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  1. Shiny Squirtle found in my Shiny Hunting event lol :D 30+ Players in Cape Brink :) Thanks for all
  2. Buenas men, gracias por los consejos ;)

  3. Yesterday someone catch a shiny mareep in safari, female with 5x20+ ivs (impish nature, no iv in attack)... Soon i will put the Screenshots
  4. NEW SHINY HOUNDOOR OT MAKOTWO (CATCHED) MODEST NEW SHINY TEDIURSA OT EXODOSGAMES :V and he fled..........https://puu.sh/s6e4d/0982879135.png
  5. Mr mime Shiny OT FallenGrey CONFIRMED. Female <--- (Spanish >:v)
  6. My bad, the beldum is UNKNOWN OT, But raest have it.
  7. The Beldum is from RaesT .-. He breed it with a Ditto Pd: Someone catched today a Shiny Houndoor :'v
  8. No have screenshots now, but today appeared a new Shiny Magmar.....
  9. Name: Exodos Team: ÐEAÐ Render: Shiny Rayquaza Background: Cool Halloween Background (Dark c:) Whatever you think you look good
  10. @Draekyn U can made GIF Signatures?? I will pay if u want
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