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  1. Ahh I'll check that guide out thank you for the link ^^ and yeah like i said Its just a idea i dont expect them to implement it because i know how busy they are with fixing other things but its just a little thing i thought would be cool to add But it was nice discussing it with others so thank you all for the comments you left on this post :D
  2. Tbh the dudes got a point tho, Games are supposed to be time consuming not a job. the guy has a point Breeding is ridiculously expensive I have friends who wasted 600k on 1 Pokemon. and then the shiny rates are really extreme tbh not even in the normal Pokemon games the shiny rates are that extreme. hes right and honestly if the game gets worse then that i may quit myself because it's not even a game anymore its a job. Plus the people who used to be kind and cool are turning in to toxic jerks the comments on this very post itself shows it and proves it as evidence and all hes doing is giving his opinion :/
  3. Thank you i wasn't sure where it was supposed to go ^^" hahaha
  4. Yeah exactly! like a pass time it'd be nice to just relax and have fun you know? Plus with your pokemon there, your friends/Squad/ Guild it'd be nice to see there as well, plus imagine seeing all the major Guilds and all these amazing and talented trainers all together just having fun it would be a beautiful site to see plus it would help PokeMMO even promote the game better with a cool thing like that.
  5. There's no need to be rude to the man he was just stating his opinion.
  6. For the first part I'm suggesting to make a island with a Stadium for tournaments because Silph.co isn't really a logical place to hold a tournament its a building in the game where you get a Master Ball plus it isn't really lore friendly that a building filled with a criminal organization in it has a tournament taking place in it. it just seems bizarre and unnatural. plus a island where tournaments were to take place would make moderating and controlling a lot easier for the devs to take care of more than a random area where other trainers or players could potentially disrupt or make things difficult. As for the second part I myself am a Ev trainer and no it is not very fast i don't like having to Travel from region to region finding a specific patch to battle the Pokemon i need to make mine better its bad enough i have to waste hours Battling Hordes until my Pokemon has reached its limit i'm just trying to cut time for me and others who go through the same hassle. If there was a Island to do it it'd be much quicker and other games have done it they've made specific Stages or Islands with in the game to make exp. grinding stat grinding and even rare item grinding a lot quicker considering its all in one area i'm simply suggesting that PokeMMO could do that as well.
  7. I wouldn't quite say it's they're fault, creating all this stuff takes time so i understand why it takes them a while if you notice they haven't even finish cleaning or adding stuff to the previous regions they're rushing for Sinnoh to be done because there's a high demand for it. I do believe they will see my idea because i've seen them answer some of my topics in the past and again it's just an idea i don't really care if they add it or not I just think it'd be cool to add something like the idea in the game.
  8. Here are a few ideas i thought of for pokeMMO: 1- A Stadium for Tournaments to take place - Tournaments currently just take place anywhere on the map in either region however wouldn't it be cool to take a boat to a separate island in a little Stadium to watch trainers battle it out? Kinda like in the Nintendo 64 game Pokemon Stadium. 2- I was thinking on this island where the stadium would be wouldn't it be nice to have a specific area there to be able to train your Pokemon with the best Pokemon to fight against? basically Ev training or level training. i feel like this would save more time for Ev trainers and people who want to level up they're Pokemon but don't know what Pokemon to battle for the max exp. 3- Another idea would be to add mini games to this island again similar to Pokemon Stadium or even the little mini games from the online mode of Sinnoh in Pokemon Platinum, Diamond and Pearl. Lastly I know the PokeMMO Staff want to keep PokeMMO as cannon as possible however this would technically count as cannon considering in the Pokemon games (specifically Black 2 and White 2) there's already a Stadium location in Driftveil city not to mention as I stated before there's a mini game section in Sinnoh which had poke floats and such Plus they already have mini games they can use for example The Casino in Kanto, The Movie thing in Black 2 and White 2, the play in Black and White, The Modeling show in Sinnoh, I think even in Sun and Moon there's mini games (correct me if i'm wrong i haven't played much of those games tbh) They could even add the Ferris Wheel you get on with N in the story. I just think this would be a blast and would make trainers from all over the game come to the island just to watch trainers battle it out or just to have fun with the mini games because honestly in my opinion the game feels kinda bland or lackluster after you beat all 3 story's.
  9. Same here I wish i would have seen it XD
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