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  1. peep

    Hide the chat

    or make the block list bigger
  2. i didn't read anything but the title I support the idea Think on the people that have a shiny comp you can't just re-breed those
  3. I would rather get gen 5 for easter
  4. the to-do list is immense the work force seems to be tiny not good
  5. they are obviously struggling. they fuked up. sometimes when coding you just cant find the mistake. maybe soon was meant to be 1 week but you know. they couldn't make it but they still trying
  6. that's right but there is a thread for shiny rate also never post your shinnies here, you will get tons of messages ingame with people trying to scam you
  7. Don't want to waste a shiny banette to teach wow to my shiny weezing if we are getting a wow tm soon
  8. hey just wanted to ask for a better shiny rate. maybe poke radar please?
  9. I am a team leader who recruits frequently. My team is "anyone is welcome" type of team - more than half of the noobs that join the team stop showing up after 1-7 days. they never beat both elite 4. I have to kick them after a week of inactivity. - The experienced players quit after 100 hours or so. Game gets old fast for them. Why am I still playing?all i do is shiny hunting, that doesn't get old because you already know it will take time.
  10. They are only updating because they lost a lot of regular players. this game only attracts casuals now. I really hope it's too late now. They don't deserve a second life.
  11. I can answer that! The Next generation is... A Lie ... 3 years late ... A new hat collection
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