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  1. You can see the combination when you hover over the berry on gtl or wherever
  2. Opte

    Compound Eyes Works in Pokemmo?

    I think he means compound eyes overworld effect and I'm pretty sure it does not work.
  3. Opte

    New items guide

  4. Opte

    About the android update.

    I understand what you want to say but it's spelled "perfect".
  5. Opte

    [IPS] Touhoumon Forgotten Puppet Fantasy

  6. Z-moves are complete garbage. Same goes for mega evolution.
  7. Opte

    [Video] Pokemon's AMV

    If what was happening on the video matched music/melody in any way, could have been good. Like this is just random song over a random video.
  8. Competitive pvp that you can play on pokemon showdown?
  9. Encountered shiny while EV training, had only 1 pokeball in bag and well you can see how that ended. 3rd Shiny encounter, 0 shinies caught. feelsbad
  10. Opte

    What's your fav pokemon

    Emolga is the best.
  11. Opte

    New Items For pokemon

  12. Opte

    Shards in Unova

    You can get all the shards with Pickup in Undella Bay.
  13. Opte

    Outrage Base power

    If there is no reason to run it over dclaw then don't.
  14. Opte

    Disable Tourney Spectate

    Well either locking your team at the start and not being able to change pokemon or shuffling the bracket each round would be good.

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