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  1. I don't know, I mean the suggestion and the requirements are pretty cool, but it makes it incredibly hard to acquire Deoxys in the first place. However, once people do start getting Deoxys, he'll barely even be a legendary due to the fact that this is an MMO, so people WILL be able to get both legendaries registered quite fast. Also, was Otoya said. Two legends is enough currently in PokeMMO.
  2. She/he is already done with making themes, or at least they're finishing the 50 that have been requested. It says it in the OP, so sorry, but you're a bit too late ;-;
  3. I'm with this idea, although whoever has the legendary better be ready for a ton of battles haha.
  4. I mostly have straight ships, but one of my lady-friends made me watch some shows (cough cough Free) and I have a few yaoi ships now because of her.
  5. Ah I understand now. Thanks for the coverage.
  6. Actual question, why does EV training at level 50 change your EV training? Is it because of the different between EVs needed for each stat to go up or is there a different reason?
  7. I would agree with dropping the price of Vitamins, but it's kind of pointless since Sweet Scent EV training is better considering just time and ease.
  8. I liked Code Geass, although honestly the MC pisses me off sometimes so much.
  9. Sunday's have just been amazing this season, Re:Zero, Tales of Zestiria, and Orange. Alderamin on the Sky has been pretty enjoyable too, although the MC is op af :P. Also, I think this thread is very peaceful. Too peaceful. So let's ask, who is best girl out of all of the anime you've watched. I don't know why, but I like Yukino from Oregairu quite a bit. I wonder if people will actually answer the question.
  10. Cyrillic


    Battletag: Cyrillic #1583 Region: North America - Canada Main Character: Genji Most Hated Character: Roadhog I'm down to play with anyone, my friend brought me from 56 to 50 and I'm crying on the inside. Feel free to add me, I'll add you back for sure ^-^
  11. I might even just suggest a completely new item? I agree having a makeover kit is a tad over the top, but maybe a cheaper alternative to it would be better. Being able to freely change the look of your character would be quite unreasonable, even if it's just the base of your character. Think about it, it's like if you played an MMO and spent some time making your character and you play with some friends, and get used to your sprites. The day after that, you changed how you look COMPLETELY which makes the purpose of making your character at the beginning kind of pointless.
  12. I found yet another nickname for myself now.
  13. I'm also against this idea. In an MMO styled game, gambling certainly doesn't fit in here. Sure it's sometimes fun to go to the coin casino and just let it rip to see if you can get anything, but adding more gambling doesn't make much sense. It acts just like it does in real life, use your money and hope that you get more than what you paid for. But as JS said above, there's no real reason to waste time in the casino. You get more money farming elsewhere, prizes are obtainable through GTL, and sometimes even the Poke Marts, and if you really want to gamble, then play a dedicated gambling game. Personally, I wouldn't go for a "skill" game, but a game that relies much more on luck (say, 99%). After all, this is a F2P game that generally relies on it's donators. If it was skill-based, people could farm off the game, sell it over the GTL and give no reason for some donator or real $ items to exist, ruining the perk of paying for it.
  14. Thanks so much, hope you finish your last few themes soon so you can take your needed break ^-^. I only started a while ago so I'll give you a small donation, thank you and I hope to see you elsewhere <3.
  15. Hiya, just another small message like I always like doing on these free things before my request. Thanks from me and for all the people you've done sigs for <3 Template Character: Genji from OverwatchName: Cyrillic Team or any text: Special Potato Background: Abstract
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