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  1. Paying 170k for 10k BP moves service. Hit me up MADELNHEAVEN in game
  2. Bump im still doing breeds, no clients after my 20 or so services:(
  3. I will breed you a competitive pokemon in no time, email or whisper me -> MadelnHeaven (has an L in it) with the info After finishing some services ive updated my reach: -1x31 4x25+ Natured = 200k(all u need) 2x31 3x25+ Natured = 350k-gettin frisky 2x31 3x28+ Natured = 550k - bruh 5x31 Natured = 1.3m - r u rich? 6x31 Natured = 2.3m- seriously WHY? Genderless 5x31 Natured = 1.8m - god damn 21k gender breeds = 70k extra Egg moves = 45k each just email me im a goode boye. Have fun! Example of a 200k breed.
  4. Kantos victory road at the end for def? surprised this isn't here 5x sandslash(10 EV) 5x graveler/marowak/onyx (10 EV) 90% DEF encounter rate
  5. played for a month back then am i cool yet
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