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  1. Finally after 160 hours of evs training got my 11th OT. Love Hera fucking hype!!! :D
  2. LMAO Guess I am chinese now XD. Green shiny again, same spot, 4 fucking hours since the last one (marowak) 10th OT fucking hype
  3. Hey fam, You all know am leaving in 4 days so I just wanted to thanks all of you. Brahs, friends, am lucky coz I met wonderful people and friends here. Should be able to log once or twice a week If i am lucky xd (but clearly think it won't be possible haha). 9 months are long but you all know it is what I wanted for 5 years now, and all my sacrifices finally paid. Won't forget you, ima still catch you on whatssap and discord anyway so. Love you, cya and take care o7 Kaero, Max, Grey, Axel or who the fuck you prefer :p <3 PS: @RysPicz take that shiny lanturn pls
  4. Not really what I wanted but won't complain xd 8th OT HYPE (And I know my chat is on the right, but I fack you all XD)
  5. When the fuck are you planning to fix unova's lag for mac Users? @Kyu @Desu
  6. thanks for people using donator status and can't loggin on rn. Also really hope u fixed the shit with mac and the lag withUnova region.
  7. My fav girl in 2D. She is Daryl's Mom and I love her
  8. Yop Yop fam, This time it is the good one, you all know ima leave in march for around 9 months (or more). Still have some shits to sell. All pokemons listed can go for 150k/ea (please take them if u really need xd). Also have some dittos, good breeders, hunters and collectors pokemons, items, tms .... . Pm for infos :). Enjoy o7
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