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  1. NU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    let granbull rest in peace fam
  2. NU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    pretty sure orb oma can rekt all spwalls in the tier (didnt calc yet) steelix has alot of free switchs (not to mention the cancer sturdy ability) I just hope you guys do not wait a month to ban these 2
  3. Douglas lmao this guy is a meme here
  4. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Tell us your secret @brocko
  5. [TV] Dragonball

    monster kame
  6. is Mbappé actually joining PSG?? wtf
  7. Music General Thread

  8. its 222 fuckin mil lol they can remake the team easily and still buy 1 top player just to show the dominance
  9. Yeah he deserves a better team Liverpool is meh Hes overrated like every young-talented player in the world Fuark rip

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