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  1. @MaatthewMLG done :D
  2. hmm sure sure no problem :D @MaatthewMLG WIP
  3. @FuzzyRegirock it kinda bothers me.. so i tried to edit it a bit :D -gonna work on maatthewMLG request next -i also edit the op of the thread :DD
  4. how about that jester hat? is that included?
  5. @Ireniem yep you are right, your the fifth costumer -Since i got filled up by request, I dont take any request at this point till i finish the first 5
  6. i am ev training a skarmory in magma hideout and this happen...
  7. hello! and yes i only draw base on character we use in game :D
  8. @Staggiie Yesshh!!... finally done :DD
  9. @Staggiie WIP: looks good? or nah? i just add the cape( looks more like a scarf to me XD ) and make hair a bit longer like you said just tell me if i gonna edit something before i start coloring it
  10. @Staggiie Gonna start doing yours today @FuzzyRegirock just tell me when you want some more edit on it :D
  11. @FuzzyRegirock done :)
  12. @FuzzyRegirock WIP
  13. sure!.. can you post a screenshot of your character in game?
  14. STATUS:(currently busy , I am not take any request for now.) Hello guys! I kinda bored in some money grinding so maybe my basic skills in arts may help me to earn some cash :DD I will draw your character in game that you can use as your forum avatar Kindly fill this up: -screenshot of your character in game -Image of some character(I prefer Anime) so i can use it as a base in my drawing -how old your character is?(young, teen, adult, old) -his/her facial expression -just say the other stuff you want me to add samples: *first come First served policy *I only draw an art that you may use as a forum avatar picture *I just try this one if this works out. so the first 5 people who ask is free :) * it takes me from 5 hrs to 2 weeks to finish one art, depend if im busy *Donations accepted of course :D (IGN: Tackle)
  15. here.. tried to short their arms.. did i do it right? i just misunderstand something ..srry for that..XD