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  1. where is she? thanks for the answer
  2. what it is? I had my party full and didn't received whatever she was going to give me
  3. hi, maybe you can repair the lucario threme please? if you can of course, thanks a lot for you amazing work
  4. nidoran will be always female if you breed with another nidoran, same with volbeat, you need breed those two with dittos, and wurmple is random-
  5. Muchas felicidades por el proyecto de cambiar las tiles de hoenn ya que mejorara mucho la experiencia a la hora de jugar y se hara mas moederno y todo tengo puesto el mod de JappaWakka y esta a mitad faltan rutas y algunas baldosas mal colocadas y no encontre ningna manera de cambiarlas ni por el rom hacking y llegastes tu con las ganas que tengo de cambiar hoenn muchas gracias y suerte ^^

    1. Faire


      Muchas gracias por tu apoyo <3 :)

  6. hello xD im from venezuela too
  7. Thanks you a lot :D <3 The threme works perfect and is soo amazing, thanks you a lot for this :'D you made a awesome work, good luck with all you thremes :D
  8. oh that's okay, you thremes are soo amazing and is hard to make a threme xD thanks for helping me with this :)
  9. http://imgur.com/a/bh9IH i just can't see my own battle or spectate any other pvp battles :c
  10. hello, i know is boring trying to repair my error and you are very occupied with more thremes but the error still there :c and is just for pvp battles with other players, with wild pokemons the threme is perfect, i don't know if is my client or something but i tried all :/
  11. hi, this is a screenshot of my problem :/ http://imgur.com/a/Qnalr
  12. Looks Amazing! Thanks a lot for the threme :D
  13. Alakazam icon needs some fix, is too big and cut some face
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