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  1. If they add it, that will be with all of the others mon in 4G. That kind of topic is really useless.
  2. Hi, enjoy your time here !
  3. It's not me who set this rule. When a moderator will come, he or she will make that rules respect. So it's not about my happiness. I don't even know you so why should i'll be happy ? I'm not one of the people who spam your team post.
  4. Provide only one suggestion per thread https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/announcement/15-rules-for-suggestion-box-read-before-posting/
  5. Text : Nelfy Render : Ho-oh Background : The sky with some cloud and the sun. Donation : 50k
  6. You are in a game man, don't forget it. I maybe sound stupid but it's the truth. They are free to sell what they want at the price they want, like you and me. If they want to sell a rattata with bad IV 30 millions, it's them who loose cash, not you.
  7. Why not. Majority of MMO who have an auction house have the name of the seller indicated clearly and it was never a problem. But the problem of yours reasons is that when someone undercut you he does not aim at irritating you but simply at selling more quickly. Can we really blame this kind of personn ? I don't think so. Almost everybody have already sold an item at a reduced price because he needed money and in the meantime undercut someone else. I agree with you.
  8. Text : Nelfy [SSØL] Render: heathcliff ( Sword Art Online ) Background : An Arena ( like the one in the spoiler ) Donation : I will give you a little something, like always ^^
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