess I am chinese now XD. Green shiny again, same spot, 4 fucking hours since the last one (marowak) 10th OT fucking hype
  3. Not really what I wanted but won't complain xd 8th OT HYPE (And I know my chat is on the right, but I fack you all XD)
  4. When the fuck are you planning to fix unova's lag for mac Users? @Kyu @Desu
  5. thanks for people using donator status and can't loggin on rn. Also really hope u fixed the shit with mac and the lag withUnova region.
  6. My fav girl in 2D. She is Daryl's Mom and I love her
  7. devs, pls don't forget mac users. Thanks you
  8. we all know @DarylDixon is the best for this role
  9. someone with digimon's shit doesn't deserve clothes.
  10. Apparently someone realized tentas weren't a good investment XD
  11. still laggin af for me on mac even with the new update. Just impossible to play.
  12. 1 day with donator and 1400 leppas later finally my 7th OT
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