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  1. Name: AstroSnoopy Team (optional): Team Afro [AFRO] Background (optional): Light Blue/Cyan/Black/Gold or Galaxy colors Render (Pokemon/Character): Snoopy/Woodstock & Shiny Medicham Thanks MaathewMLG!
  2. Thanks Diano! Can I add you in game as friend?
  3. Hey Blue! eggs is great! I was actually in that team for 2 years until I came back to find my account unloggable. Maybe you remembered me? My ign was Anabel. Unfortunately, the team I knew became inactive last year. Update: Just joined TeamAfro! Thanks everyone! =)
  4. Hello everyone! I'm playing again on PokeMMO and just returning to find my old account unable to log in to it so I recreated a new character. Update: Just recently completed all the regions and continuing the end game content along with making a comp team. Do anyone have any Club suggestions? I noticed a lot of the teams are closed recruitment on the Club tab on the forums, looking for a fun and interactive one. Thanks! =) IGN: AstroSnoopy
  5. Yup miss you Bishav. It was time to move on. <3 you! :)
  6. Hello everyone! I used to play on PokeMMO back in 2015. And just came back. Everything is so different! I will be starting anew in the Unova region. If everyone wants to add me as a friend, my IGN is Anabel. Does anyone have any recommended clubs/teams to join? Thanks! =)
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