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  1. Lmao, it looks like its your first time at an event, why would you invest you money so early on buying vanities, of course more people will have them and prices will go down, you should have waited, i saw this coming, not from devs, but purely from people having more and more boxes. if you knew how the market worked then you wouldnt be screwed. next time you see an event, SELL EVERYTHING ASAP. AND WAIT.
  2. bro i just got a shiny 5 mins before the update i hope hes ok, also why is the maintenance sheduled for such an active hour the fuck
  3. although i dont know what rewards or what quests should be implemented i think team based functions should be a thing, teams are basically a CHAT ROOM and nothing else. Team wars and a team ranking could be great
  4. Indeed the absols seem an insane hunt, looks like power plant is somewhat decent
  5. Hey bois im looking for rare / cool / interesting spots to farm items off mons Im bored of my normal moneymaking options so im going for something fresh, i already know everstone, shards, amulet, leftovers, lifeorb and flame orb hunt, lookin forward to see your personal best spots!
  6. Kantos victory road at the end for def? surprised this isn't here 5x sandslash(10 EV) 5x graveler/marowak/onyx (10 EV) 90% DEF encounter rate
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