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  1. ayy bby, you wan sum fug ?

  2. I pray for this game. #bringbackofftopic

    1. AzizFTW



      I mean, it is none but I, but the more the merrier.

      Cipher left the clan as he become staff.

  3. I only have blocked one person because they were being racist (my gears were grinded) but I unblocked them after a day and never bothered me again. I hate blocking people because if they are talking to someone, I can't see what they're saying and I don't know what they're talking about     Also, what's the point of having a 250 people block limit. There's only like 300 people who play this game
  4. I still haven't gotten the hang of this.  What level Starmie and HM slave should I transfer over?   Great guide, btw, will be of a lot of help!
  5. Thanks a lot, Mr Twinkle, but you did fail to realise that they were different speakers, hence the different lines. I'm pretty sure when I /do/ talk to myself, I don't act as if I have two different personalities. No, that's what I thought.   [spoiler] Just kidding, Mr Twinkle :* [/spoiler]
  6. I'll have to say, the writing events are great but I feel as if they're too pokémon based. Yeah, it's a Pokémon forum but it's nice to have some variety. Eventhough there's only been two writing events I think there'll be more pokémon based writing events. Something like an open category would be nice. For example, 1000 word limit story about anything.   Thanks. :3
  7. On a scale of 1 to 10, how dope do I look?

    1. TheGloriousWalrus


      Holy shit you look like some poor indian beggar kid, aziz pls

    2. AzizFTW
  8. This game's community is falling apart faster than me playing Jenga.

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