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  1. doing weird experiment builds in pokemons and i feel so happy when it works in pvp. grinding needed for that is sucks, i wish they make the game less in grinding :(
  2. Tackle

    Dev NPCs

    i like to see a Dev Npc in any starting point towns and if you click them they will guide you about the new things in Pokemmo implemented to the original game like PVP, breeding,ev training, tournaments, gtl ,etc..
  3. *Winning pvp with gift /starter pokemon *winning OU MM with smeargle
  4. i am living in a country that a 1000rp worth of thing cost so much :(. I will very appreciate it if at least i can buy useful things like this in GTL thumbs up on this idea :D
  5. it creeps me out when i saw this gen1 mr mime sprite on the internet suppose to be my 2017 Halloween avatar to scare ppls . just so lazy to change it haha
  6. i think this is my first time posting here as a member.. so hello guys! :D
  7. Tackle

    Pokemon as a Pet

    i think of it like a minigame where you doesn't lose anything whats wrong with dat? thats what i want to suggest..
  8. Tackle

    Pokemon as a Pet

    i just suggest something that will add some flavor for the game and ppl start thinking it just another money sink for the game.. money grinding on this game is kinda sucks.. they need to fix it.
  9. Tackle

    Pokemon as a Pet

    its better i think if you can only feed the pokemon if it was summon outside.. if it was inside pc/pokeball.. it will not get hungry. it will prevent to waste some money so you have an option if you want to take care of your pokemon or if you dont want things like that.. just put them inside pc( or just implement a on/off button for that)
  10. i know its not that important compare to other suggestions.. but how about treating pokemons as a pet for real? like feeding them every time they hungry, letting them play inside your secret base, etc.. how it works: it only happen when you put the pokemon outside of its pokeball/pc box, the pokemon will soon request for something like it wants food.. or maybe it want some hug :D *you can put out all 6 if you are inside of your secret base.. * you can only put out 1 pokemon if youre outside of your secret base * i think of it like a minigame where you doesnt lose anything
  11. can i ask you guys how many pokemons did you encounters when hunting a shiny every single day?
  12. if this is true, it makes the game less pale, it will make the game more lively i guess.. well its kinda boring to see every move animated same with scratch,bite moves.
  13. when will the other moves animation gonna implemented? until gen 5 is released? i am waiting for it for so long :(
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