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  1. idk that u have some talent in arts lets see... SIG, Banner or Avatar: sig Character theme: blizzard? TACKLE [MÄTE]MY ANIMES TOMODACHI EVERYWHERE Pokemons included:Lapras Type of backround: something snowy area...i prefer a icy cave Requested colors: light blue or sky blue? Animated: yes donation: i dun have anything to gib..too poor... maybe some <3 <3 haha if you cant do it..its okay..
  2. ohh ok.. thanks for training it
  3. yoh! ..when will you finish my marowak? can you finish it until tomorrow?
  4. i wonder if there is someone already use a legendary in a uber tier tournament
  5. done watching Tanaka-kun and love lab.. kinda feel sad because those two anime dont have 2nd season.. :(
  6. u mean u want to learn about how to make a sprite?
  7. im the only one who notice it? i think metagross hammer is facing in the wrong side.. i accidentaly erase the hair in the side and i cant bring it back lol
  8. i think its bad to just dispose this one so i still continue to try editing her.
  9. @laGashetaHardcore but that post is so similar to kabutops
  10. i like that metagross so i try.. WIP.. i am not good in drawing hands and legs tho
  11. i wonder if all of this moemons get animated when its done.. i saw moetal posted an animated metapod and lapras before..
  12. i already watched both.. chunnibyou is one of my most favorite anime.. :D
  13. i already watched umaru chan and oregairu.. .maybe i should try watching Relife and yamada kun and the seven witches.. tanaka kun wa itsumo kedurage shiraishi is the full name of that?